(This is a reupload from CP wiki that I copied and pasted in 2013. It is one of the early uploads, as the version I uploaded onto Google docs is way different (March 12, 2014 was the upload of the edited version). Enjoy, also I couldn't find the author's blog as it listed in the story.)

Sundried Cupcakes By MarcoKing143

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"Sundried Cupcakes" was a fanfic posted to Creepypasta wiki, but was currently removed, as it had some of the wiki's "black listed subjects". It was also that the fanfic was grimdark, and the wiki didn't allow Grimdark fan fiction.

Warning: what your about read contains blood, gore, and Gothic themes. If you are frightened by those, you're better off not reading this!

Nell was having a beautiful day in Needles Vile. He just graduated from Needles Vile high, and was going to collage. He wondered what other great things will happen to him, as walked down a road.

Meanwhile on that same road, a car was speeding past its limits. In the car was Sophia and Steven, they're still looking ingredients for their Cupcake business. The two sighed, as they haven't found ANYTHING. Until they sighed Nell, who was still walking, they decided that human flesh was better for cupcakes.

They drove up near Nell, who still was walking with a diploma in his hands. Steven turned into Chez It-Man and grabbed the diploma from Nell's hands. "Bah Bah ChezIt" said Chez It-Man, ripping the diploma in half.

"Ish...Poopy...PANTS!!!" screamed Sophia, she hit Nell in the head with a board of the game, "Ish Poopy Pants, fucker!". Nell fell asleep, as Steven and Sophia sacked Nell and drove off.

Nell woke up, now tied to a bed. It appeared to be Steven's bed, as it had potato stains, Nell knew Steven loves potato chips. Spears shot out of Steven's bed, striking Nell in the chest, with blood gushing out. Nell screamed, he knew what this was, it a cupcake factory, and he was the "ingredient". Sophia and Steven never actually found it, and now craved human blood.

"S-Steven?" asked the wizard, "W-Wh..."

Just then, a large truck appeared out of the corner, it appeared to be covered in blood. And it must meant Steven had killed other people, Nell sighed, he was about to be a cupcake that would be eaten by the blind people of Needles Vile, who don't know their cupcake is one of them. Steven opened his window, and said the last word Nell could hear before he died from blood lose.

"That's fart, BYE BYE!" Steven said in his gibberish-voice. Sophia blew Nell a kiss, as Nell blushed and sighed, then he passed out and eventually died. Sophia told Steven to lean the truck over Nell, then Steven did as his fellow serial killer said. Steven's truck leaned over Nell. Sophia sighed and said, "Nell, I'll eat your remains in delight. Steven will even burry you in my room's vault, where I usually keep victims, and I will invite the Cupcake Factory's employees", then Sophia closed the window.

The truck moved back, then dashed towards Nell.


The truck went backwards, revealing a mushed up version of Nell, organs hanging from his exposed stomach and rib cage. "Come on, Sophia" said Steven, "We gotta use our ingredient for our cupcakes!" he rushed to the back, admiring his work. Sophia looked at Nell, and softly said.

"You have such beautiful eyes"

The sun rose over Needles Vile, it had been a day since Nell went missing, and nobody knew why. Sophia read the newspaper, "Local Student Goes Missing: Investigation Started", and sighed. "Steven," said the 14 year old teen, "Should we continue--"

"Of course we should, now quiet you slut!" said Steven in a very rude tone, he was obviously angry that his Cupcake Factory was gonna be investigated. Sophia sighed, placing down the newspaper. She grabbed a knife,"I'm sorry, I have to do this", she slowly walked towards Steven with an angry expression. She was fed-up with dealing with Steven's shit, as she sliced that bastard to death.

Now she could make cupcakes without the angry-fat and ugly fuck telling her what to do. She even made Steven into a cupcake. Instead of turning Nell into one, she made him into a doll. Now she could have Nell for herself.


After Sundried Cupcakes was posted, it gained a lot of popularity on the Internet, more than Cupcakes. Despite its "poor writing", it is one of the popular things in The Sophia Show's fandom. It was inspired by the episode of The Sophia Show, entitled 'You Cupcake, Me Cupcake', where Sophia and Steven are looking for cupcake ingredients and Steven references to "use human meat" with an insane smile.

The Insane Steven was used as the antagonist. Sophia was seen as a "anti-hero", still treating Nell as a "friend". The author's blog says, that he'll make a second part. But, the original story on Creepypasta wiki was deleted, due to "poor grammar".

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