Squidward wakes up in a dark room. "Huh? Where am I? The last thing I can remember is that I got hit on my head." He notices he can't move. A harsh light suddenly goes on and Squidward sees he's in Spongebob's bedroom. He also sees Spongebob standing in front of him, grinning. "Oh golly, you're finally awake! DAHAHAHA!" Spongebob says cheerfully, and walks towards Squidward. Squidward: "Spongebob, why am I tied down and what are you doing?" "Well, Squid, you're always so grumpy against me and Patrick. But I finally have a way to make us best friends forever!" Squidward saw a mannequin in the shape of him, and asked again what Spongebob was doing. "Isn't it obvious, Squidward? I'm making a new you! But I can't do so without the perfect material. DAHAHAHA!" He went downstairs.

Squidward saw a few drawings of him, Patrick and Spongebob standing beneath a rainbow, looking all happy. He was creeped out by all this, and screamed: "SPONGEBOB, RELEASE ME THIS INSTANT!" Spongebob came upstairs, and said: "Now why would I do that? Or else I won't be able to make myself a new friend! I have a surprise for you!" He grabbed a huge, sharp knife and cut off Squidward's nose. He laid it in the corner and kept the blood in a jar. Squidward screamed and said: "OW! WHAT THE HECK IS WRONG WITH YOU? DO YOU MAKE FRIENDS LIKE THIS?" "No, but in this case, I have to do it." Spongebob slowly started cutting down Squidward's six tentacles, and laid them in the corner. Blood squirted out of the tentacles, which he stored in the jar again. He did so with the other body parts untill Squidward was fully cut open.

Spongebob fnally stopped, and used the blood to cover the mannequin. "Look how handy I am! The new you and me will never leave each other's side! DAHAHAHA!" He used the blood to glue Squidward's inner body parts in the place where the belly belongs, and covered it with the outer skin of Squid's belly. He sticked it together with needle and thread. He also sticked the tentacles under and besides the belly area. Squidward wasn't even alive anymore, but Spongebob still said: "See how good this looks, Squid?! Only one part remains!" He cut the eyes and the rest of Squidward's forehead out, and removed Squidward's brain and skull. He took Squid's occupid and pulled it on the back of the mannequin's head. He sticked the rest of the face, eyes and all on the head too.

He then drew a mouth with the remaining blood. He also picked up a book, named: "Voodoo and black magic for dummies." He had prepared some kind of demonic chant, and he spoke it. The mannequin came to life, and said: "Spongebob, you are my best friend forever! Let's go jellyfishing with Patrick." "That's the spirit, Squidward!" Spongebob replied, and put the brain and skull into his treasure chest. "I have prepared a net just for you! Let's go!" He already had plans for finally getting his drivers license, too...

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