Before reading, remember that if you haven't played Sonic 06, the stories in the game are called Episodes, which have a Sonic, Shadow, Silver, and Last episode. This is the story of a lost episode I found as DLC.

You should also keep in mind this is more satire and action than creepy pasta, I only added a small amount of horror, but I made this more action based, I am sick and tired of protagonists in creepy pastas that are powerless and can't fight back against the monster of the week

The Pasta

 Hello people, I don't know who I'm talking to but I might as well call you guys Mutahar. I am a gamer, aspiring to become a game developer, I am working towards a Masters in Computer Science. I got bored of the games that I had, and decided to go to Game XChange to go pick some up. I'm looking at the Xbox 360 titles and find 2 to pick up, Sonic Generations and Sonic 06. I know how bad this game is, but I haven't played it and wanted to play it from a game designer's point of view, maybe to learn from it. No, the copies themselves weren't shady or anything like that, I mean I even know the clerk and he wasn't scared or anything when he checked it out, It was like a normal not forced creepy pasta plot session of game shopping.

 Remembering when my friend got a copy of Majora's Mask from some creepy dude that was never seen again, I don't think that it's a good idea to go old man hunting if I ever want a retro game. I have for that. Anyway, I pop in Sonic generations, beat it, and then got bored... So I decide to play sonic 06. I was playing the game, and I spent quite a while getting all of the stuff unlocked, and after beating the game, I go looking for some DLC for the game, because even though the game sucks, it doesn't suck NEARLY as bad as people let on, just fix up the collision detection and story and you can have yourself a pretty good Sonic game.

 I looked and I saw some cool avatar items, Team attack amigo (Allows you to play certain stages as other characters like Tails, Blaze, etc. etc.) and some other stuff, but only ONE thing interested me: Lost story. Apparently this came out in 2012, and in the description it said, "Ever wanted to play the beta content of Sonic 06? Here you go! We here at SEGA think that we should allow people to try out scrapped levels, so we looked in our scrap bin and completed these scrapped levels to play in a lost episode fully completed for free!"

 Well when I saw that it was free, I got skeptical. There is no such thing as free dlc in this world, but since this is a creepy pasta, curiosity just has to emotionally scar the cat almost every time, so I downloaded it anyway. It was a fast download, it didn't take but 5 seconds, and so I booted up Sonic 06. I loaded Lost Episode, and started to play.

 "Wait, what?" I thought, as I began to move around. The control... It somehow improved? When I started playing, it felt much better and the collision detection was fixed, no gravity defying homing attack, and even the story was different too. It seemed to take place after the events of generations... Strange at it was, Sonic was wondering why the bad future of Sonic 06 was still existing even after he destroyed Solaris for good, and how he could even remember it.

 After an investigation with tails, it turned out that Dr. Eggman erased the moment Solaris was destroyed, and it turns out that Eggman re-opened the events and sent the story of Sonic 06 back into canon. As memories flown into Sonic, he realized Eggman COULD be back at it. As a result, Sonic rushes and it's back to Wave Ocean. Oh god this stage, the mach speed section, the fact that you repe- Wait a minute, it plays like unleashed.... Actually.... The opening cutscene looks like unleashed too... Something might not be right here.. Oh well, I'm the oblivious protagonist I might as well play the part.

 I beated the stage, yet something was off about when I killed the enemies. Whenever I killed one, a burst of blood expload out of the robots in question, and then they would just fall. Am I watching and old Sonic shorts right now? I'm breaking the fourth wall to adress this but seriously what happened?

 I proceeded through the hub world, and the layout changed. I guess Sonic Generations takes place a long time after Sonic 06, since this is kinda a sequel, but anyway..I remember that mission with the girl, where you use the bounce bracelet to bounce up to the top of a building, but the text was weird. I talked to an NPC and it said, "Please save that girl! She might kill herself!! OH SOLARIS!! SHE'S ABOUT TO JUMP!" and the mission began. I started moving and the mission ended... What??

 A cutscene activated as I started moving, and the girl jumped off of the building. This time, It was much taller, and Sonic jumped, but right before she could be saved, she hit the ground head first. Right as she hit the ground, Something hit me and I collapsed to the floor.I wake up and what I see is the girl hitting the ground. Right as it appeared, I stared in pure horror as the image in my mind was not on my TV, but I was standing right next to sonic as the girl hit her head and busted open her skull. Sonic did catch up, but she was cold as stone, laying next to a pool of blood, (Not sure if it was HYPER REALISTIC or not, it's not like I study this stuff) and that was it. Then Sonic stared squarely at ME, with the Sonic.exe look (Black eyes with glowing red dots, crying blood, you get the point) and he screamed.

 He jumped for me, I ducked and ran, I noticed a piece of PVC (Not ALL weapons in horror stories are awesome, okay?!) I picked it up and hit him across the face, apparently it hit him hard enough to throw him into another building. " I guess now that I'm in the game world, I guess I can use the rules to my advantage" I thought, as the pipe broke. I ran again, and noticed a dark alley and cardboard box, I jumped inside and Sonic.EXE ran past me, not knowing where I was. I get out and start collecting rings. It's not like it belongs to anyone or anything, it's just floating in the sky, so I take them and go buy a hamburger. (What? Chilly dogs make me sick.)

 I also find an Otaku shop (One of those shops filled with swords, keyblades and stuff otakus pretty much live for.) I see a real katana and buy it. I then take it to a local blacksmith to have it reinforced, Stuff from those shops aren't that strong of weapon unless you get it from Man At Arms himself. I have him etch a Solaris logo onto the blade. It costed me extra, but with rings just floating for no reason it didn't take long for me to pay up for it. I seriously wonder why people need jobs or money to begin with, those rings just float.. If I can I might take some home and sell them on Ebay, someone will want a giant donut-like gold ring I guess.

 I finish up my shopping spree with buying a long trenchcoat and long scarf. It makes me look like Johnny the homicidal maniac, but I don't care, it's cold. I turn around and see him, looking at me. He says to me, "How could you just let her die like that? You could have saved her!"

I reply with, "How is it my fault she was scripted to die the second I move you as the player, and then you drag me into this place, not knowing it would give me more power as the player." He jumps at me again, I dodge and grab him by the arm, preventing the store behind me from taking any damage. "At least let us fight somewhere we can't cause damage, how 'bout an arena?" I say. He throws me away and nods, disappearing with a paper that says "SeE y0u 4t F1nAl dEstInATiOn." It's about 2:00, so I head off to the forest and train. I kind of develop my own fighting style and get a shotgun with the highest kicking shells. I'm going to use a time skip here because it's me just training and eating.

I rented a motel. I didn't get much sleep that night, I mean, I was just a guy working at Wal Mart, aspiring to be a developer turned somewhat anti hero with a cool trench coat, fedora with a blade rim, scarf, katana and shotgun. As I close my eyes I see myself in third person, laying in a hospital bed, the doctor looks to my sister and says, "I think he might be stuck in this coma, I don't know how long it'll be. There was no wounds, and in the X-rays we don't see anything abnormal, he's just out like a burnt light bulb...All we can do is wait."

I woke up the next morning, I wake up and see him staring at me, I'm startled and fall onto the floor. "Can you at least give me a day routine first? Food, clothes, shower, you get the point!" He takes a shoe off and throws it at me, it hits me in the head and lands back on his foot as he nods and sits on the bed of the motel. I do a morning routine, straighten up the motel room and give the key back to the manager, A portal opens on the ground as I head out the door, I fall with the breakfast burrito I grabbed earlier, I catch it and finish eating it, discarding the wrapping paper and land in Final Destination. There isn't any point in questioning how I got from an Xbox to a Wii let alone how I ended up in Final Destination but angry demons can apparently do that kind of crap so I can let it slide. I land on the stage with my kitana and shotgun in hand.

A booming voice shouts above us, "3, 2, 1, GO!" he lunges at me and pins me down before I could duck, I aim the shotgun at him and fire, nothing happens, He still has me down and dark whispers start entering my ear, dark clouds enter my vision and obscure all but his beady glowing red eyes. I begin to lose myself, almost fading away from existance, I can hear the heart monitor on the hospital bed begin to give out, but I curl up and kick him off. I turn around and put the other end of the shotgun in his face, firing at the sky and letting the kick itself do damage, It's a double barrel and I don't have any more ammo, so I hit him again with the gun and cast it off of the stage. 

I see a Smash ball appear, he gets up and jumps, but I grab him and throw him down, jumping off of his head and slicing the smash ball in half. I feel myself getting warm, rainbow flames engulfing me as energy pours into me, I activate and lift my kitana, the Solaris on the bottom glows a rainbow color as I teleport behind him. I feel a boost of power I have never had before, teleporting frantically and slashing Sonic.EXE bit by bit. Finally, a green glow of zeroes and ones lifts me, they morph into Tabuu and his music begins to play.

Sonic tries to spindash into him as I stand on his head, he just bounces off like nothing happened as Tabuu picks up Sonic and throws him onto the ground, the force shattering his legs. I jump into the air, raising my sword as Tabuu readies his hand to deliver a final blow, we strike at the same time and a bright flash happens. Tabuu is gone and all that is on the battlefield is Sonic, without the EXE look. He gets up and hugs me.

 "What's going on?" I say. Sonic looks at me and replies, "That THING has killed one too many, and I couldn't fight when it took over. No one was able to kill him, the Anti-Sonic.DLL tried to fight him but most of the members died. You are the only one who made it and got rid of it for good, and I can't thank you enough. You need to go back to your world, and I know who can help." Master hand appears and opens a portal, I exit and wake up in my hospital bed. I get up and a mist surrounds me, my scrubs change into the clothes I was wearing at the fight, jacket, scarf, fedora and all. I leave the hospital and return home, I was knocked out for a whole week apparently.... I rushed through and paid whatever bills I needed to and start my studies in college again. 

Time Skip: 3 years

 Well it looks like I am talking to Mutahar once again. I graduated with my masters, and just got hired onto Valve and given a project: Team Fortress 2: A 10th class. Looks like you'll see me with the new class: The Civillian. I guess this is the outro, and you saw a happy ending, now go away. 

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