Before I start This CreepyPasta I want to say that I do not own Sonic.exe or am I the creator. I'm just someone who read this Pasta and after learning that it got put on the trollpasta wanted to give it a go. Oneday I may make my own pastas. P.s HoodoHoodlumsRevenge if you're reading this please make a video what I did right and what I did wrong. okay I hope you enjoy this pasta :)

Hello my name is Tom and I'm a fan of sonic ever since I played sonic cd. My friend Kyle loves to hack games messing with data and such. I never really understood why but he did him. He is also a prankster always pulling pranks on me,his other friends,teachers, and so on. Why am I telling you this because Kyle sent me something a disk and a note the note read "Tom, Hey buddy just finished my latest hack it might just be my best one yet. It's even one of Sonic 1 so I know you'll love it, Kyle." Something felt off about this note because Kyle HATED sonic, he liked Crash Bandicoot and Mario more, not saying I don't like those games to. He always made fun of me for playing sonic saying "Mario's way better than that trash." I put the disk in my laptop and a file appeared inside was a game called SONIC.EXE

I opened up It started playing the game everything seemed normal the Sega logo played than the title screen with its jingle but then something flashed on screen I couldn't make it out all I remember is something red I closed the game and restarted it and when the flash came I took a screenshot. Turns out the red I saw was sonic with black eyes and red pupils. Just like Kyle to make sonic into some sorta "monster" so I just went on playing the game. Hill act 1 popped up and I started playing as tails in green hill zone but without any hills just a line with trees and flowers Kyle isn't that great at hacking so this was normal. I had tails move forward until the trees and flowers turned grey and looked dead like the life was sucked out of them not like kyle to make a horror game or something creepy. I had tails move forward more and than I saw sonic.

sonic was just sitting there sleeping I guess tails started to move closer to sonic I guess to wake him up and get on with whatever story Kyle made up this time. as tails got closer and closer he got slower and slower like to build up tension for something I didn't know what until he got to sonic. Sonic opened his eyes and had the same eyes as the one from the title screen. A stock screen played like the ones in all the creepy hacks and the screen went black. Now I knew Kyle was making a horror hack to mess with me. A new level popped up Tag act 1 tails was in the first level of Sonic 3 but a line again "Come on Kyle at least try" I thought. Tails looked scared about something but I moved him forward anyway after a while sonic appeared again behind Tails of course I had Tails run it was tag right. The drowning themed played to add tension again I guess. Sonic caught up quick a message popped up saying tag sonic grabbed Tails and did something the screen weant to black to quick for me to see

"Good job Kyle you actually scared me" I thought. A new level appeared you can't run. knuckles was the new playable character in what looked like the chemical zone from sonic 2 "what was knuckles doing in sonic 1 wait what was tails doing in sonic 1" I thought. Kyle isn't that great of a hacker so he must of had some help. Anyways I went through the level as I went through the background turned into some red static. The further I went the more messed up things got the ground later had some blood on it this was a little creepy but it's just blood it's a cliche in all scary things I thought at the end of the stage sonic appeared again. A text box appeared "I TOld YoU cAn'T RuN"

Knuckles got an angry look on his face and started to charge at this monster but missed and missed and missed some more until he fell when he did I actually felt bad that this monster was going to get him.Sonic appeared again ready to strike and charged at knuckles. The screen went black but then red before the next stage appeared. It was getting late and I didn't feel like playing it anymore (I get scared easily)

July, 4, 2017

I had a nightmare last night about that game tails and knuckles said that I need to stop playing or sonic would get me than sonic from the game charged at me. I woke up and went to my laptop to contact Kyle he didn't pick up his skype which was weird because he always is on his laptop but he might be doing something else right now. Against my better judgement I went to open the game again. I brushed off the dream as my mind being stupid and thought it's just a scary game. I just than realized that I hadn't saved so I would have to play the whole thing again. But I didn't instead it just put me in the next level ... act 1 "... really Kyle," I thought". I was playing as doctor robotnik or eggman as he's called today. Eggman was in a dark hallway as I move forward some stairs appeared. As went down the music got slower and slower until my stop at the basement the music stopped as eggman went forward on his own. Than Monster sonic came out of nowhere and charged at eggman the screen didn't go to black this time no this time I saw what sonic did to eggman,Knuckles,and Tails he killed them I guess you could have guess that from the beginning but it was still scary to see it happen.After eggman was in a pool of his own blood the screen went to black I wanted to get up,turn off my computer and leave but I felt like I couldn't even If I tried. After an few seconds static came and after that high pitched noises almost ear piercing than these 4 words I AM THE DEVIL with sonic charging at the screen I closed the game after that and left to think about what I played

July 18,2017

It's been two weeks since I played SONIC.EXE i've tried many times to contact Kyle and ask what on earth he was thinking. I also had to get a new computer since the old one kept on crashing and blue screening. Kyle still hasn't called or text me at all since he gave me this game I don't even know why he gave me a letter speaking of which I got to check my mail. I just checked the mail and its a letter from kyle's mom it reads "Tom I regret to tell you that kyle was killed the 27th of june We didn't tell you because we were busy talking to police and funerals the funeral is on the 11th please come, Kyles mom."

WHAT this makes no sense

If Kyle died a week before he sent me that letter

Than who wrote that letter

And more importantly

Who made that game.

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