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The snow fell softly to the ground as I walked home. I sighed as I breathed in the cold air. It made me feel so great when I did that! Everyone thought I was a little weird for liking the cold, but that didn’t phase me. But, I still pulled my trench coat closer to me as the wind blew harder. It looked cool, but even me- a diehard fangirl- would not wear it again in this kind of weather.

Part 1

Oh, sorry; I forgot to introduce myself. My name is Snowflake. I have really long blonde hair and bright blue eyes. I was born during one of the biggest snowstorms of our state; that’s why my parents named me Snowflake. Well, back to my story. I went home and worked on my homework and read and blah blah blah... boring stuff.... Anyways, while I was doing that I heard our doorbell ring. I looked at the time and saw that it was almost 4:30; it might be my mom back from work. I walked up to the door and gasped as I opened it. “W-what are you doing...h-here?”I stammered. This was not how I imagined our meeting would go... it usually involved lots of hugging; but who am I kidding?!The deathly pale boy only smiled at me, not giving any answer.“I..I didn’t think this would really work,” I said softly to myself.  “Yes you did,” he said, his voice low and rough. “Or else you wouldn’t have done it, would you?”He took a step inside and I took a step away. I felt heat rushing to my head and I took a few deep breaths to fight it off. “You’ve waited this long, don’t just go into shock and ruin it,” I chided myself. He was still standing in front of me, smiling, for there was nothing else he could do.“Why did you bring me here?” he asked, his voice smoother now. I let out a small squeak and coughed to clear my thoughts...which wasn’t easy with his unnaturally wide smile aimed at me. “I..I...just wanted t-to..” I coughed again to get a hold of myself.“I wanted to meet you,” I said, my voice only wavering a bit.His wide eyes seemed to stare right into me, the smile mocking me; like he knew what exactly I was thinking. “I think I’ve heard of others like you, the fangirls. Where not even this,” he paused to pull out his bloodied knife. “Can scare them away.” I felt my heart speed up as he walked closer to me and I soon found myself in the kitchen. He grinned wickedly and grabbed one of the wine glasses that my parents had left out. “Open wide,” he said, walking closer.I shut my eyes as he got closer to me, the I felt pressure on my arms and I snapped them back open. He looked down on me a bit, but said softly, “What’s your name, I forgot to ask.”“Snow,” I quickly answered, and took a step back...but not before he had a hand in my hair, pulling me back. I bit my lip to suppress a scream and walked back to him. He pulled his hand back, still clutching some of my hair- almost as pale as his skin.“White is such a great color, don’t you think? It goes great with red,” he said as he splashed the wine into my eyes.I felt my eyes burn and he held me up as I screamed and cried. “

Part 2

== “Why did you do that?!” I asked.He led me to a nearby mirror and showed me my eyes- now crystalline eyes. Then he took me back outside. The snow was blowing harder than before and it quickly covered all my hair. I had also forgot my coat, so I was left with just my white t-shirt and black and white striped vest. “You cold?” Jeff asked.I nodded and he put his sweater on me. “Thanks,” I said. “Yeah, we only have a few minutes before my boss shows up.”“You mean Slendy?”He nodded and I felt his hand touch my hair again.I was scared he’d pull on it, but didn’t back away. “It looks really great when it’s white,” he said.I smiled, “Yeah, maybe I’ll keep it that way.”Jeff smiled and I grabbed his hand as I saw Slendy up ahead, then, the snow swirled around me as we teleported back to the mansion.The headline at home for the next few weeks was a missing person case, for me. But I just smiled and thought, “I have a new name now; I’m Snow, the killer.”Jeff just laughed when I showed him that and he said, “Let’s put this to the test.”We walked outside and he lead me to the nearby village, and said, “Here you go. Just take this,” he handed me his knife. “And do what you will. I’ll be right outside if you need me.”I smiled and walked into the nearest house- all the lights were off, but they forgot to lock the backdoor. Too bad for them!I walked through the living room and into a hallway, where I saw one light on. I walked in quietly and saw a teenage boy lying down, his chest slowly rising and falling. I pulled out the knife and turned him over, revealing his messy brown hair, little freckles and his wide blue eyes. I smiled and said, “You’re blood will run crimson, but it’ll stain the wool and it’ll be red as scarlet but you’ll turn to snow.”His face went pale and I smiled wide as I slit his throat. Again and again, until he couldn’t even scream.“Good-bye, forever...”I walked outside smiling as I heard his last scream joined by his family’s. Jeff smiled and held his hand out as I came back. I handed him his knife and he patted my back. “Good job,” he said. “I’ll let you use my title, you deserve it.”I smiled and we walked back to the mansion, happy to be “the Killer’s”.



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