I woke up. It was Friday, a beautiful day! I went downstairs and got on my laptop. I live alone. Don't judge me. I looked in my E-mails and saw something in my "spam". I opened it up.

The E-mail

The E-mail had no title nor did it show who sent it. The message said this:

Hello! I found this that you must see. 

Just spreading the word :).


I don't download random links from stranger. But my curiosity was peaked. I downloaded the file, extracted it, and opened it. It was an .avi file titled Smiledog.avi . I started playing it.


The video seemed to be recorded through a security camera, due to the quality and angle. It started with an old woman in a wedding dress walking down an abandoned, disgusting looking asylum. She seemed very upset for some reason. She was holding a picture frame of a man, whom looked the same age as her and was wearing a tuxedo. Maybe her groom? Father? I am not sure.

After 5 minutes of this, there where weird, demonic whispers. The woman appeared to start going insane. She started throwing up and bleeding from her nose. At the end of the hallway, a dog with a very eerie smile saying in the same demonic voice, "Spread the word." Then the woman took a knife and slit her own throat. The video ended with a picture of the smiling dog standing over the woman's body.

The Woman's Identity

The woman's identity was unknown. But, it is known that the man in the picture frame was her groom, who died for an unknown reason. When he was found hanging in his room, a floppy disc titled "Smile Dog" was found in his computer.

I realized what the E-mail meant by "spread the word.". I had to. I had to....

...Send it to someone else.