A young man was running down the road in fear, tears dropping out of his eyes as he took a sharp turn to escape the figure who was giving chase behind him.

"L-Leave me alone! Please!" the man shouted, trying to get the figure to stop giving chase. The figure only chuckled at the man's stupidity, and started chasing him faster, until it was right a few feet from the man. The man took a sharp left turn and ran into an alley, just for his eyes to widen at the sight before him, it was a dead end. The figure stepped closer, snickering at the man's fear. He backed up and started crying harder. "P-Please, I have kids!" he cried. That just made the figure smile wildly and walk closer to him, the man backed up into a corner and accepted his fate. The figure rose its hands, with blades in the tips, and stabbed them into the man's eyes. He screamed as blood splattered out of his eyes, which was being slowly pulled out by the figure, who was grinning widely underneath the red hoodie. The figure yanked her hands back and the man's eyes were on the blades, dripping blood, and the man laid on the ground clutching his eyes in pain. The figure growled at the man's sobbing and pulled its arm back, and slammed the blades into his chest, causing the male to cough up blood. Then he stopped breathing and the figure removed the hand from the man's chest. The man was silent, and if anything, dead. The figure brought its hand up to its hood, and pulled it down, revealing a brown haired girl with hazel eyes. This girl, is called Slice N Dice, her original name was August Willow, she was an A+ student who always was nice to people but, as you can tell she changed. She changed because of her past, the terrible thing that happened to her, made her this way.

It all started when she was 14, she was a quiet girl, but was always loved among many. She always did good things for people, but she stopped doing good things after one of her friends, Jeffrey Woods, was burnt and bleached in a fire. She was close to this boy, and his brother, but that all changed the night after Jeff was sent home from the hospital. It was late at night and she heard a sound from downstairs, so like anybody else, she thought it was a burglar, so she grabbed a baseball bat and was going to go and check if somebody was in her house. Her hand slowly opened her door and it creaked open, she exited her room after taking in a deep breath and walked down the hallway. As she got closer to downstairs, the smell of rot and death hit her nose, which made her worry. When she was downstairs, she felt as if she was being watched, as if her every movement was being recorded by somebody's eyes. The smell of rot got even worse when she got close to her parent's room, and the door was cracked open slightly, light showing through it. She kept her mouth as silent as possible as she pushed the door open, and her eyes widened. There on the bed, was her parents, gutted and bloody. "Oh my god!" August shouted as she stared at the corpses. Little did she realize, a pale hand went over her mouth with a rag, August screamed and thrashed but then started getting dozy, and soon passed out.

After about an hour, August regained consciousness and looked around, her vision was blurry still, so she couldn't see that well. She tried to get up, just to realize that she couldn't move and looked down and to her shock, she was tied up. Ropes were tied around her feet, waist, and hands.

"Please! Whoever you are, let me go!" August cried, just to receive a chuckle from behind her. Her eyes widened, that chuckle was familiar, and it sounded like Jeff's chuckle.

"I see you're awake, good morning," August heard. August then knew automatically that it was Jeff.

"J-Jeff, untie me!" August sobbed. She couldn't understand why her best friend would tie her up.

"Oh! Poor August, being tied up is the least of your worries," Jeff laughed. August's eyes widened when a huge knife was sat down on the table next to her, she could see Jeff, but not his face.

"J-Jeff? What's that knife for?!" August asked, fearing the worst. Jeff lifted his head high and laughed.

"You'll see!" Jeff laughed. August shook her head and closed her eyes.

"No! I refuse to see what you're going to do!" August cried, clenching her eyes tightly, refusing to open them. She felt Jeff's warm breath hit her neck and she shivered, his breath stunk like blood.

"Come on August, open your eyes and look at me," Jeff laughed. August slightly opened her eyes and let out a scream, she was in horror, his face, that smile! She couldn't believe what she saw. Jeff growled at her reaction then started chuckling, and cut the rope around August's waist and pinned her against the table, she thrashed and tried to stand up, but the male had too tight of a grip. Tears were streaming down her face and Jeff moved her hands so they were in sight. August watched as the male reached over and grabbed the large knife, and raised it above her hands. Her eyes were wide and blurry with tears, and watched as Jeff slammed the knife down on her hands, cutting through the skin, making blood squirt everywhere. August was screaming bloody murder while Jeff cut off the rest of the flesh and bones, he was laughing like a psycho. After a few more cuts, Jeff kicked August over and made her land with a thump, her hands were still on the table, and she was left with stubs, which were squirting out blood. August soon lost consciousness thanks to the blood loss, and Jeff escaped the house before the police arrived.

When August woke up, she was in the hospital. Memories flashed through her head as she remembered last night. And she quickly glanced down at her stubs, she felt tears rush down her face and she started bawling. A doctor quickly walked in, calming the poor girl down.

"I-I'm hideous! M-My hands!" August cried. The doctor hugged her and looked at a nurse and nodded. A few minutes later, the nurse came back with a shoe box, and handed it to August. August looked at it, wondering what it could be. The nurse and the doctor walked out of the room, and August was left with the box. She looked down at it, and brought her stubs over to the sides of the boxes and opened it, and her eyes widened. Inside the box were metal hands, and a set of 10 knives next to them. She looked at them in shock and slipped the subs in them, and much to her surprise, they were like she still had her hands, except dangerous. They moved to her motion, like how hands normally do. She heard the doctors walk in and she hid her new hands under a pillow.

"Okay, time for a checkup on your hands," the doctor said, reaching out for her wrist. Her eyes widened and something inside her made her get her hands out of under the pillow and slash a gigantic cut across the doctor's neck. Blood squirted out of the doctor's neck and he coughed up his own blood. August rose from the bed and kicked him over, she then walked out of the room and walked into the elevator. As the door opened, nurses stared at her, blood was splattered all over her clothes. One nurse rose to push the alarm, August ran at her and shredded her body, the nurse's liver went everywhere, and the rest of the doctors and nurses fled the building, leaving August alone. August finished with her massacre and walked out of the hospital, running into the woods, never to be found again by the news, cops, or anybody. It has been thought that she went to find Jeff, nobody knows why, but it's her plan, and she is ready to kill.

Written by Victoriaholland54
Content is available under CC-BY-SA

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