The full moon hung heavy in the dark starless night, illuminating a dark forest filled with tall, pale, thin trees. There wasn’t a single sound in the forest, no insects, no birds, not even the faintest whisper of wind. A thin mist was beginning to roll in and thicken, turning the ground into an ever shifting mass of grey. A low hum echoed over a hill and there a sudden shifting that shatters the silence. The sound of several branches snapping seemed to reach out for miles and miles. Suddenly a figure runs from over the top of a hill. It’s a girl, no older than sixteen; she’s wearing a white summer dress and large, white sun hat. She’s quietly whimpering as she rushes passed the trees, looking them up and down trying to figure out where she was.

She began to shiver when she cupped a hand around her mouth and called out, “Hello?” Her voice echoed outwards and onwards. She pulled her hands back and slowly hugged herself, feeling the cold wrap around her as she continued walking forward. She made her way over a hill and saw there was a tree at the very top with a note nailed to it. She pulled it off the tree and looked at it confused, the paper looked very old and the words “HELP ME” were scribbled on in black ink.

She thought she heard the sound of a branches breaking in the darkness. She dropped the paper when she  she saw one of the trees move behind one of the other trees. She slowly began to back away but turned quickly and ran down the hill as fast as she could. But when she made it the bottom of the hill her foot slipped into a tight hole and there was a horrible crack as she fell to the ground. She screamed out in agony and cried out for help as she laid in the mud and leaves, her white dress was now stained and torn.

She pushed herself up and laid her back against a tree as she could see the white bone sticking out at a horrible angle. She screamed out in pain and began to hyperventilate between screams. She squeeze her eyes shut and clenched her jaw tight as she could feel the blood pouring out of her foot. She opened her eyes to look back down at her mangled foot but instead saw something that made everything fade away.

She saw a man, a very tall and pale man, he was wearing a black suit with a bold red tie but it was his face. He had no face; it was a smooth, white, featureless shape. He, it, was standing on the top of the hill, looking down at her and she blinked once and suddenly the thing was at the bottom of the hill. She gasped in a tight breath in fear as she couldn’t stop staring at its face. She wanted to scream, she wanted to get up and run, but just couldn't; no matter how badly she didn’t want to be looking at it. She watched in horror as several black tentacles emerged out of the creatures back and suddenly she felt it very hard to keep focus on it. Her vision began to cloud and suddenly became snowy like a television with no signal. She closed her eyes and her ears were immediately filled with a deafening electronic screech. She shook her head and screamed loudly as she forced her eyes open and saw as the creature was right in front her, its writhing tentacles reaching down and grabbed her tightly. She was pulled up to eye level with the creature as the tentacles began to slowly tighten around her. Small sounds escaped as tears began to steam from her face, she could hear the sounds of bones cracking but she couldn’t feel it. All she could feel was the fear that was coursing through her as she stared directly into the evil that was this creature.

Slenderman watched as the victim in his arms slowly writhed and shifted as the last few ounces of life were drained away. Her body went limp and more arms wrapped around her and completely consumed her in a wiggling black cocoon. Suddenly he pulled his arms away and let the body drop the ground. It now looked like an aged corpse, dry and drained gray skin, empty black sockets in its eyes, and dry cracks and breaks as it crumbled to the ground. He retracted his arms and rolled his neck before taking a few steps forward.

His stride was precise and swift and he quickly emerged from the woods into a small destroyed town. The sky was grey as if the sun was glowing from behind a very thick cloud, giving the whole town a washed out appearance. He walked down the empty street, the only street, as the mist swirled around his feet. His stride was slow and long, his posture was straight and regal, and there was a powerful aura that radiated from him. He walked passed broken down cars and destroyed shops making his way deeper into the ever distant gray. He slowly made his way to an abandoned schoolyard and broken down playground.

The walls of the school were muddled and cracked, paint was peeling and chipping away. The playground was rusted and hollow, he walked alongside the swings and slowly they began to swing on their own. Soon the seesaws began to sink and rise, even the merry go round slowly creaked to life. The sounds of creaking metal filled the air, giving the area a very fearsome and haunting aura. Slenderman stood where the grass became sand, just outside of the playground and stood silently, looking into the scene with unseen eyes. Slowly he released four black tentacles the bloomed out but simply fell to the ground gracefully. He began to sway much like a tree would in the wind. He stood in the grey for an indefinite amount of time, just simply swaying silently in a nonexistent wind while the playground moved on its own.

Suddenly, everything stopped, the swings went limp, the seesaws fell, and the merry go round came to a rather sudden stop. Slenderman snapped back straight and pulled back his tentacles as he turned his head from left to right. He suddenly his head turned to something odd, there wasn’t silence. There was a distant tune, played by only one twinkling sound. He immediately disappeared and appeared across the playground, closer to the school house. The tune had defiantly grown louder. Slenderman knew this tune; he would hear children sing it together.

Suddenly he remembered it, “Pop Goes the Weasel”. He immediately vanished again and reappeared inside the single room school house. He stood as high as the ceiling and he looked down to see a single hole in the ceiling that let in a ray of grey light shine onto the ground. Revealing a glimmering white box, it had all sorts of shapes that could have been painted brightly at one point but were now faded and cracked. Slenderman had never seen this before, and took a silent step forward as he heard a small click and watched as a handle slowly cranked out the haunting tune.

It filled the entire school house with its dark spell, but Slenderman watched without fear as the crank began to slowly down until it was only pushing out a note per second. Finally the last note was forced out and Slenderman watched as the box shook and quaked for a moment before suddenly bursting open, and releasing a cloud of grey, black, and white with a flurry of black and silver confetti. Slenderman quickly took a step back, and released two large tentacles that withered violently as a tall and thin man quickly raised out of the back into the flurry of smoke. He wore mostly black except for the striped black and white sleeves, along his black and white, striped, pointed nose.

The man through up his hands and proclaimed, “Here’s Jackie!” Revealing sharp teeth and piercing white eyes. Slenderman’s tentacles immediately flew forward and smashed into the stranger's shoulders and pushed him into and through the far wall. He was thrown far and landed with a heavy crash, and rolled to a stop. He laid on his back for a moment before springing back up, standing unharmed. He brushed the dust off his shoulders and looked to the faceless man. “I’m sorry, where are my manners? My name is Laughing Jack, and you are?” Slenderman stood silent , “Hmm, not much of a talker are you? Well, no matter.” He chuckled lightly before dusting his shoulders off again.

Suddenly, Slenderman disappeared and reappeared behind Laughing Jack, he wrapped three tentacles around Jack and quickly turned him around to face him. Laughing Jack quickly managed to burst into a cloud of smoke and appeared behind him holding a dirty, rusted, curved knife. He smoothly jammed the knife into Slenderman’s side, spewing black blood all over himself. Slenderman quickly disappeared and appeared away from Laughing Jack, near the edge of the rather distant forest. Laughing Jack quickly raised his hand and licked the dripping black blood off his long fingers. “Well I guess I could be up for a good chase.” He reached into his sleeve and pulled out a long chef’s style knife, caked with dried blood and aged with rust. He quickly ran in the direction of the Slenderman, a carefree and almost dance-like quality to his step.

Slenderman watched as his attacker grew closer. He wanted to pull him into the forest, where he knew this stranger would have no chance. He pulled out the knife and threw it to the ground before disappearing into the forest. Jack quickly ran into the forest, an odd sensation began to creep on him. He felt as if the whole area was spinning and his vision began to distort. He closed his eyes and held his head for a moment, but when he opened his eyes, he found himself in the middle of the thick woods, it was very dark and there was a large full moon glowing in the sky.

He looked around for a moment before putting his hands on his hips, “Now, now. You should know that if we’re going to play hide and seek, I’m the best seeker.” An evil whimsy echoed in his voice as it carried through the trees. Slenderman watched as Jack turned his back and quickly propelled one of his tentacles directly to where Jack’s heart would be. Slenderman was completely taken by shock when Jack burst into several doves that flew and turned into puffs of smoke and feathers. Suddenly Jack fell from above, his large knife held in between his teeth. Slenderman quickly was able to reach up with his hands and tentacles to catch and wrap around the attacker. He squeezed him tightly, and smashed him into the ground and in to several trees. Slenderman then threw him up into the air and as he fell, he slammed down three tentacles on top of him, and smashed him face down into the ground. Then, a single tentacle wrapped around Jack’s ankle, and lifted him up to smash him into the ground for a series of finishing blows.

But Slenderman felt something slice through his tentacle and a sudden pain was in the middle of face. Jack fell to the ground with a limp thud, but with a flurry of colorless butterflies. He appeared from the flurry, completely unharmed, smiling proudly. There was a playing card stabbed into the middle of Slenderman’s face. He reached up pulled it out to reveal a demonic Jack card, more black blood trickled down his face.   “What can I say? I always have a card up my sleeve!” With a quick motion, he revealed more playing cards in between his fingers. He quickly flicked his arm and wrist, the cards cut through the air, but Slenderman knocked them aside with his tentacles. Jack looked to see that Slenderman had grown taller (his height is based on his anger) and now had another set of tentacles writhing angrily out of his back. He actually was stunned, and for a moment, his grin became a terrified grimace. Suddenly Slenderman released all his tentacles and they came down, pointed and aimed at Jack.

There was a sickening crack, and the sound of tearing flesh as over a dozen tentacles were forced through Jack’s body. Slenderman looked down at his latest victim, satisfied with his kill. But, he watched as the limp body suddenly stiffened and the head jerked back straight. Jack hacked up a spray of black blood which shined against Slenderman’s black tentacles. His eyes were completely black as grabbed a tentacle in his chest, sending a strange, almost cold, sensation through Slenderman’s body. Jack’s smile continued to stretch beyond the width of his face, as a white stripe swirled around the tentacle Jack was holding on to. One after the other, the tentacles had the spiraling white wrapping up, slowly inching towards Slenderman. But no matter what, Slenderman he couldn’t pull out or teleport away. He watched as the white stripes came ever closer, and suddenly he felt a horrible powerful crushing on his tentacles, followed by a series of hard cracking sounds. In an instant, every tentacle was broken off the Slenderman. He was thrown back and crashed into a large tree, and fell to the ground with a long low rumble.

Jack walked out of a cloud of white smoke. His hair was pure white, there were torn up bandages around his arms and fist. He stared at the fallen Slenderman with eyes that had become fogged over white and empty. Slenderman quickly fired another tentacle, but Jack side stepped at an incredible speed. Not only that, but he lifted up his hand and the bandages wrapped around the tentacle and snapped it like a twig. He walked up to the unmoving mass that was Slenderman, several bandages, floating on their own, wrapped around his ankles and wrists. Jack lifted him up slowly, and proceeded to tug lightly at first, just toying with his latest victim. He looked up at the limp figure, and proceeded to throw dozens of gleaming white cards at the Slenderman. Each one was cutting into his clothes, slowly revealing more and more white skin. Soon Slenderman was left with his head hanging as he was suspended in the air, his suit now turned into ripped pants and a sleeveless white shirt with his torso exposed. Jack tossed around a card in between his fingers as he looked at his work.

“Well, let’s see how much fun we can have before you die.” Jacks voice was muddled and demonic as he walked up and lowered the body. He reached into his sleeve and pulled out a new, gleaming knife. He worked carefully, running the tip of the blade ever so lightly against the contours of his body. Small rivers of black escaped from the cuts. Jack proceeded to cut deeper but nothing too severe, watching Slenderman’s face for any sign of pain but not a single muscle moved under the pale skin. Annoyed and quickly losing patience he plunged the knife into Slenderman’s chest, “Here hold this while I figure out what to do with you.” He turned his back and began to think to himself, “I could skin him. His skin is a perfect shade of white. It really was a shame I tore up that suit though…” 

He trailed off on to his maniac thoughts, unable to notice the Slenderman released a small tentacle that wrapped out the knife and slowly pulled it out of his own flesh. The muscles in his face tightened as he plunged the knife that was soaked in his own black blood into where his mouth should be. With a quick movement, he ripped open a hole that now served as a mouth. He dropped the knife and moved his jaw and released a sound that struck fear into Jack. It sounded as if a window into Satan’s personal choir had opened up and released a song of unexplainable beautify and complete horror. Almost immediately the sky grew dark and clouded, there was a sudden flash of lightning and crack of thunder. Jack turned to see Slenderman breaking free from his captivity, each bandage breaking planted the fear deeper and deeper into Jack. Slenderman was on his knee, wrapping his hands and arms as the rain suddenly fell. Jack looked on in complete fear as this new beast had risen, a ripped open half smile on its face.

Jack couldn’t waste a moment, and he immediately took off running, hoping that he could get away and hide. He looked back over his shoulder only to see that he, it, was just off in the distance but with each flash of lightning he drew ever nearer. Jack began to panic as he could feel Slenderman’s presence coming up behind him. Suddenly Jack tripped and skidded through the mud, he quickly got up and was about to start running, but to his shock there stood Slenderman, standing over ten feet tall, looking down on him with gleaming white tentacles. Laughing turned on his feet, still looking back and began to run forward. When Jack looked back forward, he was immediately confronted with Slenderman again. No matter what direction he turned, Slenderman was right there in front of him, closing in, moving in for the kill.

Jack was completely desperate, he quickly clapped his hands together and as he pulled them apart, there was small thin stick with a white ball on the end of it. With a flick of his wrist, the ball was set ablaze and he brought the ball near his lips. There was a sudden flurry of fire and Slenderman was pushed back a bit. Jack did what he could, trying to light the trees and the ground on fire and despite the rain, he still managed to pull it off. Soon he was in a tall ring of fire as he could see Slenderman in the distance, distorted by the heat. Soon the trees had burst into flames, and Jack was going to take advantage of the fire. He brushed the wand over his chest, and was immediately covered in flames. He rushed forward in the fire to get closer to Slenderman. He crawled his way up a tree, and stood over Slenderman, he dropped down hoping for a sneak attack, but an unmoving Slenderman threw up his arm and caught Jack by the throat and his fire was instantly put out.

In the following moments of shock, the fire around them also died away. Jack coward as he heard Slenderman’s neck jerk up to look at him, his “mouth” was a black hole that was pulling in Jack’s attention. He felt as if he was slowly being sucked into the black void as Slenderman lowered Jack. Just before Slenderman was able to snap into Jack, he realized what was happening and quickly began to struggle. In the final split second Jack held his breath and began to shake violently, until he suddenly exploded into black streamers and smoke that slipped through Slenderman’s fingers. Slenderman stared at his hand confused for a moment until he heard a twig snap, and looked to see Jack running away. Slenderman slowly cocked his head before fading and buzzing away.

Jack didn’t understand this feeling; there was something in the pit of his stomach. It wasn’t fear. It wasn’t anger. It was despair. He could feel it growing tighter, and heavier as he ran passed the trees. His mind was racing as the world around him began to grow slow and silent. He watched as his attacker was gaining on him, he reached up his sleeves only to have the card crumble in between his fingers. Suddenly, Jack turned and stopped to see Slenderman was right behind him. He gasped out, and slowly backed up against a tree. Suddenly, he felt the tentacles wrap around him and the tree. Slowly he felt it grow tighter and tighter, slowly pressing the air out of his chest and pushing his bones to the absolute breaking point. Jack began to grit his teeth and shut his eyes as tight as he could.

There was a sickening crack, and Jack released a high-pitched wheeze as his eyes flew open, and a single black tear rolled out of his beautiful blue eyes before they rolled backwards and his body went limp. Slenderman watched as the black and white began to fade away, and become colorful and vibrant. Jack’s hair faded from white to black, and from black to a bright red. His plastic pale skin became peach again, with a touch of pink life to it. Slenderman unraveled himself from this new person. This was clearly not the same as the one who had attacked him. Slenderman looked this new Jack; he raised his hand to seal his mouth, and slowly turned around and began to walk away, only looking back once at Jack.

As Slenderman walked away, he slowly faded into the ghostly fog. Jack’s body laid against the tree as a small breeze passed over him. Suddenly, his head jerked up, and a cruel smile formed on his face. With a heavy breath in he opened his eyes; they were piercing white.