The girl with his 14 years leaves the house, angry because his parents didn't give money to her at a party. With all the hate, she runs away from home in a 6 P.M.. Almost dusk. Lived in a small town, surrounded by a forest and high mountains. She left the streets, with an impression of being observed. At not quite bustling streets, because it was getting dark, and the city had the reputation of missing persons and other found tortured in their own homes, a killer on the loose, or two, three, who knows. But with the hatred that she had, she even remembered that had killers on the loose. She went on her way, and sat on a bench of a square nothing, stretched in the same and slept.

She was awake, but was no longer in the square, was a dark forest with large trees. Howls of wolves and owls noises could be heard. She was terrified, terrified, looked at every corner and nothing looked beyond a pitch because in heaven there was no moon. She started crying and sat on the floor, hugging the legs until the location was quiet. Her face looked around and saw a man. She felt relieved, but to pay more attention, it was not a normal man. He was a tall man, wearing a suit with a black tie. But her face ... It had no face. And this made the girl be more terrified than ever. It was certainly the moment more terror that she had spent in his life. The tall man was coming close to the girl while she was petrified with fear, as if she wasn't going to move, but she couldn't speak, and screamed, screamed over and over while the faceless man came near her. She began to scream and cry while saying Mama, Papa, forgive me! FORGIVE ME. But no matter, because the man closer came, until she saw, four tentacles come out behind him and stay in her direction. The tentacles so once the crossed.

-Árghhhhhh – the girl screamed and frightened upon realizing that she was on top of the bank, where she was still sleeping.

-Phew ... It was just a nightmare, idiot.

The location where she was was already without anyone until she hears sirens. It was the police.

-Damn, my parents missed me and call the fucking cops. Taquepariu in ...

She got up and ran away, running toward the forest. Here they might not catch me, after I come back, or not. I hate my parents! she thought ... Silly girl, hardly knew what awaited her.

The girl was walking through the forest, calm and silent. Big trees being full moonlit which was big and white in the dark sky. The girl walked, still wondering if it was time to go home, but their rebellion was greater, causing her to spend more time away from home. She walked kicking some rocks he saw on his way and stumbling a few times. Until ...

She looked forward, not so far away she saw a House, but didn't look like a House, like a tent, those of circus, and was quite enlightened.

-A circus? In the middle of the Woods? Dafuq?

She was getting close to the circus and saw that it was all monochrome, only two colors, black and white. She was already in front of the circus, the circus was all painted in black and white and there was an all-white door and another all black. And in it was written Laughing Jack

-Laughing Jack? I think I've seen that name somewhere. I think it's a horror story. A Creepypasta, that. Wait ... A creepypasta? No, these things don't exist, just are stories made by crazy hahaha ... But what it's right, just a peek does not hurt anyone.

So without delay, she opened the door and saw a black stage lit by spotlight 4. But there was only one all black chair, where the bleachers. She just sat down, waited about 30 seconds until ...

-Come on, everyone, adults or children, boys or girls, young or old, you know, the more fabulous, the more fantastic, the funniest clown of all time ... Yes, it's him. Laughing Jack!

Then applause were heard, and only had the girl over there.

She got scared, because it was, Laughi in skin and bone, or whatever he's done.

-Hm.. Only one person? Boo-hoo, I think I'm charging too expensive.

Laughter echoed throughout the circus. Laughing Jack also laughed, guffawed, showing all his teeth not human. Were white and sharp teeth, they looked like shark teeth. Your hair a little big and stuck it seemed a anime in person. In total pallor. The same white paper. His cone-shaped nose, presented only two colors, black and white. His blue eyes. Your shoulders covered by feathers. Arms wide, too black and white. Black fingers claw-shaped while the back is covered with a white cloth. What appeared to be tapes rolled on his belly. A kind of gray trousers that beat even the knees, striped from the bottom up with small black wire. A patch black square where the thigh. A belt where two straps passing through the shoulders to the hips from behind.

It was for sure. Laughing Jack.

The girl freaked out and ran back to the door where you came in, but there was no door, there was nothing where she can run. She was scared. Jack then looked at her, smiling, showing their gruesome teeth. Then a light suddenly appeared, illuminating her.

-What was young little girl? Laughing said, with a smile.


-Yes girl, myself, in the flesh, or whatever I'm done hehehe.

-YOU'RE A MURDERER! You're a Creepypasta. – She said, already shipped by fear again.

-Yes girl, I am a Creepypasta hahahaha.

And again, applause echoed through the circus, followed by laughter.

-Y-you will You're going to kill me ...-She was already crying, falling slowly.

-Yes girl ... I will hahahahahahaha.

Then everything went black, she couldn't see anything else, until the circus canvas were withering and falling, while Laughing was coming in his direction. She tried to run to the Woods, but was prevented by the canvas, as if he had won life, rolled himself in girl, holding both arms and legs and the opening. Making the girl stay in form of X . She squirmed trying to get loose, but it was useless, so she screamed:

-IT'S ALL A NIGHTMARE- She screamed while I closed my eyes tightly. -I'M GOING TO WAKE UP ON THAT STOOL AGAIN AND ...-it was then interrupted by Jack.

-No young girl, this is not a nightmare. This is real HAHAHAHAHHA

He was 10 feet away from her when ...

She felt a headache and looked for Laughing, who was looking around, while smiling like crazy.

-So the guy who can't enjoy pictures because I don't have FACEbook, come from? HAHAHAHA

The same tall man without face that she saw in her nightmare was to 15 steps from the clown. The man without a face was two times greater than the clown ...

That tall man. It is also a CreepyPasta. Slenderman, the kidnapper of children. Was he. And here I was, a worthless slut being disputed for 2 creepypastas ...

-Laughing, she's mine, I've been watching her since before her escape and I got here! She will become a Proxy! – A voice, what appeared to be a deep voice and a thin voice mixed, said, he spoke for Slenderman telepathy. The voice startled the girl, making her squirm and try to escape again.

-Look. Then the landlord will transform a girl into a Proxy? Choose another, because this is mine!

-It's not even ... Laughing, give it to her before you repent. -4 black tentacles began to leave the coasts of Slenderman.

-HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! -Laughing laughed and rolled on the floor laughing. -I didn't know that a being who doesn't even have a mouth can be so funny that way ... But as for your question-Smiley took a lollipop out of his pocket and put it in your mouth-my answer is no.

-You asked for it!

Two tentacles were toward to Laughing, which just licking the lollipop. When the tentacles were 1 meter of Smiley, he just disappeared, leaving a smoke gray where he was. And then there was sitting on Slender head.

-Who are you looking for? I can help?

Two tentacles were toward the Laughing, who jumped out the Slender head with an umbrella. Where did he come up with that?

-You're too tall in hahahaha.

The umbrella was stuck by the tentacles of the Slender and launched the umbrella, which Laughing still held towards a tree, and there banged. Laughing was standing with one hand on his head.

-That hurt in. ..

Then he ran toward the Slender, and played several candy toward the Slender, and exploded in his head, making him take a step back.

-You're starting to piss me off! -Slender manifested itself.

-That's not even the beginning..., "said Smiling as he ran toward the Slender. The clown's arms stretched and grabbed the shoulders of Slender, so Jack flipped in Slender, and with his head flew in the belly of the tall man, causing the fall. Smiley was on top of the chest to Slender.

-Slender ... Slender ... You cannot invade my mind man. You are dumb even in ...

A tentacle out of Slender, Laughing, Laughing doing hitting flying and falling.

-Ai Ai ai ai ai ai ai ai ai ai the wow aut ... Drug could stretch your nose Laughing – Slender that was half-crushed-that's a low blow. If so, I'll also use!

Laughing ran quickly towards the Slenderman and jumped, but was aborted by a rotten tree trunk medium, which was being handled by a tentacle. Laughing was thrown into the woods and disappeared in the dark.

-This fucking clown ...-Slender spoke .

He was getting close to the girl, who was trying to hold on to the canvas, but that failed.

-What are you going to do to me?

-You'll see!

Slender then raised his arm and when I was almost touching the finger on the forehead of the girl, smiling out of nowhere appeared in front of the girl with gray smoke around him, then bit her Slender finger Laughing, and pulled out, making out a black liquid.


Slender gave steps back, and he stretched, making the stay high, about 4 or 5 meters. 8 tentacles came out of a time of no face, and then where would be the mouth, was open, ripping the space, and showing huge teeth and a half long red tongue coming out of her mouth. Slender was really angry.

-Well, well. Check it out, then you have a mouth? And eyes and nose you have too?? -Laughing said laughing.


Slender then started running like a spider, toward Laughing that said:

-Oh my Zalgo! I'm terrified of spiders.

So Laughing pushed jellybeans in Slender, who blew up, but made no effect.

-O-or-Laughing spoke with the eye-popping eye.

Smiley ran into Slender, who also ran in the direction of the clown.

Laughing stretched his arms that draped on the shoulders of Slender, making out the black liquid. A tentacle cut the arms of Laughing, who fell, but nothing came out of the holes that were left, no blood, no black liquid, nothing!

Slender then swallowed Laughing at once, making the clown yelling while would slip down the hatch. The Slender tongue then licked around his mouth, which was closing, and Slender then returned to normal. Addressed the girl was petrified, only with a smile on his face, and while a tentacle began to rip the canvas in order to get the girl, Slender fell to his knees with his arms around his belly, he then began to carry everywhere around the girl, until stopped carry and stayed. He lifted her head up and stretched his arms to the sides, until Laughing Jack jumped from the belly of Slender, with your eyes wide open and a big smile, leaving a huge hole in its belly, making out liters of black liquid. Laughing was covered by the liquid, and was with two new arms, he looked at his new arms and said:

-Brand new! I think it's better than the previous ones. It seems that stretches further. Excellent! -Smiley smiled and looked for Slender, who was down on his knees with arms lying on its side and 4 tentacles that come out of his back, lying on the ground.

-Nananina NÃO! Don't go to sleep now, if not the game is over. Laughing said that laugh hysterically.

Smiley approached Slender and pulled his arms and tentacles, which made Slender erect its head upward as if he was begging me to stop. Laughing then punctured with your toes pointed, the places where they should be the eyes. This time, blood came out. The girl felt a deep headache while swayed madly head sideways to stop! Slender had lose control of her telepathy. Laughing then licked the blood while smiling. Laughing's mouth was now wet with the blood of the Slenderman. Laughing then took a step back and made a risk with his finger pointed at the place where should be the mouth. But it was a risk curled down, doing the Slender stick with a sad trait ... Then pushed the long body of the creature behind, which simply fell lifeless.

-HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Lucky for him he will return in a new body. But I can now be known as Laughing Jack the clown who defeated Slenderman! . I can imagine the impact that this is going on in the mansion and in the world HAHAHAHAHAHA ...

Laughing then with blood dripping down his mouth looked at the girl with a devilish smile and said:

-Where do we stop?

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