Slender rising

It was just another Friday night at Bridgetown, a small city in the suburbs, not to be confused with the Barbados capital city. Every Friday, an unknown guy threw parties at his house, the biggest in Bridgetown. That night, I was with my usual group of friends: Thomas, Gabriel, Julian and Mary. Julian was bragging about his then new iPad 4, and showed us his favorite game, Slender Rising. We all learned to play in a short time, and in the blink of an eye we were already taking turns to play. When it was my turn, everything started off as it should, but soon something weird happening. I was about to grab a sign which said YⓍU WILL END NⓍW when Slender's tentacles arose from the sign and killed me. Even after the party had finished, I couldn't stop thinking of what had happened. Julian had told us nothing similar had happened to him before, and that he thought it was a glitch. Still, I couldn't sleep on the whole night.

The following morning, the first thing I did was to enter the Slender forums and open a thread asking if someone had experienced similar events to what I had. Right after it was posted, somebody removed it from the site, but I decided to give it a second try and posted it again. This time, it not only remained available, but it received lots of responses. I wasn't the only one who had experienced a "glitch" on Slender Rising, and as I read on and on, I saw it was something usual... too usual for a game like that. At that moment, my 8 year-old sister, Pearl, entered the room to show me the awesome game Nina had showed her. Nina was Julian's younger sister, who also had an iPad 4 and also was obsessed with Slender Rising. It seemed the whole family had a vice for that game, and Nina was spreading it to Pearl. I decided I would keep an eye on them.

After lunchtime, the girls went back to their room to play Slender Rising, not knowing I had laid a camera over one of Pearl's book, Murder in Bridgetown. Our great-aunt had given it to us for Christmas, but none of us were too keen on reading it, well, with that title... So, when I got to my bedroom, I opened my laptop and started watching what the girls were doing, through the camera. At first, it looked like everything was normal. Pearl was playing Slender Rising, collecting as many signs as she could. But suddenly, she was about to get the one which said HE RIPS YⓍUR EYES when she started crying and shouting. The camera stopped working, so I tried to go to her room and open the door, but it was locked. I was desperate. Something was happening to her and I didn't knew what. All I could hear were her screams and some laughing. Then it hit me. THE WINDOW. I could go outside and see through the window. But when I got there, both Pearl and Nina were no longer there, nor was the iPad. I tried to calm down, telling myself it was a dream, but it was useless. Everything was useless now. There was no going back.

On Monday, I went to school as usual, to meet the guy who would be my best friend. Ben came from the UK, he told us, and would be here for at least 3 years. I loved the fact we had the same name, even though he liked writing it all in capital letters. We quickly became best friends, and that weekend, he invited me to a sleepover at his house. Like a fool, I accepted. God, how different would have been things if I didn't.

That Friday night, the Craigston family disappeared. What a coincidence that I wasn't there, with them, with my own family. And the strangest thing is that I woke up various times during the night, and none of those times BEN was at his bed. It was just me, alone, at that room.

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