This happened to me 6 years ago, I was still twelve at the time, I want to clarify that I have always played videogames specially the ones from Nintendo since I was even younger than twelve so I’m sure I don’t have troubles nor complications when playing videogames, one of my favorite titles from Nintendo has always been Pokémon, I loved it since the moment I watched the show when it was aired on TV for the first time ever, I always wanted to get the games of Pokémon since the moment I heard of them but my parents would never buy me a Gameboy color, but I had a N64 so there I finally got to play the Pokémon Stadium and Puzzle but I was still unhappy cause I couldn’t raise my own Pokémons nor get a starter, so the time went by, and I was 10. At that time I had a GameCube and Pokémon Colosseum and though I loved Umbreon and Espeon as my partners in the game but I didn’t entirely liked the game cause I couldn’t explore the grasses, I couldn’t get badges and become the champion as I heard so much of the Portable games or like it was in the anime, now that I’m older I love Pokemon Colosseum for breaking the mold after playing the games but as a kid I just wanted to become a champion and the I actually got lucky and had a friend who actually lent me his Gameboy SP along his game of Pokémon Ruby, I was so excited that I could finally play the game as I always wanted though it was short lived cause in a week that took me to beat the game even if I was rushing he was already asking it back, so it was kinda sad that I couldn’t even play around or trying to complete the Pokedex, but then after some time when I was eleven my parents got me one of the best Birthday presents ever, it was the Nintendo DS Lite, even if I had been bugging them to buy me a Gameboy Sp cause I knew that the DS was way too expensive at the time so I couldn’t even dream of getting one they actually got it for me and what’s more they bought two games with it, they were Pokémon Emerald the game I was bugging them to get me for the Gameboy, even if it was an already used copy I didn’t cared in the least and the other game was Pokémon Diamond the game of the new generation at the time that I had barely even heard about, I got extremely excited and played for hours and days perhaps even weeks without major distractions, I finally was experiencing Pokémon as it was meant to, getting into a world

with hundreds of Pokémons I’ve never seen before cause unlike the time I played Ruby that I knew most of the Pokémons due to the anime but when I was playing Diamond the Anime wasn’t even near the Sinnoh Season so I could met them all by myself, those were good times and even if I got bored of Diamond I could play Emerald checking the different Story from Ruby, getting all of the Pokémons to transfer them to Diamond, so I decided to happily go all over the game in the Emerald game I no longer had my beloved Blaziken, Flygon, Salamance, Plusle, Macnetric, and Swellow with whom I beat the game, I had transferred them all to the Diamond version so the only thing I had to go around the place was another Flygon with Dragon Claw, Dragon Breath, Earthquake and Hyper Beam, I also decided to train a Breloom for the spores it also had Mach punch, bullet seed and counter and a Salamance to carry the Hm’s like Fly Surf Strength and Rock Smash, the other three Pokémons were just taking space like a Lairon I had gotten and wanted to get him to Aggron, a wailmer for Wailord and a Sealeo. I didn’t had internet at the time, and not even the idea that I could search there the locations for Pokémons had crossed my mind, I was only able to catch Bagon cause a friend told me where to find him, so there I was exploring the Hoenn Region, it was an entertaining Journey until something weird happened, It was already late like 9:00pm or such, I was laying on my bed playing, catching some Ghost Type Pokémons at the time in Mt. Pyre I then remembered that at the top, I could actually find a Vulpix so I climbed all the way to the top and started searching for the grass then it was then that the weirdest thing that ever occurred to me in Pokémon happened and it was for many reasons first, the battle animation didn’t showed the grass animation but instead showed some dark mists, there was no music and that Pokémon I thought I had never seen before it was basically a really Dark looking pokemon that was floating right there, and it sparkled like a Shiny pokemon usually would (even if I didn’t knew what a Shiny was at the time) but the sparkles were black and when I got a good look at it I finally was able to realize it was a Shedinja its main color was black instead of its light brown and it had some gray and crimson details, it was a Shedinja but putting aside the eerie look it had already it was Level 100, and the weirdest part was not his looks, not is level but its name, its name was Death… It was a Wild Pokémon that somehow was nicknamed Death, I truly had no idea of what was going on I felt concerned cause I couldn’t understand why a Pokémon so weird named Death would appear out of nowhere just like that, and I barely knew anything about Shedinja, all that I knew at that time as a kid was that Shedinja was never hurt remembering the few times I ever encountered him specially in Pokémon Colosseum the only two ways I ever remembered of killing him was luckily by the sandstorm of Tyranitar or the Flamethrower of Typlosion, but right now none of my Pokémon knew any single fire attack. That, was my only concern at that time, though I didn’t knew that it wouldn’t had made any difference, Breloom who was my lead stepped in front but when he appeared his cried was not normal.. Something sounded really off but even so; I tried to use spores on him, but the things started to get weird every move, a message I never had seen before popped up saying “Breloom is too scared to move.” I was feeling uneasy cause of so many weird things happening one after another but then Shedinja made a move and he used Shadow Ball that completely dried out all of Breloom’s hp, after Breloom fainted it asked me if I wanted to keep on fighting and as I was hopeless seeing its level I selected no and appeared once again on Mt. Pyre after escaping but the music didn’t came back and only the wind could be heard and there was even more mist than usual and it seemed that it was dark which I actually didn’t gave much thought cause it was nighttime and I was used to this because of Pokemon Diamond I still hadn’t made the realization that Pokemon Emerald doesn’t has nighttime. My character was standing there but there was no sound, just some wind to be heard and the steps that my character took through the grass, I then tried to head back inside the Graveyard but there were graves blocking the stairs so I couldn’t go back I was pretty much trapped so I did the smartest thing and checked my party looking for Salamance to use Fly and get away but then I noticed that Breloom was no longer there, even if that Breloom was not the one that I trained with care to send him over to Pokémon Diamond he was the Breloom that helped me for weeks to catch every single Pokémon in Hoenn so I was getting anxious thinking that Breloom had disappeared and that I wouldn’t see him again, so I selected Salamance and choose him to use Fly to get away but there I stood frozen when the message appeared “Salamance is too scared to move.” So then I came to my senses and used some of my reason thinking that if I didn’t saved and just turned off the game it would be as if nothing happened and Breloom would come back so I turned off by pushing the slide button at the right side of the DS Lite and closed it at the same time, since I felt tired already I placed the Nintendo on the night table at the side of my bed and I just covered with my blanket to get to sleep and try to forget what just happened already, but I just couldn’t get that image of Shedinja out of my head so I was even feeling scared of the dark thinking that something was going to happen, so I just did what perhaps every kid does at that age and covered myself with the blankets till I fell asleep, but then I woke up later in the night I was feeling cold and at the time I could only remember the ghost stories about how things get cold when there are ghosts around and that they have a tendency of touching the feet of the people so I just pull them up hugging my legs but even then I couldn’t handle the cold and the blankets were in the laundry downstairs so I didn’t wanted to get up, but I just wanted to go to sleep with my parents so I got up and was afraid just looking at my room being so dark barely lighten up by the lights of outside so I grabbed my courage and jumped out of bed and ran to turn up the lights, then I just stepped outside my room and turned off the lights while closing the doors since I was not coming back since there was more light on the hallway thanks to the moon through the windows except on my door because there is a well next to it where the light doesn’t reaches through the windows and while I was going through the hallway for my parents’ room that was the other side, though I did noticed that the hallway was looking way longer than it should be and that as I was walking though the hallway I felt an horrible presence sending chills through my spine when I was midway and I couldn’t take any step forward because of that, I just had to turn my back to see what was there and when I looked back to the door of my room which was dark due to the wall that I mentioned, I felt I was crying but I couldn’t tell cause what I was looking there in the dark area that was just in front of the door there was the floating shape of the Shedinja in the shadows I was way too scared and I don’t remember what else happened cause the next thing I remembered was waking up as usual in my bed by the alarm cause I had to get dressed to go to school, perhaps it was just a dream, but anyways on that day I didn’t remembered anything about the incidents of last night, I went to school as usual and afterwards I went to the movies with my parents so actually I didn’t went back home till night again around 7 or I don’t really know just that it was already dark so then when I went to my room and saw the black ds lite laying there on my night table that I then remembered about the weird thing that happened, so then I turned it on and something happened that really made me mad to a point I even wanted to cry for something so annoying to happen the save file in Pokémon Emerald had been reset so the only option there was to start a new game and I was so angry at that point cause I had spent around weeks catching Pokémons and hadn’t transferred them all since I could only transfer six Pokémons per day, I hated that but I was dedicated to get all of the Pokémons from Emerald that I could, so then I resigned myself and started a new game though I actually believed that it was a good opportunity to have another starter to keep in the game cause I had rented other Pokémon games like Sapphire or Pokémon FireRed to choose different starters and transfer them all to the Diamond version I had, but as well had transferred my favorite team with whom I beat the game to the Diamond version, so this time I could actually had my team in Emerald, I just tried to be positive but soon I would experience a surprise due to my lack of knowledge this time that I was beating the game it was actually easy to get all the Pokémons from Emerald since I would caught every single Pokémon of every area that I didn’t yet had in Pokémon Diamond, so as my new Journey began I transferred every new Pokémon but I never thought that this Pokémon would prove to be such a mistake for the ignorant little me, that Pokémon I got was a Nincada I knew its evolution was a Ninjask... I thought it was only a Ninjask, I transferred him to the Pokémon Diamond, and as I got bored of playing Pokémon Emerald I moved on to evolve every single Pokémon in Diamond, this time I had three Exp. Shares so my technique for training Pokémons was simple, I would just defeat the complete Elite Four and Cynthia with my level 100 Blaziken from Emerald and Garchomp and carry only the other three Pokémons that I was training, so then, it came the point when I was training the Nincada wish was met at level 8 I think, though I’m not quite sure about his level, though it didn’t really mattered, what made me freak out was just after I defeated the first Elite, who gave enough experience to Nincada to grow to level 21 and that was when he evolved to Ninjask I was so happy to see that I’ve got a Ninjask that I wanted to read its Pokedex entrance before checking him out, I think it read something that he moved really fast, but what surprised me was that the Pokémon below him was captured as well and it was Shedinja, I got scared once again, just by looking at Shedinja which was a Pokémon I’ve had never met even once in Pokémon Diamond and it appeared as captured in my Pokedex so I didn’t knew what was going on, so I took a look at his entry and it sure made me pale what I read, “A discarded bug shell that came to life. Peering into the crack on its back is said to steal one's spirit.” I then tried to pay no mind to that, and wanted to check on Ninjask and there I saw that one of the Free Slots had one Pokémon in there and it was Shedinja, at that time as I mentioned I didn’t knew most of Pokémon’s secrets cause my lack of friends or internet, so I had no idea that Shedinja’s were born from Evolving Nincada’s with one Free Slot, so I just left the game for a while till one of my friends at school told me about Shedinja so I felt so ignorant and paranoid for had gotten so scared, so I simply laughed about it and decided to keep on playing when I got back home at 4 O’clock and that was when the things truly began getting scary, as I was finally facing Cynthia and well always as confident as ever with two level hundred there was no way I could loose the battle but then it happened, when I sent Garchomp to get rid of the Spiritomb I wanted to get this over quick so I sent Garchomp and used Dragon Claw but then the weird message appeared “Garchomp is too scared to move.” I didn’t understood it was normal, nothing was off, why would that happen again, I questioned myself but after around 5 turns Garchomp finally used Dragon Claw knocking the Spiritomb with one hit, but then once it sent the Garchomp next and I made mine attack it said once again that Garchomp was too scared to move, and it kept on as the other Garchomp slowly took out my Garchomp through many misses of the Dragon Rush, and I could do nothing about it, then when it asked me what Pokémon to throw next I got frustrated out of fear when I saw that Garchomp’s fainted was nowhere to be seen and that I had one empty space, so then I took out Blaziken to fight but there was the message again “Blaziken is too scared to move.” So after three Earthquakes my Blaziken was knocked out, and then again Blaziken’s faint was nowhere to be seen so I sent the low Level Metang I was training to get the Metagross and he was killed with one shot of the Earthquake, then I sent the Ninjask I just got and also was knocked by one Dragon Rush and after all I had 5 free slots and Shedinja was the only one there and when I sent him, he made the shine, and his nickname was Death and he was at the Level 100, I could only remembered that I must not look at his back and I thought that the foe’s Garchomp could easily kill him and everything would be over, I tried to press run foolishly but the normal message appeared “You can’t run from a battle with a Trainer” so I had no option but to press Fight, but the battle menu didn’t popped up, just like when the Pokémon is out of PP’s and when you press Fight the Pokémon automatically struggles, but that didn’t happened, as the foe’s Garchomp tried to made a move the message saying he was too afraid appeared again, and Shedinja made a moved called Soul Steal and the animation of the move was weird, seemed like the animation of Dark Void but the truth is that it was like the Hole of his back began spreading and covering the screen and when color came back Garchomp was no longer there and Cynthia was throwing her next Pokémon the Gastrodon, and the story repeated I just kept pressing Fight and all of Cynthia’s Pokémon kept disappearing just as her pokeballs would disappear as their Pokémon’s were defeated by Shedinja though she kept the one, the one of Spiritomb I presume, and just as Cynthia’s Sprite appeared, the animation of that Soul Steal appeared again and Cynthia’s Sprite disappeared as well and once I came back to the Champion’s Arena everything looked dark as if the lights were off, I tried to open the Menu but the options were just as in the beginning, I could only see the Bag, Trainer Card, Save, Options, and Exit of the menu, so I didn’t wanted to check any of these so I tried to check the room and tried to go back but there was Pitch Black so I head back to the Champion’s Room and there I saw the little sprite taking up Space at first I thought it was like a Fossil Icon but then I saw clearly through the Darkness that it was Shedinja so there, I was trying to be brave thinking that it didn’t mattered that it was a game and that as long as I wouldn’t save it would make no difference so there I tried talking to the Shedinja to see if there was anything I could do to stop this and he just made a whispering cry and the battle began but I had no Pokémons and there never appeared a text as Wild Shedinja appeared it was just the sprite of my Trainer in front of Shedinja’s and then he used Shadow Steal, but this time the Screen didn’t just turned Pitch black only everything between Shedinja and my trainer, I could see what was going on inside, my Ds began making such an horrible sound as if trying to play all of the Pokémons’ different cries at the same time as long with different moves noises, then in the Darkness there seemed to be some flashes of like lightning were a lot of Shadows with fangs and claws were appearing at the sides of Shedinja and I couldn’t stand the noises that I was hearing they were making me panic but I was too afraid and focus to what was going on that I never thought about turning it down there seemed that shadows were getting over my character and there seemed to be a lot of fires in the ground like the Will-o-Wisps till my Trainer disappeared and then the only thing that was left for me to see were the Shadows that Kept on swaying, some with evil grins, others that seemed angry, and the only clear thing that I could see was Shedinja that felt as if he was looking at me directly through the game so then I tried pressing many buttons but the noises wouldn’t stop, the image of Shedinja and the Shadows swaying wouldn’t change, so I tried turning it off but it didn’t worked at first I thought I didn’t pushed far enough but then again I tried and it wouldn’t go off so I tried popping out the Game Card but nothing would change, I tried to at least turn down the volume but it didn’t work either so at last I tried to close the ds but the cries kept on and I was afraid that I couldn’t turn down the volume and that I would get scold if someone were to find the ds hear that and think that I broke it, cause the noise was horrible, I couldn’t stand it at all, I hated it so I grabbed the ds and placed it below all of my clothes in the farthest drawer to lower the sound and actually I was able to block it completely so I thought that I would just let it there till the battery ran out which would be on the weirdest cases up to two days since its battery never lasted so long heck I was even being negative, there wasn’t a single day that I could play without the red light appearing at some point, so there I decided to do something else for the rest of the day since it was still early, I watched some TV, played on the GameCube, till it got late and it was time to go to sleep, so there in the silence of the night, even if I spent the whole day trying to distract myself to not get scared of what just happened, in the darkness, alone, I couldn’t help myself but remember about the scary images of those shadows burning and crying along Shedinja and as I was trying to stop thinking and sleep already, I began hearing the noises of those cries faintly, even if the clothes were enough as to make them appear silent in the day when everyone was making noise, it was not enough to cover it up in the night when everyone was quiet. I was beginning to panic cause I couldn’t stand hearing those cries out of the many different Pokémons at once since it made horrible distortions sounds, so at that point I was feeling so uneasy about it I even started considering to break down the Ds just to make it stop, but even the idea of getting out of my bed and open the drawer was terrifying me because I didn’t even knew what was going to happen, I just felt that I would see something that I shouldn’t but just as I was trying to cover my ears or placing my pillow over my head I just felt that something was staring me and that if I was too careful about trying to not hear a thing I would let down my guard and I would had been grabbed or taken by something, I didn’t even knew what maybe it was just paranoia but I was suffering in my bed and as the night grew quieter I could just hear the cries louder and louder and there was nothing that I could do, maybe it pasted one or two hours that I was torturing myself always taking a peek at the drawer to make sure there was nothing in my room haunting me and every single time I opened my eyes almost crying feeling I would see something and then felt a small relief when I saw nothing but then again I felt bad cause I could take care of the problem myself but after doubting a really long time, I finally gathered the courage to stand up and grab the ds, from the first moment I tried to get one foot out of the bed I was so scared, my heart racing and even past phobias of my toddler’s days of something grabbing me by the foot was still scaring because of my mental state and after placing my foot I felt relieved but I had to go to the drawer so as I kneeled down and opened the drawer I got scared really hard for the sudden incredible increase that the cries produced, it became twice as loud meaning that my drawer was really making its job and I got so desperate I thought someone might hear, the Ds had never been so loud before so then I just needed to do something quick, I started thrashing around the clothes to find the ds but I couldn’t find it and it felt as a race for me to get rid of the sound or someone hearing them and coming to my room to scold me, but I just couldn’t find it on time, and it felt really pressurizing hurrying to find it and not being able to and a couple of minutes pasted when I began freaking out cause the noise was tormenting me and the idea of someone getting angry scaring me and as I started throwing away the clothes of the drawer to find it I heard really loud thumps on my door then my heart felt like it had been squeezed flat cause my first reaction was that something bad was going to happen and I just had the idea of ghosts and demons locked into my mind so I even began tearing and as the door opened I saw that my older sister had just entered my room angry at me and I felt a big weight taken off of my shoulders thanking God that it was my sister, even if she looked angry at me, then she scolded me asking what was all the sound about and I told her that my ds was acting weird and she was really angry so she started menacing to break it down once she had found it and she started looking at the drawer and when she found the ds and looked at it she stood there confused, I was looking at her at the whole moment and her expression just made me feel the worst, I heard some horrible cries that were at this point mix of cries of pokemon I’ve never heard before, I couldn’t recognize any of those and they were all angry growls from really furious beasts and my sister as she was realizing what was she looking at her eyes began tearing and she looked as if she was in a trance, suffering she was crying and her face could spell out “I don’t want this” but she wouldn’t stop looking at the ds as if her eyes were fixed to it and then she just opened her mouth and left out a crying in pain moan and she started sobbing really loud but she wouldn’t put down the ds nor look away but her mouth would start sobbing louder and louder, I then tried to take out the ds from her and she stood there just crying not moving a single muscle staring blankly and crying just making small movements with her mouth when I looked at the ds to try to understand what happened, all I could see was a black void that seemed like to be something traveling through a tunnel reaching for something in the end but I could see a white small light that looked like a dot in the middle of the void and it kind of seemed to be moving a little bit like a little fire once I found a figure after staring at it for a while, and then the screen just flashed many times as if it was like trying to crash and all I could see was the image of Shedinja in front of the screen as the cries stopped and the last cry I heard was the one from Shedinja that went a little in slow motion and for a reason all I could think when hearing that cry was the word “thanks” and my ds finally stopped making sounds and it turned off and I just thought that it was a signal that its battery had ran out and as the cries of my sister where echoing our parents eventually came in and saw the mess and my sister and me filled with tears and scared and they were freaking out and asked what happened and I could say was that I don’t know, after that incident happened we all ended up sleeping in our parents’ room to get comfortable and calm down and my sister seemed to almost never stopped crying and was impossible to comfort her to a point that we had to take her to the hospital to have a check the next day cause she wouldn’t ever stop staring blankly like that the whole day and didn’t seemed to understand anything she was being told about and the doctors ended up thinking she had brain damage of some sort but she didn’t had any problem at all, she even got with a psychiatrist to see if he could help her but she wouldn’t cooperate and would barely eat for almost 4 months till she finally seemed to be reacting in some sort of ways as that she could pay attention to things then, or that she was starting to speak again, but she seemed to have troubles remembering many things (she doesn’t remembers anything about what happened with the ds) but after 7 months after the incident even if she lost a school year she was able to go back to her normal life even if she changed a little from how she used to be, like if she was a new person but still she remained the same in many ways other than some little changes on her personality, in my case after the incident I thought that the ds Pokemon Diamond and Pokemon Emeral cartridge were actually dangerous after what happened so I just tried to see if the DS worked but it wouldn’t even charge or turn on so I just put it away after that I just wanted to forget a little about pokemon so I never played the fifth generation games but just recently I got a 3ds and played Pokemon Y and got some friends with whom I play nowdays, I even caught a Shedinja whom I defiantly nicknamed Death just for fun and told them the story why I named it like that, they would obviously not believe me, but if their pokemon start being too scared to attack they just might.

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