Everyone knows Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater right? That game made my Hideo Kojima? It was pretty popular on the Japanese and European market. Then came that Xbox 360 HD collection of Metal Gear Solid, having Metal Gear Solid 2 and 3, followed by the really old two Metal Gear Solid and followed by Peace Walker on the second disc. The game was great and everything was almost as great as the old!

Even the end of the game brought the fear out of you, and the pain of it may bring the fury out until you had enough and the sorrow of your emotions came out...then you feel the joy....

It was the day that my Xbox 360 was getting old and broken. I got kinda pissed off knowing I blew almost over $300 dollars on it used. With the warranty still good I went back to Gamestop and traded it in for a new one and got a new copy of the HD collection of Metal Gear Solid. Finally I can play Metal Gear Solid 3 again. I got my hard drive on the new Xbox and loaded my gamer profile and started the game. I saw the game and hit new. I picked "I enjoyed MGS 3." Then the difficulty selection came up. I saw the option "European extreme." This meant if I was spotted, game over. I decided to pick it and play through it all the way through. It took me almost a whole month until I finally got it done. I left the game alone for a bit since I bought more old and cheap games to kill time, just for either achievements or bragging rights. It was then, around September, I finally remembered about the old game. I took it out of my CD case and put it inside my Xbox. I hit the A-button and it loaded up. I saw I had an update and it was fifty-seven megabytes. I accepted it and it started up. As soon I got to the screen where Snake is taking down the G.R.U unit in the fancy colors the game froze.

Angered I restarted the Xbox. I got an invite from a good friend, but I couldn't get into the party. Then I got a message from him and it read:

"DO NOT FOR THE LOVE OF GOD DO NOT PLAY THIS GAME! IT'S BEEN CORRUPTED SINCE THE LAST UPDATE. THE GAME IS A HACK!" Knowing he has more intelligence than a Goddamn rock, I booted up the game anyway. Got all the way to the menu of game selection. I picked new game and picked once again new game, MGS 3, and saw something called "True Snake" difficulty. Which under it read "only a true serpent will make it."

I started it up and it was all the same all the way through the battle with Ocelot on the ravine.

He yelled at Snake: "Do you think that....that all of this will come back to normal? The world is gone dammit!" I never heard him say that in the regular game. I0nstead of his dual magnum he had a really large 50 caliber sniper rifle.

The battle scene occurred. The part where I was about to get him down to no stamina he shot me. Snake made a loud groan and he went flying. I hit the codec and talked to paramedic: 

Para: "Snake you've got a big bullet wound...wait. How the hell have you survived that?! It's a 50 cal for Christ sakes! You should be dead! Snake just do me a favor and just drop dead!"

Snake: "Paramedic what are you..."

Just like that the call ended. In the end I made it all the way through in Gronzy Gradj. That's where I saw I not only had the fork, but somehow I had the camera and a suicide pill. Not a fake, an actual cyanide pill.

As I selected the pill it said: "Cyanide pill, only use when needed. DO NOT EXPECT THE TRUTH!"

I thought what the hell, as I got all the way through and to the part of the fear, it felt like a long cinematic scenes. Then the sorrow had talked to me, when I walked he told me to look into the camera. It was pictures. Pictures of the bosses, fear, end, and all the others. The pain was devouring people with black and crimson hornets. The fear was with dismembered body parts, his long slender tongue hanging out and laughing, the end the only one that looked normal was standing straight arms up at his sides and in white.

Dripping text said "The world is gone Snake, save yourself!" and fury like the pyro from another game shooting his flame throwers all over the walls, his face plate busted open; his face nothing but a charred skull.

Snake only said to the sorrow: 'What about everyone else, what has happened to them? Answer me!' The sorrow gave snake another camera. He looked into it, he saw the major drinking with a magnum to his head, his fist broke the shot glass and blood trickled down his fist.

Paramedic was still alive, doctors jacket open naked underneath and had both blood and semen on here, black eyeliner drooled down her face and the picture had another white text 'Snake, this could've been yours.' Signt was found dead, bullet holes filled his army green jacket filled with black holes, he held his handgun in his hand. EVA and ADAM both dead, throats slit with Volgin a large barbed wired lace wrapped around his hands. Then lastly Snake, his skull cleaned of skin and his body in the water followed by a crowd of corpses he had slain on his mission.

Snake now mortified by what he saw his voice now gruff and soft "What about...What about the boss?' Snake started to cry, an agent that was trained not to break tarted to cry. The sorrow smiles happily as he beckoned his hand. "She's mine now, Snake...She's mine."

The boss now dead and a ghost walked to snake and put her ghastly hand on his shoulder.

"Jack...go home, you shouldn't be here." Her voice was deep and loud and angry. I jumped from my chair as she pushed her hand through Snake's chest, Snake now bleeding in the water as the ghostly corpses surrounded him the sorrow asked Snake 'What now Jack?'

Snake took the pill and smiled right at me. "We start again!" and after that Snake's mouth foamed and his body jerked violently and his body started to fall into the water. After that the sound of Snake was disoriented and soft, then he heard crunching and Snake screaming, then the screen said 'THE END' as the end would say after you defeat him.

Later after the credits I scrolled through, the game had an option selection which read "Return to reality?" It had yes, take me back to reality, or no let me stay here in my fantasy, or C4c3leD.

I took the yes and it said "It doesn't matter, since we all will end in hellfire and suffering, our souls will burn and our loves will decay. The world we once knew was gone. Our generations will suffer and until then, we all suffer the same fate...death or acceptance."

Then it said "what next?" The sorrow came onto the screen, then I saw a mic icon. I turned on my mic and smiled. "let's play again!" I jokingly said. "All in good time, until not rest. It's going to get rough."

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