I am a 16 year old, and like many, I play video games. One of my favourites was Middle earth: Shadow of Mordor on the PlayStation 4. An open world game where you play as a Ranger named Talion who has been revived by a wraith and goes on the quest for revenge.  You can go anywhere in the land of Mordor, which has been taken over by Sauron's Uruk army. The gameplay is similar to that of the Assassins creed games. On the whole it is a very good game.

I was looking on EBay for a good game for the PS4 when I come across a Shadow of Mordor game which only cost £5. I thought this was awesome because at my nearest GameStop, it still cost £20 for a pre-owned copy. The picture showed the box and the disc. It all looked pretty legit so I bought it.

It came a week later, and I opened it up and that was when I realised something wasn’t right. The disc didn’t have anything on it all it had was the words Shadow of Mordor in permanent marker. I also noticed there was a bit of paper that came out of the box and it read,

“Beware of the Dark One”

I emailed the seller (his username was HyperionGamer), asking what he meant and he replied,

 “Please don’t talk to me, I couldn’t stand it anymore. I had to get it away from me. It had got everywhere. I can’t sleep.  I didn’t write what was on the bit of paper, but it was the truth. Beware of the Dark One”

I threw the game in the bin, thinking that it won’t work anyway, and went to bed.

The following evening, I went to my PS4 hoping to play some Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare and whoop some players online. I turned it on, but instead of Call of Duty loading up, Shadow of Mordor was loading. I was confused. I thought that I threw it away. But I still clicked the start icon. It started up normally and I began a new story mode. I watched all of the beginning cut scenes and I started to play the game. It was one of the best games I have ever played. I had taken down a second captain when something weird happened. My wraith powers stopped working and the sun started to dim in the background. My character, Talion was looking around with a worried look on his face. I was thinking to myself, “This isn’t right”. In the distance, there was a Uruk, but it looked like one of the undiscovered captains except it was covered in a small shroud of fog and it didn’t have a name. At first I thought it was a boss and ran towards it and start a battle. I couldn’t hit it because when I got close to it, it started to drain my health in a similar way to how Talion drains energy from Uruks. After ten seconds, Talion was dead and I respawned in the tower. Only there was one thing wrong. Talion was still bleeding and his head was twitching slightly. After being beaten for the third time by the “Dark One”, I heard a faint whispering sound and I turned the volume of my TV down, but the whispering sound continued. I listened carefully and it said.

“I can see you. I can hear you. I can smell you. There is no escape.”

I freaked out and turned the PS4 off, hoping it would stop the whispering. Thankfully, it did. I turned the PS4 back on and took the disc out, snapping it and put it in the bin. I suddenly heard the whisper again and it said,

“No escape.”

I put Call of duty in and played ‘free for all’ on the solar map. I had forgotten about the “Dark One” until I saw it standing in the background, staring at me. I tried shooting at it, but the screen started to jerk all over the place. It would only stop if I looked away and didn’t shoot it. I asked some of the other players if they saw a dark shadowy figure and they were all saying things like “what the hell are you on about” or most just said “no”. I shut it off by then and I tried to contact HyperionGamer again, but it said that his account has been closed. And the screen crashed. I was sweating like crazy now, saying, “It wasn’t real” over and over again. When I was asleep, I dreamt that I was in a field and surrounded in fog. I saw a tall, dark figure and he said in the same whispery voice,

“I have killed your little friend. Now I am coming for you.”

With that, it rushed me and I woke up popping cold sweat.

I tried to play Call Of Duty again but I received a party invite from HyperionGamer. I accepted and I said “hello” and what I heard shook me to my core. It was the “Dark One” and it said,

“Look outside your window.”

I did and I saw the Dark One. It was looking up at me. I closed the curtain and hid behind my bed. After a little while, I got up and looked out of the window. There was nothing there. I relaxed and turned around.

It was standing in front of me.

It was smiling.

The last thing I heard was,

“No escape”…

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