Halo Reach is a really good game, but there’s one person I never want to meet again.

The Story

It was a normal Saturday as I was playing on my Xbox 360. I was playing Halo Reach. I was playing Multiplayer Matchmaking and I was looking for a game and someone invited me to a custom game. His gamertag was OoKant666oO. The weird thing was my gamertag was OoKant99oO, so I phoned a friend. His name was Jean-Luc and he knew allot about Halo. I told him that there was a person called OoKant666oO and he said there was another person called darkpulse666. His gamertag was darkpulse17. I decided to join his game. In the lobby I saw his service tag. It said S666, which means Spartan 666. He said in a demonic voice, “Hello OoKant99oO, you may call me OoKant666oO.”I found that rather weird, so I said “I was told there was also a person called darkpulse666.” He told me that he uses a hack to disguise himself using the gamertag that the person is he is playing with, but he adds/swaps parts with the number 666. He made a game type called Sl4y3r666 and a map called Y0u h4v3 a t3rr1bl3 f4t3. The game started up, but instead of a person saying Slayer normally, they said it in a demonic voice. Everywhere there were dead Spartans, Elites, Brutes, Grunts, Jackals, Hunters, Skirmishers and ODSTs. There was a long trail of dead Spartans so I followed it. At the end of the trail there was a Spartan with the Haunted Armour was standing at the end and all of his armour was black. I was walking towards him as he disappeared. The screen flashed and it definitely wasn’t my TV. I turned around and I saw an Elite standing there. He told me that I must leave and this place is cursed. I tried to leave, but I couldn’t. I remembered that Jean-Luc told me about a person called darkpulse666. I said “why is this place so demonic?” and he said “You’ll learn.” In the next few seconds the screen went blank. I saw Master Chief standing in front of me alone. He was whispering and I heard most of what he said. He said “All my allies are dead. Everyone’s dead! I’m alone. I hope someone’s still living out there.” He turned to me and said “You must be Noble 6. This place is cursed, we must get out of here!” So I followed him and we ended up finding ourselves in a very dark room. I heard screaming, so I turned on my Night Vision, just to find Master Chief being murdered by OoKant666oO. I said “You killed Master Chief!” After that my Night Vision stopped working and it said on the screen “Leave Now” in blood. After that I turned off my Xbox and Booted it up again and it worked normally. I never want to see that person again!

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