It was a month or so after the events of "Rappin.exe" and the dead cats outside my house. Having to change the schedule of my live streams and reviews, people have wondered why I had acted weird around people mentioning Parappa.

For example. In a Skype chat, some people were referencing Lady Moosilini and her driving rap, I left the chat. On Steam, someone mentioned their favourite games, one being Parappa, I left the chat. On PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale, someone chose Parappa. I disconnected from game.

But some wonder, what about Um Jammer Lammy? Well, I'm planning to play it on emulator, but stop once I get to the Parappa part. I knew I wouldn't trust anything with .exe, so I went to CoolRom to download a rom.

Once I got the PlayStation rom, I wanted to check for any haunts. After experiencing Rappin.exe, I think I best be careful. But I think I over reacted. It's just Lammy how I remembered.

Having got to the final Lammy stage, I noticed something. There was no graphical glitches. Not even one. My emulator was good but had the once every so often graphic glitch. I was surprised.

However, I did notice something a little odd. After Lammy said, "Who's my next challenger!" Rammy was there but no Parappa. Sometimes when you download something it can miss out a file or two and I was so happy that Parappa must've been left out. I don't have to look at his stupid face.

I closed the emulator to save the game for my live stream. But I suddenly noticed an icon I hadn't noticed before on my desktop. It was called Shoot The Lamb.exe. With curiosity,

I clicked it once to have it high-lighted, but at the same time the phone rang.

I ran downstairs to get it only to trip over, slowing me down. However missed it. It played my normal message when I miss a call.

"Hey. Daniel isn't here now. He's either playing PlayStation or on the computer, please leave a message."

The message started.


I couldn't believe what I just heard. It sounded a lot like Lammy. And shocked me. I walked back up stairs.

I couldn't stop thinking about it. I was curious why I got that message. Maybe it was my imagination. It could be someone else but Lammy in my mind. I tried my best to shrug it off.

I opened the application. It was a game that had the same graphics as an Atari 2600. It had a black background and Atari sheep and it said "Press Space To Start".

The objective of the game is to aim the mouse over sheep and click to shoot. The first level started and you had to shoot 25 lambs under 2 minutes.

I noticed as I moved from level to level, each level increased time by 2 minutes and increased sheep by 25. I beat the game and I was awarded with the message, "Well Done! You killed every sheep! The dog loves you!".

I didn't understand what it meant by the dog. I closed the application and shut down my PC. I thought it best I got a good night sleep. It was 12pm and I had a long day ahead of me.

At 3am, I had trouble sleeping. I found out the radiator was too hot. I woke up to turn it off. After that, I couldn't get back to sleep. I was thinking of those things that happened. The missing Parappa, The application, the call and that ending message. I had suddenly figured it out.

Lammy has been said to be a lamb, the reason why she is called Lammy. The message at the end of the game says The dog loves you and Parappa is a dog. Putting it all together means...

Oh no.


I had quickly got out of bed and turned on my computer. The computer loaded up, typed my password faster then ever and found out everything on my computer was gone. Steam, Skype, Minevraft, Origin, Unity, Flash, all emulators and folders. Everything. My background was replaced with a black picture as well.

There was a folder; that was the only thing left. It was named "HVSGBTXBYS1999". I opened it and the screen went black.

It showed Lammy running away. She was running away and was screaming. The background music was the sound of piano keys being smashed and g major voices from Um Jammer Lammy songs.

She fell over and cut her knee. Blood was pouring out of her. She was crying and she looked behind her. The Demon Parappa was behind her.

Suddenly it went dark and Lammy's blood poured all over the screen with Lammy's loud screams. The computer suddenly burst into flames.

I quickly found something I could use. A fire extinguisher which does foam. I sprayed it onto the computer and the fire was out. Now I needs to get a new computer. But not anymore.

The dog from the cat incident was behind me, panting. The white Labrador with the same beanie as Parappa wears and has red eyes.

"Blink." the dog said.

I looked back and I did blink because it gave me a jump scare. After I blinked he turned into the 2D Parappa from the games. He had a wide grin though.

"You may be asking yourself… Why am I doing this? Why am I being so nasty! Let me tell you...".

"No! You don't need to tell me any-" I was interrupted by my mouth not letting me speak anymore. I couldn't move or make facial expressions.".

"You as a kid… You got a Sony PlayStation console and my game. You played lots of games but mostly mine… In my mind, you were a friend to me. I dreamed on going to the real world, being your friend and going to the park, playing baseball and even playing PlayStation. I looked up to you as a role model.".

I was confused at what he was trying to get across to me. I don't know what it is he is trying to tell.

"However, you stopped playing me once you got your stupid PlayStation 3. You could've got a PSP. I was on that system. You chose a £400 console just to play those gay "FPS" crap. I felt lonely. I felt betrayed. I cried for two years. TWO YEARS YOU ASS HOLE!!! I went insane. I got in the idea zone of killing everyone I knew…".

A picture of Parappa's friends killed on screen were up on the monitor. Parappa did this to everyone. Even Sunny Funny. Inside I was scared, because Parappa locked up my emotions and voice.

"I've been trying many ways to get revenge... I signed a deal with Satan... He gave me demon powers... And now... I can make you forgotten like I was...".

He unlocked my emotions and voice. But when I looked behind, he was the same demon that killed Katy. The demon that sliced her into 66 bits.

A strange energy beam went into me. I felt my organs in me move about, I was shrinking and I was growing fur. I was also wearing different clothes. The demon had turned me into...


Suddenly, a blank disc flew out of my chest of draws and I was sucked into it, making the disc turn into a PlayStation format.

Today from then. I am stuck in Parappa The Rapper. I cannot get out or be freed. If someone were to play the game, I would try to interact with them, but the programming changed my behaviour. I'm not allowed to what I want to do. I can only rap.

However, nobody will play the disc I'm stuck on. Everyone is now playing FPS games and not enough of the classics. And there is a lesson behind this everyone…

Never forget an old game. Always play it every so often. Old games are fun and more enjoyable then FPS games. FPS games won't save you with guns, old games can destroy you however, easily.

Update: October 15, 2013

An South Korean hacker found this disk. He decided to take me off the game. Then I was freed. When I was freed, I changed back to my normal self. I went back on the computer, put the exe file in the bin, and broke the disc into pieces. Then I went to where I downloaded the file, but it was gone. So, I was happy. Now, I can do whatever I wanted to do through out the years of being on the disc.