We all remember the Rigby's Death Clip videos, a guy who claimed to be the man who was behind the creepypasta "The Death of Rigby." His videos were supposed parts of the video tape he was able to snatch from the CN studios in California back in 2009/2010.

All those who read what I just said will probably say "Oh, it's probably fake." Well... maybe, but keep reading this to understand why this guy is different from money eaters like Squidward's Suicide.

This guy came before Squidward's Suicide. His videos are from 2010 and his first channel was actually taken down by Cartoon Network because he was a "threat" to the company. He was able to show key parts of the Episode described in the creepypasta.

Since we're talking about the creepypasta, he told the viewers that the creepypasta we know today is a simple edition of his original Forum post in 2009. It wasn't a story, it was forum post of a guy trying to find help from someone who knew about VHS tape cleaning.

What I am about to show here is the original forum post from 2009 which the owner of the channel  gave to Rigby's DeathCLIPS to everyone who asked him about the roots of his "story".

Posted: December 29, 2009 13:06 Post subject: VHS cleaning.

NickEvans11: Hey guys, I don't know if this is the best place to explain why I need this tip but here it goes, I worked in Nick Studios for about 2 years and one day we had some problems when watching a unreleased episode called "Rigby's Death", I know the name sounds weird lol, but sometimes before an episode being released the producers like to put some funny tittles for us the test viewers to laugh.

One of my colleagues even gave it a dry laugh, well after a while he stopped laughing, I don't remember much about the episode, I saw some weird stuff like Rigby dying, it wasn't something easy to watch so I guess my brain kinda erased parts of it.

I know its hard to believe but I would like some help please, I really want to help on the investigation.


So as you can see its really different from the original material. The forum is closed now and there's no way we can get a decent view at the answers and reaction of those who for the first time looked at the original story.

About the channel...Rigby's DeathCLIPS channel had the following videos: 1 Rigby's Death clip 1: A video full of static showing Mordecai going to the cemetery, and Benson killing Rigby.

2-Rigby's Death clip 2: Mordecai and Rigby getting a Grilled Cheese Deluxe at Cheezers.

The other videos were about him trying to fix the tape and there was even one video where he had a conversation with one of the supposed "creators" of the tape. However, three days after that video was uploaded his channel was closed by Cartoon Network.

Now his channel is back, and from what I and others saw, he is the same guy.

His new video is Rigby's Death 3 it shows the beginning of clip 2 with even less static. Everything would be the same.

The YouTube channel is trying to bring back all his videos including the interview with one of the producers of the supposed tape.

If you're interested in his research follow this link: 

Lets just hope he doesn't go down this time. From what he said Cartoon Network doesn't want this to be known.

Soon more updates will be known.

Log entry: 12-08-2014

I received a PM answering my questions from Jack Evanovich, the owner of the channel, what he gave me was more than what I could ask, I am impressed! But I'll let you guys read it.

I am the man who saw the tape for the first time at the CN Studios, you might say I am the "protagonist" on the Death of Rigby story, well the story nowadays is way different from reality.

My friend don't get me wrong, but I would never accept money from a viewer I would never make money from such a calamity, people were killed thanks to this small but macabre act.

About the Payton Dean case, that man is not real, he was an invention created by the guy who made the red mist videos, probably some troll who watched my videos back in 2009 and used the idea to make money, red mist was actually making money with that ridiculous story because he was selling shirts...

I am not selling shirts my older channel is from 2009 I was here first and I am the one who went trough all those problems, I almost got arrest and I am still being followed by some strange men sometimes.

Red mist is a lie created by a small troll who wanted to place his name in the history of those creepypasta thingies...well he did it however he was gaining profit from other people's death, he's a fool...

Why didn't the cartoons have good ol' Mordecai and Rigby? I dunno this tape seems so weird, you know when you have one of those old tapes that are dirty and you don't remember whats inside and the tape just keeps making noise...suddenly you think what is inside? That's my feeling, I saw the tape at Nick Studios at 2005 and I forgot most of what was inside, my memory is good and all but I made everything possible to "vomit" that memory out of my brain.

Here's the original "story" before someone took it and turned it into a creepypasta.

Just before you read it, remember that it wasn't a story, it was a post on a forum about VHS tapes.

Jack Evanovich, the man behind the Rigby's DeathCLIPS, YouTube channel has uploaded the forth clip. It's almost the same clip as the third  but with one difference...things that seem to be videos of Mordecai and Rigby doing extreme cartin' in the cart, Benson killing Rigby, and an image of the tombstone.

You can't see much, however its most likely the quality. I am actually freaked out because of this, even though its not the worst video yet.

Anyway, who knows, keep looking in his channel and you will probably find the answer I guess, after all its just a creepypasta...right?

End of log.

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