Jeff the killer before and after by ren ryuki-d62e3a6

Except from local newspaper September 3, 2001~

'The unknown "Bedtime" killer is still at large, and his death toll nearly rose one more last night. His target; 10 year old Ben Burdess. Ben told his story on the channel 7 news this mrning, The interview is here;

Reporter: Ben, what exactly happened here last night?

Ben: Well... I was in bed near the sunrise I think. I heard a thump and woke up... I looked at my door and saw a shadow. It was on the walls too. I looked at window and saw something really scary.

Reporter: What did you see?

Ben: A monster' (crying now)! he just starred at me smiling. He...he wouldn't look away. He didn't close his eyes, and I tried not too.

Reporter: Wh...what happened after that?

Ben: H...he...he...(crying intensly) s..said... Go. To. Sl...Sleep. He said it really scary too! He jumped and I screamed, and my daddy came in. He...h...had a bat. He had a bat

Reporter: And then what?

Ben: The monster threw something at my daddy. It was shinny and hit it in the shoulder...

The rest of this story will be released after the 5 O'clock news...'

The Family

Jeff was just your average teen, about halfway through puberty, and not really too extraordinary. He was in his school's GT program due to his creativity, but they were very not selective. His younger brother Liu was the baby, always being cooed over by his mother, while Jeff was his father's favorite. Their entire family was fairly normal, just a few things that set them apart. For example, Jeff and Liu's father, Robert, was an ex-marine First Lieutenant with a Silver Star and Purple heart. Both Jeff and Liu were ever so slightly above their grade level, and both had a certain amount of creativity and reasoning that formed a golden ratio. Their mother was just an average stay at home mother, who was a little over caring and often smothered her children. A nice, normal family living the American Dream.

The Move

The family was moving to New Port, Pennsylvania because their dad got a promotion in his job at Kennametal. Jeff and Liu were a little upset at this, as they had both been doing well at their school and had a good group of friends, however they understood it would be better for the family in the long run. They both helped with boxing, loading, unloading and anything else there was to be done, all the while saying their final goodbyes to the friends they had made over their two years at Hartons. They had hardly finished unloading all the boxes of stuff when a woman and child in very nice clothing approached the boys' mother.

"Hello! My name is Jannet and I live right across the street. This is my son Kobe." she said putting a hand on the boys shoulder. Kobe seemed the same age as Jeff, maybe a little older. The boy said hello and told them he was turning 14 on Saturday.  

"I'm Jeff, and I turn 14 in two weeks." said Jeff the boy.   

"Cool. Maybe we can hang out some time." was the reply he got back.

"Yeah, ma..."Jeff was interrupted by Kobe's mother

"Would you all like to come to Kobe's party on Saturday? It's okay if you're busy, I was just asking." said Jannet. Jeff and Liu had started to find reasons to object, as they didn't want to intrude with Kobe and his friends, how ever their mother accepted the invitation for him, making an RSVP before even seeing a card.


The next day, Monday, would be Jeff and Liu's first day of school at New Port Intermediate for Liu, and New Port Junior High for Jeff. They both slept feverishly as anticipation was the only things on their minds. In the morning, they were both awakened by their mother,

"Jeff. Liu. Wake up you two, you have to get ready for school." she said from the doorway. They both trudged awake and moved to the closets. Jeff pulled out what he had unpack, a pair of blue jeans (His favorite pair), a plain black t-shirt, and a white jacket white thin grey squares on it(His favorite Jacket).


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