I know what you're thinking. About all this Squidward's Suicide A.K.A Red Mist crap. You're thinking its all fake. Well, I can`t comment about it being real or nothing, but I can tell you about Red Mist II.

So this started sometime between June to July 2011. 

I woke up one night, in a cold sweat, only to find my TV was on. It was on Spongebob. I couldn't remember leaving the TV on, but being a big fan of Spongebob Squarepants when it first come out, I started watching it, like most people would. But I did have a strange feeling though. The intro played, like normal. After that it went static for about 4 to 5 seconds and then the title card came up.

It said:

"Red Mist II"

Followed by another called that said:

"Written by: ...."

It didn't tell you who wrote it, but I'm thinking this was a joke the Spongebob creators might make, so I didn't think about it too much. Then the episode started.

It started with Spongebob, in his house, sitting down, crying. He looked at the screen. He released a realistic and painful to hear sob. This was no normal cry. It was kind of disturbing. Being the time of night it was, I didn't really want to watch this, so I went to grab the remote and turn it off when I realized the remote was missing. I thought nothing of it, so I went to stand up to walk up to the TV and turn it of when, oh shit... My legs wouldn't move. I started to get scared. I was pretty much stuck in that position to watch this disturbing thing. Was this a dream? What the fuck was going on? 

Spongebob picked up a realistic iPhone, which was kind of odd, seeing as the show doesn't seem to include elements of real technology, but oh well. He then called Squidward. Then Squidward, eyes bleeding, looked through the window. Crap... What is going on? This is no kids show? Do they have like an [adult swim] for Nickelodeon? Wait, was this even on Nickelodeon, or any channel I knew for that matter? Suddenly a little thing came down from the corner of the screen. It said "Channel 666." Oh no. Squidward started to spray blood onto the window. It dripped down and drizzled through the pineapple and he vomited a load of blood on the floor. I started to feel more queezy. Suddenly a real life image flashed onto the screen. Shit... This was a picture of a real life dead body. His jaw ripped apart, his eyes dangling out of their sockets, his liver hanging out of his stomach. Oh my. This was me.

I vomited all over the bed. The grip on my leg started to get tighter. Ah. I could feel blood running down my leg. Crap. That was hurting. Then it went back to the cartoon. A red smoke filled Spongebob's house and Spongebob then pulled out a shot gun and shot at the screen. Shit! I was bleeding. The TV fucking shot me. The TV fucking shot me? Ah...

I blinked and when I opened my eyes, written in blood on my wall was the words "It's so real, it could kill you..."

A dark figure was standing in front of my bed. It looked at me. His face was mangled. It had be cut, butchered, to look like... Squidward. His face fell off and I could see bits of skull and muscle. A red smoke filled the room. Then the TV exploded and shards of glass went in my skin, including my eyes. I must have passed out with bloodloss or fright...

Next thing I remember, I was in Hospital. Nothing seemed the same anymore. I was petrified. I cried for days on end. One day in hospital, when I was all alone in my cubical, I thought I saw a clown, dripping with blood.

When I got home, I Googled Red Mist and I found out all about it. I personally believe that's it's true, oh, and I believe that the Red Mist is coming, and that cartoon was a warning for the end of the world as we know it...

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