I stand alone. I stare at the vast, barren landscape. I’ve mapped it out over time. It’s burned into my mind. After all, this place is all I know.

Having this ability that I possess, I’ve grown hopeless. I’ve not had a real challenger since I dethroned Blue. My Pokémon have been perfection. With me calling the shots, they cannot be broken.

Blue’s gone.

He’s been gone for three years. I always wondered why he was so cold, why he shunned everyone. He always wanted to impress Oak. But I always bested him. He could never achieve what I could. And when he did, I’d do the same thing better. He lost the love of his Grandfather, his sister… everyone. Without his parents, Oak and Daisy were the only ones he had.

And I took them. In a way, I killed him…

A teenage boy slowly climbs towards me… He is obviously worn out, but he has a look of determination… Like many others before him, he’s made the long trek up Mount Silver to challenge me.

“You! I’ve come to battle you!” he shouts at me.

I turn toward him, size him up.

I nod.

He tosses out a Pokéall. It’s a Nidoking.

I choose Charizard… I tell him to use Fly. He looks confused… I allow Charizard to be beaten. As with all the others.

The boy is thrilled. I hand him the Badge of the Champion.

He sends out a Fearow and flies away..

I heal Charizard, and put all my Pokéballs in my bag and put it around him.

“Take these to Oak. Now.”

Charizard looks at me… I think he knows.

He flies away.

I turn and slowly walk to the edge of the mountain.


I killed Blue.

He deserved to be Champion.

But I took everything from him. Everything.

I don’t talk to Mom anymore. I haven’t been home to Pallet Town since Blue’s funeral.

She won’t miss me…

Oak. That man gave me everything. But he should’ve given his time to Blue…

Who am I? What is my purpose? To constantly crush people’s dreams?

To stand over Kanto and walk all over everyone?

I have completed my mission. I had to kill a boy to do it, but I did it.

I was selfish… I am selfish.

Guilt has turned to knowledge. It flows through me as red as my blood.

Red. Me.

A ghost.

I stand alone. I stare at the vast, barren landscape. I’ve mapped it out over time. It’s burned into my mind. After all, this place is all I know.

I peer down. A long fall…

For the first time in forever, I smile.

I can be a part of it all. Of the part of Silver I could never go to…

I will be. I will forever be a part of it.

Like it’s been a part of me…

Maybe I’ll see you, Blue… dad…

Someday even you, Charizard…

. . . .

When Lapras died, I threw its Pokéball down there. Off the mountain… Into the barren.

Lapras, I’m coming to join you.

For the final time, I pull down my hat.


I fall.

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