Rarity looked at the dress in disappointment. She felt that no pony truly cared about her dresses, which they bought them only out of an act of kindness. Every single time a customer bought the dress, Rarity was imagining a look of hatred for the dress in the customer's face. The imagining became so real, it seemed to be certain all dresses she made were terrible. Even her closest friends seemed to share the same hatred as everypony else did. She wanted to know what she was doing wrong. Were the designs not attractive? Were they too plain or complex? Thoughts like these were kept inside her head for months. Each new customer left her to believe her work was indeed hated. Overwhelmed, she said to herself, "I'll show them not to hate my work! I'll show them all! They'll be dead if they say anything bad about it!"

A tear ran down her cheek. She felt so terrible for what she has just said. Wait, no, a smile was growing. She felt good about herself for saying that, for meaning it. Another tear, this time of joy, ran down her cheek. After such a long time, Rarity has finally discovered a way to feel better... by becoming a psychopath. She had plans for new dresses, and she wanted to get started right away.

"Opal, I'll be taking you to Fluttershy for a little while. This project is very important to me."

Rarity put Opal in a basket, and levitated it. The basket pushed the door open, and the two walked outside. It was a cloudy day, she wondered why the pegasi have been letting it get this cloudy. She ignored the thought, after all, it was none of her concern, and began walking to Fluttershy's cottage. She met Twilight along the way, who was levitating a book with her.

"Rarity! How are things?" said Twilight with a friendly smile.

"Oh, Twilight, things are doing good! I'm just giving Opal to Fluttershy for a little while, I think something is wrong with her." Rarity tried to sound as concerned as possible. Twilight's eyes widened. Her tone changed into sounding concerned.

"Well, I hope she feels better."

"I'm sure Fluttershy will take great care of her."

"Rarity, before I forget, Princess Celestia wants you to make dresses for her, Princess Luna, and every pony for the Grand Galloping Gala!"

"Me? Why, I'm honored!"

Rarity was having trouble keeping back a sinister smile. Twilight became suspicious.

"Are you alright?" Twilight asked, noticing Rarity's expression.

"I'm fine, I'm just a little stressed out from designing, that's all."

"Well, if you can't handle this, I can tell the Princess about it. No big deal. I wouldn't want you to over work yourself."

"No, no, it's fine. I can handle it, besides, an opportunity like this just such an honor, I just can't reject it."

With this, both friends went on their way. Rarity was smiling with psychopathic joy; how fortunate it was. Rarity found herself at Fluttershy's door. She knocked. A moment later, Fluttershy opened the door.

"Hello, Rarity," she said quietly.

"Fluttershy!" began Rarity, concern growing in her voice, "I think something's wrong with Opal!"

"What do you mean?" asked the shy Pegasus, looking into the basket.

"She's been acting weird, she's been trying to scratch me a lot recently."

"She always does that, though."

"No, she hasn't been," lied Rarity.

"Well, whatever you want to believe is fine."

"Good thing you're such a pushover," Rarity said under her breath, making it appear like she said nothing.

"Well," began Fluttershy, who was taking Opal into the cottage, "I'll see what I can do."

"Thank you so much, Fluttershy!"

Fluttershy closed the door, and Rarity was walking back to her house. Apple Jack found Rarity, and ran up to her.
"Rarity!" she began, sounding slightly out of breath.

Rarity closed her eyes, rolling them with annoyance. She opened them again, smiled friendly and said, "Yes, Apple Jack?"

Apple Jack then replied, "Would you like to see the new apple cutters we got for the farm?"

"Apple cutters?"

"We cut apples with them," said Apple Jack, starting to sound concerned. "Are you alright?"

"Yes, I'm alright, just under some stress from designing. Well, I'll look."

The two ponies walked to Sweet Apple Acres. Rarity was led to the barn, where the apple cutters were being stored on a high-up shelf. The apple cutters were then levitated down to where they could be more easily seen.

Apple Jack grabbed an apple, and Rarity levitated a blade. She began slicing through the apple, and there were no signs of difficulty or stalling. She began to cut faster, amazed by the efficiency of the blade.

"Hold on there, Rarity you seem to be going a little too fast please slow down you could hurt somepony...OW!" she was cut on the end of her hoof.

"I'm so sorry!" cried Rarity, unsure of whether she was holding back tears of pain or joy.

"It's alright, you didn't mean it, you just got a little wound up cutting" said Apple Jack, looking at the wound. Rarity looked at Apple Jack's injury, feeling inspired by the blood running down her hoof. She became disappointed when a bandage was put over it.

"Sorry," said Rarity again.

"Well, that's the apple cutter. Obviously dangerous, though, that's why I keep it on a high shelf."

"I'll see you later, then."

"See you later, hope you feel better soon!"

Rarity pretended to walk away. When Apple Jack was walking back to Ponyville, Rarity quickly went back to the barn and took eight blades. She was hoping Apple Jack wouldn't notice. There were a lot of blades, how could she? She placed the blades in her mane, being careful not to cut herself. She quickly went home, dropped the blades off, and headed back out. She knew there was one more thing that she needed. Suddenly, Pinkie Pie bumped into Rarity, making both ponies fall.

"Pinkie!" said Rarity, surprised.

"Sorry!" said Pinkie, "I didn't see you there, and whenever I don't see some pony, I often get in their way. I don't usually not see ponies that are in front of me, but sometimes it just happens. Like this one time, me and Rainbow Da-"

"Pinkie, it's OK. It was my fault too."

"Okie dokie lokie! Hey! Want to keep some electrical wire? I used to use it for parties, but I was wondering if you could use it for your designs?"

"Well, this is exactly what I have been looking for. Thanks, I'll definitely take it."

"Great!" The extroverted earth pony began happily hopping away once again.

"Now," said Rarity talking to herself, "To get back home so I can actually get to work. I'll need as much time as possible."

"Rarity!" shouted Rainbow Dash shouted from the clouds, zooming down to meet her.

"What now?" cried Rarity, sounding annoyed.

"I just wanted to see how you were doing, that's all," said Rainbow Dash, starting to look sorry.

"Sorry, I'm just under stress right now," said Rarity.

"What have you been up to?"

"I have some ideas for dresses."

"Will they be cool?"

"Oh, of course! There will be cool dresses, glamorous dresses, dresses of all adjectives! They will all take your breath away!" a psychotic smile was once again begging to appear. No pony could know of her plans, especially not Rainbow Dash. She would spread the word.

"Well, I'm busy practicing some moves, I'll catch you soon Rarity" said Rainbow Dash. She flew away.
"Finally, some peace and quiet," Rarity said to herself, calmly walking back to her house. Once reaching the well-designed place, she instantly went to the drawing board.

Hours passed, and she was done with the designs. For the first device, an apple cutter would be activated with the push of the right button, slicing open the victim's heart. It could even be used multiple times. It was also small and light-weight, it would be able to fit in every dress without notice. It would go between the inner and outer layer. The second device consisted of the electrical wire that would hug the pony's back. With the push of the left button, high voltage could be sent through the wire, causing near instant death.

"These dresses better make them happy, or else they won't be able to feel anything at all!" Rarity said to herself, laughing.

She then got to work on a dress. This one was for Sweetie Bell. Once the framework was done, she installed the devices. The top layer of the dress was added. Rarity felt that the dress described her sister, with its shades of purple and pink and curly designs. Luckily, Sweetie Bell returned from a day with the other Cutie Mark Crusaders members.

"Rarity, I'm home!" shouted Sweetie Bell.

"Sweetie Bell! I want you to try something on!" Rarity shouted back.

Sweetie went to Rarity, looking at the dress. Instantly, a smile grew on her face.

"I love it, Rarity!"

"Try it on!"

Sweetie put the dress on her, looking in the mirror.

"What do you really think, Sweetie Bell?" asked Rarity, eyes focused deeply on her sister.

Sweetie continued looking at herself, momentarily speechless.

"It's perfect! I love it!"

"Sure, that's what they all say. I know better, though. That's not the truth."

"What do you mean?" asked Sweetie Bell, looking at Rarity. The last thing she saw was a electirc current runnig around squeezing around her neck zapping every last breath out of her. Rarity began laughing.

"It works! It really works! What about the other one?"

She pushed the right button. Sweetie Bell's heart was sliced open, and blood began to soak the dress.

"Yes, they both work!" screamed Rarity, excited and feeling proud of herself.

She looked at her dead sister, wondering what to do with the body. She simply put her sister in the trash. A lot of blood was on the floor, glistening. Rarity levitated a washcloth, and wiped it up. Only problem was that it was now on the wash cloth. The washcloth was thrown out.

"It is indeed important to erase all evidence. I hope no pony notices her disappearance." It was a risk that Scootaloo and Apple Bloom would notice, and Rarity was well aware of that. She needed to tell the two a lie, so they wouldn't become worried.

"I'll just tell them that she needed some time to herself."

Rarity left her house, searching for Scootaloo and Apple Bloom. She found them instantly, and approached them, preparing to sound serious.

"Scootaloo! Apple Bloom!"

"Hey, Rarity! What's up?" asked Scootaloo.

"I have rather terrible news."

"What is?" asked Apple Bloom.

Rarity managed to bring up some tears. "Sweetie Bell moved out of Ponyville, she wanted time to herself. I tried to stop her, but I couldn't! I'm so sorry!"

Both Scootaloo and Apple Bloom had tears running down their faces.

"She didn't even want to say goodbye?" said Scootaloo, looking at Rarity through her watery eyes.

"No, she wanted to leave as soon as possible!" shouted Rarity, wiping away fake tears. "I just... I just, bye!" Rarity ran away, still surprised at her ability of being an actress. It was all taken care of. Though they would be forever depressed from the disappearance of a best friend, they were not a chance for Rarity to get in trouble with.

"These blades are precious." Rarity went to the trash, and almost fainted at what she saw. Sweetie Bell was in a pool of blood now, just her horn and unseeing eyes showing.

"Ew! Gross gross gross! Wait, no, blood! Joyous blood!" screamed Rarity, laughing as she grabbed the dress, taking the blade out. It was at first covered with blood, but Rarity washed it off. Though some blood stained it, it was still functional. A knock was heard at the door. Forgetting all about the blood covering her hooves, Rarity opened the door. It was Fluttershy. She noticed the blood on Rarity's hooves, and looked at Rarity with surprise.

"It was you who killed her, wasn't it?" asked Fluttershy.

There was no point in hiding it. The evidence was overwhelming, and besides, it would be a relief to finally tell some pony.

"Yes, it was me. Don't you dare say anything about it, though, unless you'd like to join her."

Fluttershy backed off, and flew away, trying not to cry.

"I better get this blood off of me," said Rarity to herself. She ran water on her hooves, almost disappointed that blood was no more. She also rinsed out the trash, leaving her sister's dried out carcass in it.

"I also need to be more careful. If Fluttershy was any other pony, I would be banned, and I would not be able to get my revenge."

Everything now looked normal. "Well, I might as well work on the dresses for the Gala."

Rarity took seven blades; one for Twilight, one for Pinkie Pie, one for Apple Jack, one for Fluttershy, and one for Rainbow Dash. She decided to work on Twilight's dress first.

Once the first layer of the dress and the devices were installed, the top layer was added on. It had constellations on it, with a deeper blue background. Purple outlined the dress, making it look truly majestic. "If I need to kill her too, the red should add a nice touch." She set the dress off to the side, and went to work on Pinkie Pie's dress. The design chosen for hers was bright pastel colors that reflected the happiness she caused. Yellow and pink balloons were placed randomly on the dress. The dress itself was colored a dark pink, with party-style designs outlining it. Rarity worked on the rest of her friend's dresses, choosing designs such as vines for Fluttershy and ropes for Apple Jack. Rainbow's Dress had rainboom designs on it, as long as clouds near the top and her cutie mark on the back of the dress. Now, it was time to work on Princess Celestia's and Princess Luna's dresses. These dresses must be perfectly made, and the devices well concealed, as it was hard to say whether or not the royal guards would be checking anything.

The design for Princess Celestia was chosen as majestic ribbons of gold and white, along with other colors and designs that represented her. The dress was extremely powerful when it came to looks. Princess Luna's dress was chosen with colors associated with night; and the dress, like her sister's represented her. Rarity set the two dresses off to the side, with the other dresses. She made last minute checks to make sure she was satisfied with the dresses. Tomorrow night would be remembered, Rarity knew it for sure.

"I know what I must do," she said to herself. She thought up a plan, a terrible plan, that she would execute the following night. It was late now, and Rarity was tired from such a unique day. She slid into bed to prevent the covers from being ruined, rest her head on the pillow, and closed her eyes. Soon, she began dreaming.
In her dream, ponies were looking at the dresses, destroying them. Pegasi were forming tornados around them, unicorns were tearing them with their magic, and earth ponies were stomping on them, saying that they needed to be thrown away. Rarity was feeling hurt from the scene. "I thought you cared about what we liked!" screamed Twilight. Rarity shouted back, "No! I hate you all! I hate you all!" A waterfall of blood formed in the sky, and drowned the ponies. Rarity woke up. She was hyperventilating and it was as if her eyelids were being held open. She eventually calmed down, realizing it was just a dream. Although it was difficult, she managed to go back to sleep. This time, there were no strange dreams. Once again, the unicorn woke up. It was a new day, with clear, sunny skies. It was a new day filled with excitement for tonight's Gala. Tonight, she could carry out her plan. Rarity decided to see how her friends were doing. She walked straight to Rainbow Dash, who was talking to Twilight.
"Are you excited for the Grand Galloping Gala?" asked Rarity, giving a happy smile.

"What's there to be excited about? Remember when we were first invited? It wasn't any fun at all," said Twilight.
"Well, Twilight, you at least get to see her majesty," said Rarity, "And you, Rainbow, get to see the Wonderbolts. Doesn't that excite you?"

"It would if they actually paid attention to me," said Rainbow Dash.

Scootaloo and Apple Bloom sadly approached the three ponies.

"Scootaloo? Apple Bloom? What's wrong?" asked Rainbow Dash, moving closer to them and sounding concerned.
"It's Sweetie Bell," began Apple Bloom, "She doesn't want us anymore, so she moved out, without even saying goodbye. What did we do wrong? Where did we mess up? I just don't know." Apple Bloom rest her head on Twilight's hoof. Twilight looked both sad and shocked by the news.

"I'm sorry to hear that," began Twilight, "I thought she liked you two."

"I thought she liked us too," said Scootaloo. "Well, at least, she used to."

Rarity was doing her best to keep a smile away. How she hurt these two young ponies gave her joy. It was getting harder to keep a sad face on. She turned away from them, and began smiling, and laughing, but in such a way that made it sound like she was crying. When Twilight and Rainbow went over to comfort her, she turned her expression back to sadness and said she would be alright before tonight. Rarity then walked away, and once at a safe distance, started smiling and laughing. She happily walked to Fluttershy's cottage. She knocked at the door.

Fluttershy quickly opened the door and ran to the corner of the room. She was shivering at the very sight of Rarity.

"Fluttershy, what's wrong?"

"Close the door and I'll tell you," she whispered.

Rarity closed the door, closed her eyes, and rolled her eyes. She opened them again.

"I'm afraid of you, Rarity. I feel threatened right now."

"You and everypony else will feel threatened, for I am going to kill you all. Say a word about this and you will die without knowing what hit you."

Fluttershy retreated further into the corner, closing her eyes as tears flooded her face.

"Hey, where's Opal?" asked Rarity. Fluttershy quickly grabbed Opal, giving Rarity the basket. She returned back into crying and hiding. Rarity levitated the basket, and before she left, she said,

"Oh, and Fluttershy, dear, the longer you keep it together, the longer you get to live." Having said this, Rarity left with Opal now back in her possession. She dropped Opal off at the house, and headed back out. Pinkie Pie was talking to Apple Jack when Rarity saw them.

"I'm so excited for the Gala! Though I don't know why I'm so excited, I mean, everything was so boring their last time, they were throwing boring parties and everything was just so boring. Speaking of boring, the parties were boring, also. Oh! Silly me, I just said something twice!"

"Uh-huh, that's nice to know, Pinkie," said Apple Jack, now relieved Rarity was here.

"Rarity, have you took any of the apple cutters?" asked Apple Jack.

"Me? Of course not!" began Rarity, shaking her head. "I would never steal, you know me better than that."

"Somepony else must be stealing them, then. I thought the amount was a little less when I came back."

"Rarity! What did you do with those electrical wires I gave you?" asked Pinkie Pie.

"That's a secret. Let's just say they will put on a shocking display," replied Rarity, winking at Pinkie Pie.

"Where is Fluttershy?" asked Apple Jack.

"I think she's in her cottage. She's been afraid to come out of it recently. I've tried talking to her, but she said everything is fine, and it's just that she's a little nervous," responded Pinkie Pie.

"I feel bad for her sometimes," said Apple Jack. "She's just so afraid of every pony, and that must be terrible to have to live with."

Pinkie Pie agreed. "I'm not afraid of any ponies, but I could understand why she would be afraid of them."

Losing interest in their conversation, Rarity sneaked off. She noticed it was starting to get dark out. She spent the next two hours sitting and doing nothing but thinking more and more about her plans and why she hated every pony. She was startled when she heard Twilight yell, "Rarity! Come grab your ticket!" She then went to Twilight, and got her ticket. She noticed every pony smiling, except for Fluttershy, who had a straight face. Not wanting to attract attention to her, she quickly looked away. Rarity looked up at the sky again. It was dark out now. The black sky comforted Rarity. There was a slight breeze, and it was a little chilly out. The six ponies started walking to Canterlot. They talked about what they wanted to see and do most, and how they could try to actually have a good time. After what seemed like several hours, they reached the gate to where the Gala was being held.

Royal guards stared directly ahead, never blinking or making a sound. They pushed the gate open, letting the ponies through. Once all ponies were through, they closed the gate and returned to their guarding duties. To Rarity's surprise, they were the last ones in. Six seats have been reserved for them, and then were in front of where Princess Celestia and Princess Luna were sitting. All of the ponies in Ponyville and Canterlot were sitting in seats. After five minutes, Princess Celestia started a speech.

"Welcome, every pony, to the Grand Galloping Gala. Fun festivities and events will be experienced by you in just a few moments. Me and my sister would like to first mention something. Sweetie Bell, a young filly, has left us out of anger. We would like to wish her good luck as to wherever she is right now."

"Um, your majesty," whispered Fluttershy quietly. Fluttershy looked at Rarity, who was giving her a warning by shaking her head no and giving a look of disapproval. Princess Celestia looked at Fluttershy.

"What is it, Fluttershy?" she asked, giving a smile that could calm any pony.

"Rarity killed Sweetie-" Her words were cut off as she was stabbed by the hidden, serrated blade that was in the front of her dress. Blood splashed on the table, and every pony there gasped in confusion and horror. The five ponies surrounded her, with the two princesses watching, not believing what has happened. All eyes turned to look at Rarity.

"She was bleeding from the heart," said Princess Luna, looking at Rarity, inching closer to her. "I know it was you. I saw your dream. Tell me a reason I shouldn't banish you from Equestria."

"Oh, your majesty, I wouldn't ban me from here if I were you. You see, every pony is wearing one of my dresses. There is an apple cutter in the front, and electrical wires in the back. Banish me from here, and I'll be banning these ponies from living."

"What has happened to you?" asked Celestia, sounding surprised.

"Your majesty, they happened to me," said Rarity, pointing to every pony. "They were hating my dresses that I work so hard on just for the pony I make it for."

"Rarity, your dresses are gorgeous!" protested Twilight, running to Rarity. Rarity pressed one of the buttons, and Twilight was electrocuted. She somehow survived. "Good," began Rarity, "You're still alive. You're just lying to me. You're like every pony else, lying about their compliments." Rarity pressed the electrocution button again. Twilight wasn't moving.

Every pony was crying. Some were crying in sadness, others were crying in fear. Royal guards were flying towards the psychotic unicorn, but Rarity shouted at them, "This button on the controller will set off all devices at once! Harm me and every pony will die!" The guards were unsure of what to do, and were frozen by this statement. Not wanting any more deaths, they decided to stay where they were. Princess Luna attempted to use magic to take the controller away, but Rarity pushed the button, and she was stabbed. A pool of blood surrounded the princess.

"You just killed my sister. This is something I will not allow, Rarity. I officially banish you from Equestria. You are to go into the Everfree Forest, where it will decide your fate from there." Rarity just smiled back and said, "Oh, really? Do you really think you actually have authority here?" She pushed the electrocution button. Celestia fell down, but she was still breathing. "Can unicorns handle electricity more than pegasi and earth ponies?" asked Rarity, looking down at Celestia, who was getting back up. Rarity pushed the electrocution button again, and Celestia didn't die, but was paralyzed. She said in a weak voice, "You're killing ponies because of your imagination. You should be ashamed of yourself." Rarity was entirely offended by this, and she pressed the knife button five times. Celestia screamed in pain, and she fell down, a pool of blood surrounding her. Rarity laughed and climbed onto the table, looking at every pony. She began to talk.

"No pony moves, and you all and all of my dresses won't get hurt!" She smiled at her friends that were alive. "Get in front of me, all of you!" she screamed.

Rainbow Dash, Apple Jack, and Pinkie Pie all did as they were told. They looked at their friend in fear through the tears in their eyes. Their expressions were made of fear, a sight Rarity was delighted to see. "Grab me Fluttershy," she ordered to Rainbow Dash. Rainbow Dash grabbed Fluttershy, and set her in front of Rarity. She removed the dress and left Fluttershy lying down on her side. She took the apple cutter that pierced the heart, and levitated it. She cut out Fluttershy's eyes. They rolled on the table, and blood spilled onto her dead face. Rarity smiled at the audience, noticing how some ponies were looking away while others were looking disturbed. "Every pony must watch! I am making you a new dress!" shouted Rarity. All ponies began to watch, damaged by what they were seeing. Rarity cut Fluttershy's head off. The head rolled on the table, leaving a trail of blood. The pink mane on it was now covered in blood. The rest of Fluttershy was hanged upside down, where the blood was drained. Rarity set her back on the table, and cut her open. She carefully tore off her skin, and set it aside to dry out. She took the rest of the body and levitated it over the crowd, dropping it on all of the ponies. Every pony dodged the bones and internal organs. Rarity levitated the skin of Fluttershy, and moved it over to Rainbow Dash.

"Put this on!" she ordered the Pegasus. Rainbow Dash looked at the skin, looking disgusted. Instead of following orders, she flew towards Rarity in an attempt to knock her unconscious. However, Rarity expected this. She pushed the button, and Rainbow Dash was stabbed in mid-flight. Blood sprinkled Pinkie Pie and Apple Jack. Rainbow Dash lay dead in front of Rarity.

"Apple Jack, you saw what happened to Rainbow when she refused. Don't make that same mistake."

Apple Jack closed her eyes and put on Fluttershy's skin. It strangely fit her perfectly. Seconds later, though, she became disturbed and took the skin off.

"Goodbye, Apple Jack," said Rarity as she stabbed Apple Jack. Apple Jack fell to the ground, coughing up blood. Pinkie Pie was the only sane pony among the group of friends left. "Rarity, before you kill me too, can I say something?" asked Pinkie Pie.

"Sure, go ahead. It's not like it will affect me or anything."

"Ponies actually love your dresses. If they didn't, they wouldn't come to buy them at all. You're just imaging we all hate them and want them destroyed. Actually, it's the opposite. We love them, we want them shown off!"

"These are the words of you, a liar!" Rarity screamed. "If you're so good at making every pony happy, then tell me, why am I not happy?"

"You need to stop assuming things. That's all," said Pinkie with an unsure smile.

"Pinkie Pie, your dress is about to look even better with red splashed on it." Rarity pushed both buttons, and Pinkie Pie was stabbed and electrocuted. Blood ran down the front of her dress. With the death of Pinkie Pie, there was also the death of any remaining hope.

"There are seven dead ponies with me right now," announced Rarity. "Keep your mouths shut, unless you'd like to join them." Rarity smiled and looked back at Rainbow Dash, removing her dress from her so she could remove her skin. She turned her on her front, and cut Rainbow Dash open. She levitated the internal organs out, and drained the blood, letting it spill on the ground.

The head was cut off, and it rolled by Fluttershy's. She took Rainbow Dash's skin and placed it by Fluttershy's. Rarity did the same to Pinkie Pie and Apple Jack. Only Twilight and the princesses remained.

"Oh, Twilight, how I miss you!" said Rarity, putting her on the table. After cutting off her head and letting it roll to join the other heads, Rarity hanged Twilight over her, splashing herself in Twilight's blood. She put her mouth to Twilight's neck, and sucked up more blood, spitting it out into the crowd. She levitated the skin over with the other ones to dry. The royal guards walked up to Rarity. The two guards did nothing but watch Rarity.

"Get out of the way, you two are blocking the view!" shouted Rarity, but the guards didn't move. Rarity sighed and said, "You're about to have no ponies to guard." Rarity slowly moved her hoof to the button, but stopped when the guards moved out of the way. The guards were angered by the fact that there was no way they could stop her without having every pony die.

"Citizens of Ponyvillie," began Rarity in her loudest voice, "Everyone is to wear the dresses I make, and you are to tell what you really think. Some of these dresses will be made out of the ponies that I have killed today. I have already installed the devices back in them, so don't think if you wear it, you will be safe."

A small Pegasus was seen flying away in an attempt to escape. Rarity pushed a button, and the Pegasus was stabbed in mid-air. The unfortunate Pegasus was then seen crashing down, splattering on impact of the ground. Ponies surrounded the scene, some crying, others looking back at Rarity with hatred in their eyes.

"You want to know what we really think, Rarity?" screamed a brave pony. Rarity saw this as a chance to finally receive answers. Without Rarity's reply, the pony continued. "We no longer love your dresses. Not only that, we think you are killing us all for no good reason!" Rarity was shocked by what she has just heard. It was what she has been wanting to hear for a long time now.

"Guards, bring her up here immediately!" Rarity ordered the guards. The guards refused, shaking their heads. They looked at the dead Princess Celestia, and then back at Rarity, as a sign that they would never take orders from anypony else, especially not a psychopathic unicorn. Rarity just laughed for a moment, spitting out some of Twilight's blood that ran into her mouth.

"Guards, either bring her up or you'll be bringing up hundreds of dead ponies. Is that what you want? Do you want Ponyville to fall simply because you refused to take an easy order?"

The guards obeyed, and walked to the pony. The pony allowed herself to be captured, as there was no way around death; Rarity's plan was perfect. With the pony brought up to Rarity, the pony looked at Rarity.

"You interest me," said Rarity. "However, no pony was ever smarter than my friend, Twilight Sparkle. I'd like you to put on her skin, then you may talk to me." The guards brought the pony Twilight's skin. It was still a little bloody on the inside; for there was not enough time for it to fully dry. A slimy sound was heard as the skin was put on. To the pony, the sound was of most disturbing. To Rarity, the sound was like a calming song.

"Continue," said Rarity as she focused on the pony.

The pony took a deep breath, and began to lecture Rarity. "Just think about what you're doing. I can't control your actions, but you can. You might think we ar-"

"I do not wish to be lectured right now."

"Rarity, I'm trying to help you! Why won't you listen to me? Why won't you listen to any pony?"

"I don't even know you! I don't trust anyone. I feel better knowing I'm in control."

Tears were filling her eyes, and were soon falling. She wanted to feel terrible about herself for what she has done, but her psychopathic side kept her from it. She had no more emotions, all of them were destroyed. She could feel nothing. A button was pushed, and the pony was electrocuted. Rarity repeatedly pushed the button, even after the pony has died. The electrocution device had enough, and refused to operate. Rarity then repeatedly pushed the knife button, stabbing the dead pony multiple times. The dead body rolled down to where the heads were. They were all turned away from Rarity, as if she was being left behind by her friends. The heads were then levitated to be in front of Rarity, and then thrown into the crowd. They fell out of sight. Their skins were then levitated to Rarity, where she lay them out in front of her.

"Any customers?" she asked, hovering a hoof above the button that would set off all devices. Four ponies walked up, each one in front of a dead friend of Rarity's. They just looked at the skins of Fluttershy, Rainbow Dash, Pinkie Pie, and Apple Jack, crying. They all painfully put on the skin in front of them.

"You may leave the Gala now, my customers," ordered Rarity. The ponies refused to move at all. They just stared back.

"I said you are free to go!" screamed Rarity. The ponies stood still, not responding back. Four unicorns joined the four ponies, and there were four more pegasi. They all said nothing, doing nothing except for staring at Rarity, without any expression in their face. A unicorn quickly levitated the controller away, bringing it down to the twelve ponies.

"What should we do with it?" one of the Pegasi asked.

"We should destroy it," replied an earth pony.

"No! We would risk getting killed!" exclaimed a unicorn.

"We should think about what to do. Though she is no longer in control of this, we are in its control. Rarity has planned this out perfectly," said a different Pegasus.

"We should definitely keep this controller then," said an earth pony. The twelve ponies turned to face the crowd. Somehow, the rest of the crowd understood. They all gathered in one large circle around Princess Celestia and Princess Luna, and shouted, "All hail Princess Celestia and Princess Luna!" The four earth ponies who were wearing the skins all pressed the button at once. All ponies were electrocuted and stabbed at once. Screams could be heard throughout Equestria. When all was said and done, an incredibly large pool of blood surrounded Rarity's hooves. She laughed, happily levitating dead ponies above her head, and happily splashing in the blood as she went home. It was too late out for any pony to see Rarity, so she had no fear of getting caught.

Rarity slid into her bed, and went to sleep. The next morning, she returned to her work. She drained every unicorn, every Pegasus, and every earth pony of his or her blood. Their heads were discarded in the trash. After a long time, she used the skins to make new dresses. The inside was well cleaned out.

"I wonder what Scootaloo and Apple Bloom are up to?" Rarity asked herself, heading out with two dresses fit for their size. She found them sitting by a tree, depressed about Sweetie Bell, depressed as to not having an answer as to why no pony ever returned from the Gala. They took it as if every pony has grown mad at them, so they were staying in Canterlot forever.

"Why such the sad faces?" asked Rarity.

"Why would we not?" replied Scootaloo, staring at the ground. "No pony ever wants to see us again. First, Sweetie Bell, and now Rainbow Dash."

Apple Bloom added on to it. "Plus Twilight and Pinkie, Fluttershy, and my big sister, Apple Jack. We'll probably never get to see them again." Apple Bloom stared at the ground, watching her tears splatter upon impact of the ground.

"Why did you come back?" asked Scootaloo, looking at Rarity's hooves through the tears in her eyes.

"I didn't want to make your lives miserable, so I came back. In an effort to make you two feel better, I made two dresses; one for each of you," said Rarity in the most caring voice she could.

Apple Bloom and Scootaloo put the dresses on, unaware of the materials used.

"These are really comfy, what are they made out of?" asked Apple Bloom.

"Let's just say that these are made out of harmony," Replied Rarity, giving them both a wink.

Scootaloo's head slowly turned to face Rarity. Her purple eyes met with Rarity's blue eyes.

"Harmony... elements of harmony, but none of them have returned, except for you. We heard screaming last night, and now you come back with two dresses made from something we don't know. They never left us, you killed them and left them there, didn't you?"

Rarity was finally relieved to be able to confess. She smiled psychopathically and said, "Yes, Scootaloo, that is correct. They didn't hate you. They loved you both. Same goes for Sweetie Bell, she didn't move out of Ponyville, she was killed. She was the first to die, she had the honor of being the test subject for the devices I created. I miss her, but I really miss the feeling of satisfaction after working hard after designing a dress."

Rarity pulled out the controller, showing it to them. Scootaloo and Apple Bloom looked at it, feeling hopeless and scared. Rarity gently set it on the ground, and pushed the button that activated all devices. A dead Pegasus and unicorn lay at Rarity's feet. The dead bodies were then rolled into Rarity's house, and then prepared to make new dresses. Over the next several weeks, Rarity made new dresses. She gathered all she could levitate and carry, and went to the train station. There, she was taken to the Crystal Empire, where Princess Cadence and Shining Armor ruled. Within a few days time, she got herself a new house, an exact copy of her old one, to remind her. She also set up a new dress shop. The new customers began to love the quality of the dresses, and continued to purchase them. Soon, however, the supply was running dangerously low.

"I'll have to make some more, then," said Rarity, looking at all of her customers. A smile grew on her face.

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