It all began with that silent ride to the Gregory's new home. Lina, a 15 year old teenager, had a step-father, a mother, and a step-sister who was a year older than Lina. The last anyone saw of Lina's real father was in the very house they were moving too. Of course her step-father wasn't all into moving into a place were a body might be in but, the family had no other option.

Lina watched outside her mother's car window, silently praying that her mother would stop nagging her about the move. Her eyes scanned each tree as the car passed. Her step-sister, Melody was asleep on the other end of the seat, and her step-father was on his phone doing who knows what, while her mother, drove on.

Lina closed her eyes as she felt the car halt to a stop. Melody awoke, and her step-father looked up from his phone. "Were here everybody... everyone grab as many boxes as you can and carry them to the porch." Her mother instructed as she stepped outside onto the gravel walk-way. Lina stepped out and looked up at a old wooden house, it looked like it was a two-story and all the wood on the house looked as if termites had eaten it hollow.

"Hey Lina, you heard ma come and help with these boxes!" Melody shouted from behind the car, her voice strained as she struggled to lift a huge cardboard box. Lina huffed a strand of long blonde hair from her eyes and walked over to the trunk. She grabbed a small box, on top of a huge box. She felt her legs becoming jelly as she tried to lift them. "You need help?" Melody made Lina jump as she appeared behind her, Melody's hair, black as ash, wavered as a strong breeze came from the woods.

"N-no I got it." Lina huffed as she heaved the boxes under her body weight and slowly trampled to the porch. She glanced over at the bush line that lead to the forest. She got a strange, humming feeling hit her as she stared into the woods. She blinked, and was startled to the bellowing voice of her step-father. "Lina, you going to put the boxes on the porch, or are you going to stand there and melt from the heat?!" Lina looked up at his bearded face and bald head, his thick eyebrows formed into a look of anger and frustration.

"Yah, sure dad..." Lina placed the boxes next to the door on the porch and wiped the sweat from her brow.

That night Lina lay quietly on her bed, her room was blank and empty, many unpacked boxes lay scattered on the wood floor. The wall was white as paper, and the only thing on the wall, was a window which stared into the woods. She turned her head towards the window, and the strange feeling hit her again, along with a strange hum in her ear, as if someone was talking. She swung her legs off the bed and stood up, walking towards the window. She looked out and saw nothing, yet the humming and the sinking feeling grew heavier.

Lina ignored this and walked back to her bed and rested her head on her pillow, and fell into quiet slumber.

"Lina, how much bacon do you want dear?" Her mother said as she cooked breakfast over the blazing hot stove. "Two please." Lina said, quietly. Melody was already shuffling her eggs and bacon down her throat, taking breaks to gulp down her orange juice. Her dad sat at the end of the table, writing letters and billing checks. Her mother slid fresh scrambled eggs from the skillet and onto her plate, then she placed down two slivers of cooked bacon next to her eggs. "Were out of orange juice dear, but would you like milk instead?" Her mother asked. Lina nodded as she slowly chewed her eggs. Her step-father looked up, noticing her slow eating her growled. "Lina, hurry up we don't have all day watching you eat, why can't you eat like Melody." Lina hated when everyone compared her to Melody, it angered her to see plainly that Melody was the favorite of the household.

Lina, copied Melody, shoving the last of her eggs into her mouth, and choking down her bacon. She washed it all down with her glass of milk. "David dear, what's wrong with how Lina is eating?" Her mother said calmly. Lina's step-father just grunted and continued writing.

It was the afternoon and Lina was doing the last of her unpacking. Melody poked her head at Lina's room doorway. "Hey, want to explore the house with me?" She asked. Lina smiled, having a relief from the heaving lifting, placing, and pushing. "Yah sure, I need a break anyway." "Okay, do you want to split up or go around together?" "Splitting up will cover more ground." "Good point." Melody nodded and dashed downstairs.

Lina found herself standing at the basement door. She flicked her flashlight on and opened the door. It was pitch black, and the stench of mold and dust wavered the air. She stepped down the creaking stairway down inside. She moved her flashlight around, many tipped over boxes and broken shards of what seemed to be glass ranged the basement. The light from the flashlight hit a covered, rectangle shape. She steadily walked over to it, the termite eaten wood creaked with each step. she gripped the dusty white sheet, and tugged it away.

The sight made Lina's eyes widen. It was a mirror, Lina stared in dismay at her reflection. A girl with Lina's jacket and red skirt and black boots stood there. She had white hair with ashy grey tips. Her face was pale and white, her eyes were red, and her jacket was stained with blood. Replacing Lina's flashlight was a bloody machete. Her mouth was transformed into a horrifying grin, with sharp teeth. The grin stretched all the way to the girls eyes. "I-is that- me?!" Lina gasped allowed, yes the girl resembled Lina's main looks to every inch.

The humming - no voices played inside Lina's ears, and the sinking feeling hit her like a rock. The voices mumbled, Lina could only make out one word, "Rage". Lina could only stand there, shocked and frozen in utter dread. She suddenly shrieked as a hand grabbed her shoulder. She turned and met Melody's amused eyes. "You look like you've seen a ghost!" She laughed. Lina clenched her fists, tightening them until her nails dug into her palm. "Hey, what's the matter, you can't take a joke?!" Melody teased. Lina snapped, she threw her fists straight into Melody's gut. She stifled a gasp and fell over tightening into a ball. Lina looked back into the mirror, to be greeted by her normal self. The voices said one word again, "Rage".

Melody had told her mom and dad about what happened, and Lina was grounded to her room. She stepped over to the window and pulled her red stool over so she could sit. What exactly was the mirror reflection and the voices telling her, she thought. Suddenly she saw movement in the woods, rustling the bush line. Lina cocked her head, she squinted her eyes, but the blackness of night made it hard for her to see anything.

Lina put on her black jacket over her red t-shirt and zipped it up. She grabbed her flashlight from her desk and quietly creaked open her door. She slipped out and quietly shut the door behind her. She stepped downstairs, hearing the clank of the wood as her boots met the floor. As she approached the front door, she turned back and stepped out the door.

What Lina didn't know, was that Melody had watched her leave, and was already following her.

Lina flicked her flashlight on and walked through the woods, moving the light around. With each step, twigs and dead leaves crunched under her feet. Lina noticed the movement once more, but something about it was odd, as if she was imagining it. Lina blinked, and when she reopened her eyes, there stood the girl from the reflection in the mirror, right in her face, their noses almost touching.

Melody raced through the woods tracking her sister, running as fast as she could. She was going to enjoy scaring her for what she did in the basement. Before Melody could gasp, the woods around her lit with flames.

Lina awoke on the forest floor, just outside a broken down tool barn. The trees around her were on fire, the burning wood creaked, and burning branches fell. The voices screamed in her ears, the same word over and over again, the same word that they muttered and breathed. "Rage!" they screamed, Lina felt the sinking feeling taking over her, and her sanity transformed into utter insanity. Yes, the plain boring Lina name was no more, instead she began calling herself Rage inside her head, Yes, yes, Rage the Insane.

Rq rage the insane by nekoxemi-d7mdd6v

Rage entered the now flaming barn, she noticed empty bottles of bleach, and old tools along the walls. She noticed however, a full bottle of bleach. Rage flicked the cap off and poured it all over. The heat from the flames caused her skin and hair to become white as the bleached mixed with it. Ashes from the roof hit her hair, and stained the tips. Something, devilishly horrifying hit her as her mouth spread into the same grin from the mirror. She grabbed a old rusty machete from the wall just before it too lit.

David Gregory slept in bed with his wife, Johanna Gregory. He heard the door to the room creak open, at first he thought it was just a breeze and he kept his eyes closed, when her began hearing footsteps. He opened his eyes to see a girl, with white hair and skin, but she was wearing Lina's clothes. Before David could sit up, The girl covered his mouth and lifted a rusted machete up, aiming for his heart.

Johanna awoke from a scream from her husband next to her. She sat up and looked in dismay as a girl was tearing her husband into shreds. The girl looked over to Johanna. "Don't worry mother, I won't be sad, after all... Insanity leaves no room for emotions." The girl launched herself at Johanna. All the woman could do was scream.

The police found the next day the remains of Johanna and David Gregory. There was no sign of their two daughters, Melody and Lina Gregory. The woods was burnt to ash, and witnesses couldn't see anyone escaping the house. Police dropped the case in July, 18, 2004, which was a few months afterwards.

Credited to RagetheKiller10

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