"Ace used rage!"


Those were my words as my nuzlocke challenge ended on the first gym, after almost winning with water gun, my finger slipped and hit rage instead. Needless to say, I was extremely annoyed and embarrased as this had to go onto my youtube channel later that day. Oh yes, the Pokèmon I was using was Totodile, that will be important later.

After that, I took a break from Pokèmon for a while, probably a month or two. When I finally did get back into things, my emulator would not load my rom ( I couldn't download another because my pc is tight for space as is) so I had to go look for my old gameboy colour and my Pokémon Silver cartridge. When I found it I deleted my old save and started from the beginning. I skipped through the opening, only stopping to think of a cool name for my trainer. I sped through the first part of the game until I got my pokédex and was about to fight my rival for the first time. I have to mention, Totodile is my favorite starter and naturally, I chose him to start with.

Anyhow, when the battle started and I was selecting the move that I wanted to use, I realised that I already had rage, I hadn't leveled up my Totodile at all so I was surprised for a moment but I assumed it was a glitch, it was an old cartridge after all. Just for fun I decided to use rage and saw that it took out my rival's Chikorita in a single hit! This wasn't the rage I remembered from playing pokémon! After the battle, I checked to see what "Rage 2" could do. The stats were insane! 256 damage and 256 accuracy? That is over powered! And to add to this game of glitches, the "Rage 2" had no move description, strange, but I could live without it.

When you have a move as powerful as this that also has the same amount of pp as the regular rage, you can complete the game just with one pokémon. That is exactly what I had done. It wasn't until the part where team rocket takes over goldenrod city's radio tower that I finally got a pokémon that could use fly. And yet again adding to this glitch fest of a game, my Totodile never evolved! Not that I'm complaining however, as "Rage 2" got me through the game extremely easily. The only part I had trouble with was during the battle with Lutenant Surge, his electric types kept out-speeding my Totodile but I was able to do it in the end.

I got all the way to Mt Silver before things started to get very weird. When I got to the summit, the place where you're supposed to fight Red, I found a crazy number of wild encounters, it took a while but I finally got to the place where Red was... or, was supposed to be...

I was confused and apparently, so was my trainer. A scene appeared, the Dialog goes as follows:

Drace (my trainer): Isn't this were he is supposed to be? Proffesor Oak said he-

???: I know who you are... I can give you whatever you desire...

Drace: Wha- who are you?

???: I am the one who gifted your Totodile with extraordinary power... after you... fed me...

Drace: Fed you? What do you mean?

???: You'll find out soon enough...

A battle then started with this ??? person. But... the field on his side was empty! I ordered Totodile to use "Rage 2" but I was responded with "Totodile doesn't know where to aim!" The turn for my opponent started and he used crunch, taking away a good bit of my health in the process. The battle ended suddenly. Another scene appeared:

Drace: Please stop! My Totodile hasn't done anything wrong! I'm begging you!

???: I will stop... and give you more power if you... feed me...

Drace: ... What?

???:Give me your Pidgey... It is obvious you do not care for it...

I paused. He was right. I had only used Pidgey to learn fly and had not used him in a single battle. I was shown a simple screen on my gameboy, it simply said "Offer Pidgey for trade?" I was going to click no but then I asked myself something, don't all pokémkn trainers want power? A grin grew across my face as my cursor moved over to the yes option. I pressed A.

My screen went black as a crunching sound was heard, with a disorted version of Pidgey's cry accompanying it. Totodile immediately evolved into Feraligator. I was teleported back to the entrance of Mt Silver and I climbed back to the top, with zero wild pokémon along the way. I reached the summit yet again and found Red. I initiated a battle with him, a grin spread across my face as I pressed the A button.

"Feraligator used rage!"

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