Chains hung from the ceiling of the dimly lit room whose walls were a washed in brown color of dried blood. In the middle of the room hung a beige earthpony stallion or at least what was left of him, blood dripped from where his left rear leg used to be and his stomach was crisscrossed with hastily placed stiches that showed that his body had been opened up more than once. There was a squeaking sound as a heavy metal door on the far side of the room opened letting in a red coated Pegasus mare whose eyes were blacker then the night sky and who dripped a shadowy substance from her maw.

Shy evil2

“I am afraid that this is zee end for you.” She giggled as she stalked around the barely breathing stallion. “I must admit I had much fun with you.” Her hoof grabbed a rather large carving knife. “If it is any comfort your end will be painless as much as that saddens me.”

The stallion whimpered as the cold steel blade of the knife gently bit into his neck.

“Good bye, my friend, it has been a blast.” She slid the knife across his throat opening a wide gash that spilled his blood out onto the floor and into a bowl underneath him.

The stallion tried to take a breath but only seceded in choking on his own blood as it filled his airways and mouth. He jerked and swung as his body tempter dropped and his eyes grew heavy and eventually they closed for good as he body became still.

"Goodnight sweet prince.” She laughed as she cut him loose and walked out, leaving his body sprawled out on the floor for the rats.


Shy Heart is the princess of death in the equestria world, lost and abandoned sister of Celestia and Luna, Shy Heart mostly like more her sister Luna.

Shy Heart can be saw at night, when nearly no pony is awake... she always takes their victims by waiting till they time comes or for having fun sometimes.

The scary look of that mare makes everypony fall on fear.

She can turn to normal hiding the scary body of that side, but the normal side it's just to fool around the others without they know her true form.

Actually... they say... that she exists on our world secretly....

Tumblr nn188bQknu1tzo8rwo1 1280

Be carefull where you go....

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