IX chapter - pallet town massacre00:31

IX chapter - pallet town massacre

one of many video of glitch from Pokemon Yellow.


the jacket of the Pokemon Yellow game.

Pokemon - The Pallet Town Massacre are videos, sounds and pictures taken from a Pokemon Yellow version cartridge. The game was apparently cursed and glitched. Watching the video can push people into madness.

The Story

(This text is taken from here, with authority of the original author.)

My sister had bought different Pokemon games from the first generation (red, blue and yellow), but with time, she left and the various versions stayed at home. Thanks to her, I discovered the great games of Pokemon when I was young. From an early age she taught me the different types, the names of Pokemon, places...she played the red version while she gave me the blue version. The yellow had always been left out. It was bought used, it's colors were deep and a came in a red jacket with POKEMON label. I was the only one who cared about this version even though I had never beaten the league.

For about one year I had not played Pokemon Yellow. I did not know where I was with my Pokemon team. All I knew was that I beat "Blaine, champion of fire." I thought that if I replayed Pokemon Yellow it will remind me of some good old memories of Pikachu walking behind me.

I had to buy more batteries and my Pokemon Blue version was 100% complete (including 151 Pokemon, including mew.) I grabbed my Yellow version ready to complete. I put on Yellow version and looked at the small introduction showing Pikachu perform various actions such as overrated, stealing, fighting...a return to childhood. Then from the menu I would select my part in the story.

I was in the Pokemon mansion. I was probably put here to perform a "ditto trick". My Pokédex contained 88 Pokemon. This figure seemed strange because I remember capturing less. I had the 8 badges, even though I had never beaten Giovanni. I had been on for 30 hours of play. I was called ZZBZZ (name's without a doubt the ZZAZZ bug) and more than 70,000 Pokédollars. All these details were nothing compared to this: my character had no eyes. He had the skin, arms, legs, cap, but not the eyes. A feature of his body was replaced by a blank space.

My team was not complete, I covered less than 4 Pokemon. They were:

Kanir, a LV48 Gengar

Mewtwo LV70

Trio LV 31

Jadonn, a LV49 Dodrio

I walked in the mansion, looking for a ditto, walking from left to right, top to bottom and down for find this Pokémon.

I met a LV40 Raticate. I figured Kanir could kill all the other Raticate I met. I began looking at his attacks. I could not read his attack!

Normally Kanir knew:





But here you could not read the attacks beneath "dream eaters." By chance this one was there and was therefore used. I chose hypnosis. A DISPLAY message said:

"KANIR is too scared too move."

I screamed to my Gameboy:

"But it's like a Raticate times a thousand! We had beaten a lot before."

I shut up and continued to read the message:

"Ghost: go away...get out! "

Faced with this situation, my only option was to flee. I clicked on run. I was taken to a new cursed mansion.

I was in the small room and was normally a trainer, a statue of a pokemon and a book on Mewtwo. The color scheme has changed slightly, but nothing very obvious. Except that the book had mewtwo was replaced by what might look like body parts (especially the legs) orange / red color badly pixelated. I clicked on it, nothing. I then walked up the mansion, so out of the small space and where was the part of the body. when the sound of the poison status problems sounds, the screen change with black and red pixel / orange and drew me a road so creepy. The land outside the cluster of black pixel / red was blue and yellow (although the color of the red mansion in general.)

Another noise sounds status and showed me another way. I looked in my team and none of my pokemon had been poisoned. Then the sound of poison rang again and showed me the previous route. I came out of the fields of black pixels, I would not go back. Suddenly I realized that I too became a heap of pixel ! The poison rang again, the road was blocked by me had the black pixels.

I had no choice but dark inside. I raced with the hope that nothing happens. Unfortunately the sound of the poison rang and I walked on a pile of white slightly pixel. he even rang one last time, this time all became black and red. My character flashed in a black desert and we could barely get his green icon on this black infinite clusters. After a moment of walking in space, my green spirit cease to appear.

I had a solution, get out of here as soon as possible. I looked at my bag, no rope out. I looked at my team TRIO knew the dig attack and I used it to get out and found me pewter city. I had nothing to do here and so I clicked on my team, but nobody knew the attack fly. On this point, too lazy to take the road towards the city, so I went to the arena of pewter city. On site I noticed that I was followed by a cluster of pixels in the same colors as the arena. I went up to talk to him brock at that moment that my screen blurred light colored green and go up to yellow through orange.

I do not know what to do, I was confused. I clicked on B to exit the screen took sharp colors orange, yellow and green Pokemon were then displayed as a straight menu. What surprised me is that it was not the team that I wore to the current time (since we could see a show pikachu). I clicked on B, the screen fell out again and we could hear the cry of a Caterpie. One last time B and I saw in front of Brock with Pikachu following me but I could not move. I clicked on A and B to see if there was something going on.

After a second Brock and I had disappeared from the screen (but not pikachu) and the noise sounded a backup and finally I went back to square one because I was again faced with this menu pokemon enough strange. I clicked on trio who had taken the form of a Pikachu, he uttered the cry of Pikachu and the screen went white with eyes that look at all at the bottom right. I finally clicked on the icon to replace the KANIR. The screen blurred the red, orange, white and yellow. the music changed for music carmine sea, I clicked on B and B again then left the arena. I went on pewter city (the pikachu followed me) towards pallet town.

I almost ignored the first road and these pixel errors, that showed red spots on the left and black pixel distorted at the tall grass and came to the Jade Forest. Enter the jade forest, I stepped a message DISPLA me a small supplement similar to mewtwo cry.


I looked at my team suspecting it is something to get mewtwo. I went into the menu and looked at what is mewtwo stats, I was horrified. The spirit of mewtwo was closest blood red and had closed the eyes and blood pouring down his eyes (or maybe it was different pupil), the first leg was the front foot, separated from his body and the second leg looked even over a foot but a tentacle moves left that could keep a part of his body left in dust, it fell slightly tail down that left hand was closed, but the blood seemed go out between the fingers. The scare appeared on my face as I saw it.

I left the menu and kept advancing in the forest jade carefully. After a long walk I met a pidgetto NV9, I threw kanir in combat. After several attempts to start the attack hypnosis I managed to fall asleep. I then tried to attack ZZ (also be the attack) which led eventually a TM.trainer (also called a glitch super attack). The sounds gradually deteriorated and became enemies Pidgeotto red is PV was red and he was also burning. When I watched it as it really seemed to burn and blooded. I threw any attack it, the games DISPLA me

"CT. Trainer kanir, enemies frozen. "

"CT. Kanir trainer, burning enemies! "

animation of the enemy poisoned bustled and I saw the PV of the enemy down on the screen and easily descend gradually over a minute. After that the enemy KO my Pokemon kanir ascended to NV1. This seemed strange to me but after that I went into the jade forests.

I continued to walked peacefully when the sounds of a poisoned Pokemon rang on the screen, as usual there was a black flash but the colors remained reverse! The jade forest was black and my character remained black. All black and green border and black character white and blank stare done me cold in the back. I hasten to reach the exit of jade forests and avoids all contact with Pokemon or trainers not to see kinds of bugs on my screen. The last step in an outgoing message with Dodrio cry this time:


I clicked on the menu and selected my team Dodrio then watched his spirit because I doubt many, the problem was there. The spirit of Dodrio screamed, he screamed in pain. These three spout extended down to howl, those empty eyes let out a white mist, 3 wing tail feathers is burn.

I had in front of me one of my Pokemon evaporate souls coming out of her eyes in white color and mouth, fixed down and I could not do anything. I left the menu, and left the Jade Forest. In the hall between the forest and jade the next town, the screen flashed incessantly for no apparent reason, it was dazzling. After some seconds to restore me because it flashed too many ways (luckily I'm not epileptic) I arrived in the city glitch...

The place was well Viridian city, still very green as viridian city in with the same music as viridian city. I unplugged the sound and began to circulate. the place looked more like an interior. I walked right in front of all gently, a pikachu ghost followed me lag to me.

There were numbers of black pixels, the chair and table, a wall with a picture... when I clicked on start the figure is changed even if they remained in the same location.

After a long walk I found myself stuck between invisible wall, after a moment of agitation stopped shake my spirit and I found teleported to the entrance. This time I've walked without obstruction. I walked for what seemed like an eternity all froze for two seconds and a fight began. The dark animation trainer who appeared in front of me and I found matched against myself. My heart started to beat and this message DISPLAY:

"Zzbzz wants to fight"

I reconnected the sounds and despite his team displayed KO 2 Pokemon and my team view one pokemon with a status problem and the other normal.

Zzbzz threw his pokémon, it was a pikachu NV1.

It seemed depressed pikachu is sad eyes seemed closed (even if they were black), he had two ear fell partly hidden from her back, arms touching the abdomen, slightly visible tear on the left side of the cheek pikachu showed any pity for him that could be tested and drooping tail pokémon given an idea of his torture that Pokemon could suffer.

I launched kanir combat and chooses to use NIGHT shade. The excitement began to parade in slow motion while the sound kept it normal speed. The Pokemon is lost PV gently but fell directly KO I won and zzbzz said:

"... "

I went down some steps and landed immediately to road 1, a major step had been crossed.

The place was normal (this shocked me). I wondered what would then become my pokémon. Jadonn had not changed, either mewtwo but if kanir and trio. Trio was a hideous yellow clusters of pixels that emitted the cry pikachu slower. Kanir my gengar was the pupil constricted in the middle of it is big red eyes, he had no arms but a big white tissues that blocked her arms and the front of the body and then looked laugh.

He looked like a fool or mad left the psychiatric hospital, her blank stare penetrate me and traumatized me more than any I've seen before. I walked in the direction of pallet town and my character gradually became a mass of pixels while walking. Whenever my character performed a movement, it changed into clusters of pixels during movement. I came to pallet town when my game DISPLAY a glitch post:

" Is K.O"

A cry echoed on the band sounds of the game screen and subsequently became totally white with red pixels scattered in a pixelated environment. I continued the descent towards pallet town and a second glitch Message repeated

" Is K.O"

I walked again down a straight road down which had been drawn by me 2 pillar of white pixels showing me the direction of pallet town. The further I went, the more my character disappeared through the black pixel. Again the message:

" Is K.O"

Without a further ado, I looked at my team mewtwo, trio and jadonn had fallen KO I clicked on their description, he had nomore spirit. it was nothing, just a big white space. They no longer exist all even more spirit even more attack. They had only their names, they had only their names in my mind and a place in my team. I left the menu is back on the road and walked for a while until now I had completely disappeared from the screen, when I walked or could just be moved around the site (that allow myself to find my space).

I descended gently pallet town, the house was recognizable but like a dripping or melting material, deform, it more right to left like the waves of the sea, the ground was black as the walls. the flower on the ground burning in a bath of red color like blood, borders was only an outline of white pixels. My slow motion was followed by a theme strange sounds and sounding like a graying eternal longing to breasts city or mourning for the living. I went down to the city center and tried to come home which is normally left my house. It was locked. I run into a wall and the little noise that was used to clear that I bumped into a wall changed into a long and horrible cry slows.

After a while, the sounds unbearable forced me to trying to go home to my right. She was also locked and every movement slows issued against the door the same unbearable noise. Finally, I went to the laboratory of prof. OAK was the only building open, I entered. The laboratory inside was completely black and white, there was no one except my rival green. I inspected the area, nothing happened, no object, no dialog, no Poke Balls.

I come close from green until I was front of me to the place where he is at the beginning of the game. it colors red uncharacteristically surprised me is eyes was somehow closed and oversized mouth fell down. I clicked on it an endless cry foul coming out of the console. It was composed of small sounds (ding-dong of the safari theme, different cities, cry pokemon...) the cry Nidoqueen or idling and the cry of Rhydon.

I headed out the door, we saw that all that was in the office and the door was turned white, blue and green with the same environment glitch we found in viridian city. I went and rushed to the door but instead turned out. I went through the door.

I walked in and found me a black world. I saw her ghost pikachu past me, I ran behind the ghost of this pikachu. strong light (I do not know if it comes from the game or the reflection of the sun on my gameboy) covered my spirit and that of Pikachu. After a long walk to catch that pikachu it finally disappeared from the screen. After a time, I too had disappeared.

My Pokemon are missing/dead because I had forgotten them and you not disappear when you die. It disappears when everyone has forgotten us. The trainers who confronted me earlier, I was me with my Pikachu, the Pokemon out that I had abandoned for KANIR. I think so too, or forget my existence. So I too will disappear. Zzbzz is killed himself left no trace of its existence before disappearing.

I stood for a moment before the black screen still transmitting this strange music. Gradually I lost my energy and I fainted (probably I fall asleep). Finally, it is my two neighboring boarding worries not see me out at 19:00's walked into my room and found me on the ground. They turn off the gameboy and revived me. I put on the console the next day, this flaunted game show new game.

the original story (not translated) can be find here

The reality and side effect.

all we find about this cursed game and is event are picture on deviantart , sound and video on youtube take by the same cellphone apparently true and real. we see that's was take from a game boy advance.
Chapter II - the pallet town massacre00:35

Chapter II - the pallet town massacre

the "ghost" of the game, we can see it's glitched ghost with spirit of raticate.

the autor also share is impression on his deviantart since he played the game.

at actual time nobody understand the origin of this weird event. some people said it's because of KANIR set attack, other think it's TRIO because he is describe like : "a hideous yellow clusters of pixels that emitted the cry pikachu slower." and some imaginative people was a ghost.

the side effect come when you look or listen something about the game. read the text is the only thing who can do nothing. anyways some people after have seen or listen video suddenly begun to have hallucination  and hard nightmare, or at worst being mad, fall unconscious or dying. that's enough can be because of music or because of the image. the only things we can said it's not council too watch or listen video, picture and sound from this game.

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