I've grown up with Pokemon all my life. So naturally, when the new games came out I bought one. I drove home and the first thing I did was pop it into my 3DS and start it up. The title screen appeared reading "Pokemon Moon". I was ready to start my new journey through another region when something strange happened. The title crashed and an error message appeared on the lower screen of my 3DS reading "PR". I tap "OK" to close it and tried rebooting the software. This time everything was normal and I had picked my starter Pokemon. But there was something a little off about my starter Pokemon. My Rowlet wouldn't open his right eye. I thought it was normal and so I continued playing the game. through out the game I never saw it open that one eye. I tried playing with in Pokemon Refresh but that didn't help either. I was eventually to the part where I caught the legendary Pokemon Lunala. I went to nickname it as I did with the rest of my team but it came with a nickname of it's own. "N". I asked online and no one else had the same problem. I decided to keep it the PC since the nickname was so strange. Upon going into Ultra Space, nothing was there. Only one of those Jelly Fish ultra beasts. I tried to battle it but all it would say was "G". I was then transported out of Ultra Space like I had completed it the regular way. Eventually I found out that you could get the Dubious Disc from fighting some french scientist from Unova. I decided to battle him but the only french word he used was "les" (the plural version of "the"). He then asked "Haven't you figured it out by now?" I was confused at first, but then I realised what it all meant.

PR eye N G LES

... The whole game was an ad from Pringles...

Suddenly, the dialogue box changed and said "You finally understand." And a battle commenced. I thought it was the fight with the scientist for the Dubious Disc but the Wild Encounter music played instead. And the wild Pokemon appearing before me was a mustached oval shaped creature... The Pringles mascot. Not knowing what type he was, I went to my party to see who had super effective moves against it. But all of my party members besides my first (which was my fully evolved starter at level 78) were chips. And the only moves they knew "Crunch". I went with my starter and used it's Z-move. "The target Pokemon was not effected." the dialogue box read. "Pringles Mascot used advertise!" I slowly watched as my partner Pokemon's HP depleted to 1. I looked in my bag but I had no healing items. "It's over," I thought "there's no way to win..." And so I pressed the power button... But my 3DS didn't turn off. The dialogue box changed to "Tanner used Power-down!" And then "It didn't effect the opposing the Pringles Mascot." He then used advertise once more and knocked out my Pokemon. I expected my trainer to white out, but he didn't. Pokemon Refresh opened up with my starter Pokemon... Only he was dead. The Pringles Mascot then came on to the screen and said "Buy my chips or you're next!" I quickly tore my 3DS in half. It was the only way to stop it...

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