Probably everyone will just think I'm telling false crap, but this happened before, and it is all my fault. I am sorry to every living thing in the universe.

Klink's Story

For a while now, I have been playing Pokemon Black 2. The game I got in the mailbox. Like I did in Pokemon White, I caught a Klink. Klink was one of those unloved Pokemon, just because some people though Nintendo was running out of ideas for the 5th Generation. I saw no problem with Klink whatsoever, it was much more of a Physical attacker than a Special attacker. Klink started to evolve at level 38, into the gear Pokemon known as Klang.

Klang's Story

For a while now, I was training Klang at multiple locations like Route 13, where I caught Absol. Klang's


friendship improved a while back, I think reaching 255 Happiness. For a while now, I was started to slowly become drowsy, so I "Hit the sack" and went to sleep. That was a huge mistake of mine, just to fall asleep. I knew what had happened in the past, My nightmares would come back to haunt me. Oddly enough, I slept well, ate a good breakfast, and got some coffee to wake me up some more. I turned on my 3DS, and selected the Pokemon Black 2 Logo. I pressed the A button to skip the openings as usual, and pressed the continue option. At the time, I was on Route 13 with a level 45 Klang. After a lot of good training, Each Pokemon was on Level 47. After the battle with Team Plasma in Lacunosa Town, Klang evolved into Klinklang at long last.

Klinklang's Story

From Lacunosa Town, I trained my team to higher levels. Klinklang was level 51 of course. After beating


the 7th Gym Leader, Plot twist! A giant pirate ship freezes Opelucid City with "unbreakable" ice! I thought it was the end of the world, so after the cutscene with Drayden's Haxorus trying to break the ice, I saved and went to bed again. That night, I had a nightmare. My little town was being frozen by some odd creature that resembled Kyurem. When I was frozen solid by the Kyurem, I woke up with a fright. I turned on my 3DS to fight Team Plasma grunts yet again, and one Grunt's text was out of place.

"We shall use 'that' Pokemon to freeze all of Unova, you spoiled brat!"

Since this was my first playthrough of Pokemon Black 2, I paid little to no attention to it. However, I asked myself this question.

"Was the Pokemon mentioned Kyurem?"

I thought it was myself being delusional, and I just went back to defeating grunts left & right. When I defeated Zinzolin, his text stated this.

"You little pest! I will get back at you one day using the Legendary Pokemon!"

Zinzolin's sprite vanished from the overworld after the battle. Afterwards, Drayden gave me the DNA Splicers. Plot twist yet again! The Shadow Triad somehow get their hands on the splicers! Shortly after that, I found one heading for the entrance to Route 11, and fought him to get the DNA Splicers back. Yet another plot twist! It was the wrong Team Plasma Shadow. I saved & Quit the game a few minutes later. It wasn't until December of 2013, that I quit playing the game for right now. I was focused on my youtube channel, trying to manage video uploads. On January 1st of 2014, I went back to playing Pokemon Black 2, only to see a very familiar face.

Gears of Shadow

"The Gears keep on spinning endlessly...Why did you abandon me?"

There was a text box with that saying. I pressed the A button to continue as planned. The overworld was pitch black, with Pokemon Sprites lined up. Talking to each sprite gave me the same message. Ellipses. At the end of the lined up sprites, I saw a sprite that looked a bit like Klinklang. A text box appeared stating

"Why did you Abandon me, Leon?"

The first thing that came to my mind was a simple question.

"How do you know my name?!"

I shouted into the Microphone, only to get no response, but another text box.

"You abandoned me. You abandoned me for your family. You are so Naive, little Leon, but I still have to respect you."

I said in a calm tone of voice:

"What is happening?"

A text box appeared stating a creepy message.

"You abandoned me. There is no turning back now. The gears will keep on spinning as long as I am still shiny clean."

I spoke in the same tone as before, only more serious.

"I didn't abandon you! I took a short break!"

A text box popped up stating:

"Liar! You abandoned me! There is no longer a purpose to this game!"

The 3DS shut itself off, not turning on for a very long time. When I got the 3DS to finally turn on, I heard a voice behind me.

"Why did you do it, Leon? Why did you have to abandon me?"

I turned around, and nothing was even there.

I thought it was myself going really crazy at this point. There was no way Klinklang could exist in the real world. It is impossible. When I entered the title screen of Pokemon Black 2, My data was gone.

After Reading

To this day, the data of Pokemon Black 2 is still lost. I am trying to warn everyone about abandoning a friend. The moral of this story: Do not abandon your friends, otherwise you might lose your head, or possibly worse, the data you created.