Everyone really loves Pokémon! One of my favorite Pokémon game is Pokémon Emerald. It's the 27th of October, year 2012. I was planning to edit a GBA rom of Pkmn Emerald on my PC. I need an example of a hacked game so I know what to do and what to change. I went to a GBA store near us. I bought a cheap Hacked Pokemon game cartridge.

Pokémon: The Halloween inside Hoenn

I inserted the cartridge. There is no video caption that appear. After the Gamefreak logo appears (which appears larger than usual), the title screen immediately appears. The Title screen says: "Pokémon: 666 Seasons Version". The background is bit odd, It has an animated Gengar and Ghastly Sprites with red eyes. I hit "A" button immediately to enter the game quickly. I noticed that there is already a save file written to it (which is usual because when I was a child, I will start a game, ruin my sprite's career, sell my cartridge, and annoy the buyer). The saved file was named as "Frankenstein". It has all 8 badges and his playtime is 114:66. I opened the file. I checked the Trainer's Profile. The badges seems to be on Hoenn Region. Also, the trainer's card is green 

Frankenstein sprites

The Frankenstein Sprite looks very very similar to this one.

(indication of unfinished Pokémon League). I continued and check the computer. There is a mail. I checked it, and it says: "I made it easy for you, finish the game!". I ignored it and go downstairs. I saw mom was running here and there. I caught her and talked: "Honey! Time for Halloween! Please prepare what we need. Check the decorations on your PC and decorate your room!" Whenever I go out of the house, I was always tormented by a dialogue box saying: "I must decorate my room first". And my sprite will turn his back. I go upstairs and check my PC. I checked first the decorations. There are preety much cool decorations such as Jack-O-Lantern, Dream catcher, a Halloween Bed?? and many many more! Each of them is 20x so I started decorating. I put the dream catcher beside my bed and put other stuffs nicely. I checked the decorations. All that remains is a Gengar plush doll. I kept it on my PC because I'm afraid of Ghost-Type Pokémon will be one of my Pokémon collections. I was surprised to see 99x Lightball?, 99x Max Potion and 99x Full heal on my PC. I widthrew them all! After that, I saved my progress. I went downstairs and I'm so surprised to see Dad, Mom, Prof. Birch, May and May's Mom in the living room. The living room is now decorated with halloween stuffs. I called mom and she says: "Wow! You did great to your room! Please light up the 5 candles near our door. .... Frankenstein obtained lighter!"

I laughed so hear to see lighter on my bag. I even take pictures on it (but now, I don't know where I put those pics, sorry guys). Well, I went outside and talk to 5 candles. There is 1 candle in front of the house. I talked to it and it says: "Frankenstien obtained candle!". I went back to the home and talk to Mom. All she say is: "Take Care Honey!" I saved my progress again. I checked my Pokémon and I'm surprised to see All Pokémon at Lv. 100. Pokémons are: Charizard, Ho-oh, Lugia, Arcanine and Rayquaza. This player must have cheat on a cheated game! I proceed and went to the "Ever Grande City". Latias has fly on it so I used it to travel. I entered Pokémon League. I saw something different. Pokemon's sent by the champion and elite 4 is sad and easily to defeat. I ignored it and I finished the Pokémon league. The game automatically saved as usual. After the credits. I went downstairs of my room and dad gave me the SS ticket. I saved the game. I went asleep and forgot about the game.

It's now the 1st of November year 2012. I remembered to check my hacked copy of Pokémon: 666 Seasons. I decided to play all night since I need to stay awake for the "Trick or Treat". I entered the game. I was so shocked to see that my sprite is now looked like a real Frankenstein. Mom was now wearing some sort of costumes. I talked to her: "Take Care Honey!" That's all that she said. I went out and I was planning to check the Prof. Birch's lab. My sprite moved downwards! Down to the trees. And after for almost 3 minutes of running donwards. I saw a skull shaped stone. This one is big. It looks like the one that Spongebob and Patrick hid on the episode (Spongebob Scaredypants). My Sprite talked to it. It started a battle. The battle between the big skull named "????" and with my Charizard. The level of ???? is 212 which is so impossible! It's the first time I saw a Pokémon with that kind of level. I played some hacked games but not with that kind of level. For me, Charizard is bit weak so I changed my Pokémon and switched Ho-oh (The Ho-oh has a Sacred Ash hold on it). I used Fire Blast! It deals burn to the skull but deals 15% damage. The skull changed it's look to a burning skull (the transition looks like a Castform transforming to one of it's forms). The ??? Attacked my Ho-oh with an attack name called "Skull Bash". It deals a critical damage to my Ho-oh. My Ho-oh's life was now 50%! I used the Overheat and it deals 75% of damage to the Skull. The skull used a move called "Inferno" and it recovered a (very) little HP. I used Over heat again, This makes the skull to be crushed. Yes! Crushed. The dialogue box appeared saying: "???? has been Crushed!"

Then a dialogue box appeared saying: "Inferno has been activated". Then, Ho-oh's life was drained! And my Ho-oh didn't recover or something else (since my Ho-oh have sacred ash). Now, another thing appeared. Now, it looks like a very big Gangar with red eyes. A battle started. No moves can hurt him. I even used light ball but a dialogue box appeared saying: "You can't do that right now". I losed all my Pokémon except for Charizard. I switched my Charizard (since he was the only one left standing). My Charizard has a Perish Song attack. I used it.

"The Perish Song count is 3. Both Pokémon will die in 3 turms."

"Gengar use Curse"

"It's really effective"

"Perish Song count is 2"

"Charizard use Flame Blast"

"It doesn't affect Gengar"

"Gengar use Ectoplasm"

"New (*&^╘ appeared!"

"Charizard use Perish Song"

"But it failed"

"Gengar use Curse"

"It's really effective"

"Perish Song Count is 1"

"Charizard use Fire Blast"

"It doesn't Affect Gengar"

"Gengar Used Pumpkin!"

"Charizard was now carved Jack-O-Lantern"

"Perish count is 0."

"Charizard fainted"

"Gengar has fainted"

"Gangar used demon charm and restore 3HP"

Now, It's a battle between Frankenstein and the Gengar. The choices that appeared are: Defend, Run and Use Lighter. I choose the run. A dialogue nox says: "you can't do it right now". I choose "defend". It's Gengar's turn! Gengar use Curse! My HP was cut in half. This time, I choose to use the lighter. It deals 1 HP damage to Gengar. And Gengar seemed to lose a turn. I used the lighter again. This time, another 1 HP to Gengar and lose 1 turn. Genar has only 1 HP left. I Tried using the Light ball, hoping that it will work. To my surprise, the Gengar with red eyes has been successfully caught. A dialogue box appeared.

"Gengar has been caught. Gengar's eyes were now normal and he seems to be happy." The game saved automatically. The game restarted. I checked my PC and I was surprised to see Gengar plush doll was not there. And the Pokemon left on my party is a fully healed Gengar. I went downstairs. The game crashed! Whenever I opened the game, all that it says is: "Happy Halloween!" with a Charizard Image as background. I sell that cartridge and I will never bother with it again.

Pumpkin charizard

The one that the kid have looks like very similar to this.

After I playing the game....

I heard some one knocked the door. It was a kid. Longing for some candies. I gave her a bunch of candies and say thanks and happy Halloween. She turned her back and I was surprised to see her candy bin. Her candy bin was a plastic Jack-O-Lantern.........and a Charizard engrave on it.

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