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Subject: POKÉMON HACKS (Post: 23/07/12-14:05:32)

ANDPOKÉ says: Hey guys, my name is Andrew and I need someone to tell me a bit more about a Poké Hack cartridge I bought in one of those Chinese shops near my school.

Its called Pokémon Siwáng, (could anyone find me the meaning of the name?)

The Cartridge is gray with a blue or green Gengar (who is your first and only pokémon) as the main Poké on the cover.


Re: Subject: POKÉMON HACKS (Post: 23/07/12-14:22:45)

Albert94 says: Never heard of it but tell us more about the hack, most of hacks are all the same game or a bootleg version of the original just with different names and covers.

Re: Subject: POKÉMON HACKS (Post: 23/07/12-15:01:06)

ANDPOKÉ says: Its an hack for Game Boy color, sometimes I enjoy looking for some GBC games on those Chinese stores, the games are cheap and you can always buy one of those 1000 in 1 cartridges.

The hack is a bit weird it is a Pokémon silver (I guess) hack its glitchy as hell, it starts in a cave and I dunno where to go since this cave is not from the blue version (not the others) the map of the cave is different and I am kinda lost inside.

The music is just awful its like someone is hitting a piano in a random way lol, it kinda makes my head hurt after a while but nothing much I just need to turn the volume off.

My character in the game is white and does not have his original color, his name in the game Silver, another strange thing…when I started the new game Oak didn’t appear to explain me about the Pokémon world nor the option to give myself a name, its just started the game right away inside a cave.

I dunno, the weird part is you don’t find Pokémons like Zubat, instead you fight many variations of missigno.

There’s no music during battles and no sound effects, you can only hear an unknown growl I don’t know wich Poké is this growl from, never heard it before.

Re: Subject: POKÉMON HACKS (Post: 25/07/12-11:56:23)

Albert94 says: :S That's a new one, never heard about it, could you show us some pics or video of some gameplay?

Re: Subject: POKÉMON HACKS (Post: 25/07/12-12:23:08)

ANDPOKÉ says: I was able to scan the game.

And about the gameplay, I have a Gamecube GBC adapter but I doubt it will play a pirate GBC game.


Re: Subject: POKÉMON HACKS (Post: 25/07/12-12:28:52)

Albert94 says: You can try though, or you can always try to record it from your GBC but it will be hard believe me I know.

Subject: POKÉMON HACKS (Post: 25/07/12-12:30:11)

POKIMAN says: Siwang is Chinese for death (死亡), so the original name of the game is Pokémon death, show us some gameplay or I will call this game Pokémon Bullshit.

Re: Subject: POKÉMON HACKS (Post: 26/07/12-19:33:12)

ANDPOKÉ says: No need to that POKIMAN the GC Adapter was able to play it, I am finally going somewhere on this game and I must say I am kinda confused, there are characters now, and when I played the game days ago I was the only character in the game.

Now There are some more characters and they say some weird things, when I go into the first ladder there’s a huge corridor inside the cave after some time I find a character with Gary’s sprite which is weird since this is a Silver hack, anyways, you can only see his back, I talk to him and when he turns around he has no eyes, only blood running down his face.

I was kinda confused because lets face it why would they put such thing on a Pokémon game? But c’mon its an hack so…maybe I don’t  get the joke, the sick, sick joke...

The Character said things like “He took my eyes…” “I can see his eyes on my head…”the screen flashes sometimes and after that the "char just disappears.

I kept walking and after a while I decided to go inside the metal doors and see whats next, in the next room I see a strange man with a hat (You know like the Gentleman’s sprite in Pokémon B,R,G) but his sprite is totally black and you can only see his eyes red eyes, after 1 second inside the room and that sprite is gone, in front of me there’s a TEAM ROCKET member sprite, I walk to him and the text box appears saying “I want to cry, Kill me, Kill me, I don’t want to be in this place, this is not reality, it hurts so much, STOP PLAYING”…at this point I just turned the game off, but first I decided to check the menu, I can’t check my inventory for some reason, I can’t save, I can’t check the pokédex, I can only check my status and since I didn’t had to put my name (the game just started inside that cave) my name was already in the game.

The name was Silver which is normal I guess, then I checked my POKÉ team and I only have a Gengar (like before) but this time his icon is a Missigno like little creature.

I forget about the menu, its a hack its normal for the menu to suck and not to work.

Anyways I keep walking and then the strange gentleman sprite appears and says some things like “They were happy and they enjoyed it” after this the gentleman was gone, at this point I realised that the game was not created with POKE Silver’s (or Gold) engine, this means that the games works on an engine of its own wich is even more weird.

Each time I find a new character the music changes and becomes even worse, after a while my TV starts making strange beep noises and sometimes static can be heard mixed with the music, I decided to turn the volume off but I can’t, my TV options don’t work…this game is messing with my TV.

Each character I find says horrible things and I can feel their suffering as if they were real people trapped in the game, each time a text box appears my heart beat increases a lot, I cried one time when I was reading what the final character was saying because its looked like a little kid talking, he was saying “My belly…its burning, my mouth tastes like blood, my belly”.

I couldn’t take that music nor those dialogues anymore, after all those problems the gentleman appeared and he wanted to fight me, his Pokémon was a level 3 Pidgey (I thought it was some kind of joke), my lvl 5 Gengar was out ready to fight, when I decided to attack I couldn’t do it, the options didn’t work so I decided to run and turn off my GC but Suddenly a strange 8 bit picture appeared on the screen (I don’t know what it was).

After that the gentleman said “Enjoy the bellow?” the screen went black for a while and when I finally was able to see, the first thing I saw was my character (Silver had his original color this time) burning in lava while the Gentleman laughed and said “Burn! Burn! Burn! Make me smile!”.

Silver was struggling to survive, I played Silver and Gold before and I never saw those sprites before…the screen went black and the last text box appeared “Forgive me” it said.

The game restarted itself. 

I don’t know its just so weird I mean can anyone help? I recorded the gameplay on my TV, I uploaded the game on my YOUTUBE Channel.

Re: Subject: POKÉMON HACKS (Post: 26/07/12-21:57:22

Albert94 says: Oh man! That's some heavy shit, the video made me feel some strange emotions like fear and sadness! You should throw that thing away!

Subject: POKÉMON HACKS (Post: 26/07/12-22:30:11)

POKIMAN says: Well I have to say I am impressed, I never saw this kind of work before, the people who made it were on some kind of strong drug :S …

Andrew could you send me the cartridge? I am able to turn it into a ROM so I could study it, and maybe find out more about it! This time is not like Pokémon Black, this time we have evidence!

I’ll PM you my info and address! Don’t worry I will not destroy the thing.

Re: Subject: POKÉMON HACKS (Post: 01/08/12-00:02:45)

UKPIchUFanatic: Bitches be crazy!

The video was freaking scary bro BTW, check my channel for some POKEMON GAMEPLAY: (Link removed by editor)

Re: Subject: POKÉMON HACKS (Post: 01/08/12-00:02:31)

ANDPOKÉ says: Sure POKIMAN I’ll send it, or better yet, I’ll give it to you! I don’t want that thing in fact I was about to destroy it last night! That thing destroyed my Game Cube and my TV, and that's not all my head was hurting so much that I fainted a few day ago when I was with my Girlfriend, I had a strange dream about children with no eyes begging me to save them from a Gengar shadow and a Gentleman! YUP! You can have it, I want to forget this…

Subject: POKÉMON DEATH (Post: 05/09/12-21:53:19)

POKIMAN says: Andrew and I have been talking for the last weeks, and I have finally received the Game, I turned it into a ROM but sadly it does not work on any emulator. 

Anyways I have some news.

1- The game works on its own engine because it was made by GAME FREAK

WHY?: Because I found the programming from GAMEFREAK’s team and the NINTENDO “BETA” script inside the game’s “guts”, this engine was probably the NEW POKÉMON engine for Silver and Gold since they are sequels to the first games they probably decided to change the engine.

2- And now the last one is, if this is not a rip off nor an hack, if it is originally made by the creators of POKÉMON, why did they test the game in such a horrible and macabre way?

I really don’t know anyways you can download the ROM if you want to but you will not work:

I will keep this in “study”, anyways cheers!

-The Forum is now closed but Andrew opened his Youtube Channel recently! Here’s the link if you want to check him out!-

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