How I Found IT

Ever since I was little, I loved the Pokémon series. Every time Nintendo came out with a new Pokémon game, I would buy it. However, I started doing this by the time Pokémon X & Y came out, which meant that I was missing a few games from my collection. Some games I didn't have were Gold, Sapphire, SoulSilver, and... FireRed... Now, about FireRed... I still have it, but it isn't your typical Pokémon FireRed game. This, was something unlike any other.

It was a warm, Sunday evening. I had just downloaded Pokémon GO, and was giving it a try. To be honest, it doesn't really suit me. But anyway, I was walking around, constantly checking my phone for some Pokémon. But something broke my concentration... a crunch. It came from underneath from my foot! I lifted my shoe, only to find a Pokémon FireRed cartridge... with a crack in it (probably from me stepping on it). I picked it up and examined it.


It looked like a pretty normal cartridge. The label was on there... but the case... it was my favourite colour, purple? It was weird. I didn't know if this was some kind of special edition version, or if it was a crappy bootlegged copy. Either way, I wanted to play it. I wanted to see what this cartridge had to offer. So, I rushed home, looked for my Game Boy Advanced, grabbed the game, put it in, and turned the GBA on.

Playing IT

As expected, the GAME FREAK logo was shown, with the shooting star. And the battle between Gengar and Nidorino was shown as well. Soon, the title screen appeared. However, it was slightly altered. The title was there, but instead of Charizard, it was replaced with a Haunter. I pressed start, ignoring the slight change, and started a new game. Professor Oak appeared and started to introduce himself, what he does and asked me what gender I was. I chose the Boy, and named myself "JOSHUA" (because that's my name). Of course, I was asked to name my rival. I always called him a swear, a dumb name, or a random object. But this time, I just called him "GARY". I was dropped into the game, and spawned in my bedroom. I made my way downstairs and outside, only to find myself coming out of the Pokémon Centre in Lavender Town! I couldn't hear any music being played, but sound effects were still able to be heard.

I tried exiting Lavender Town from the left, only to be stopped and given the message: "DON'T LEAVE. WE NEED YOU." I didn't understand what it meant. Who needed me? I ignored this text box and tried exiting from the bottom path, which I was stopped for and given another message, but this time it said: "I SAID STAY HERE." After this, I decided to explore Lavender Town. I went into the Poké Mart... no one was there. I went into The Name Changer's house... no one was there. I checked the rest of the houses... no one was there! I thought that maybe my MOM had something to say, like a hint. So, I headed into the Pokémon Centre, thinking that I was going back into my house... however, I appeared in... the Pokémon Centre?!

There was only one difference, though... Nurse Joy was the only person in the Pokémon Centre. I talked to her, and she asked if I wanted to heal my Pokémon back to full HP. I didn't have any Pokémon with me, so I selected No. However, she didn't just say goodbye, she asked me if I was sure. I selected yes, which lead her to say one more thing: "We're the Noble Purple town." Then, I was asked to select Yes or No. I thought to myself that if I agree with her, then I'll be able to quit talking to her.

When I selected Yes, the screen cut to black in an instant. Then the screen faded in, showing Lavender Town again, except all of the buildings were replaced with patches of dirt. But the Pokémon Tower was still left how it was. I enter the Tower, but surprisingly, I was taken straight to the top floor, where I got the message "NOBLE PURPLE", repeated over and over again. Eventually, the text ended and took me back to Lavender Town... again. This time, the Lavender Town theme started to play.

This time, all the buildings, including the Tower, were replaced with dirt patches. I decided to exit the town again. I tried the bottom path, but this time it was blocked by a bunch of rocks. The path on the left was also blocked by rocks. Every time I pressed A next to them, they both gave me the message "You can't climb over it."

So, I tried the last pathway I knew. The one to the north. Thankfully, I was able to leave Lavender Town. I was thinking that I'd finally be able to play the game normally. I made my way to the Rock Tunnel, but then I was stopped by someone shouting "Hey! Wait! Don't Go Out!".

Wait dont go out

Then, the happy Professor Oak music started to play. Professor Oak walked up to me and said "Wild Pokémon live in caves! I know...". Then, a Pokémon battle began! I saw who my opponent was... Professor Oak!

He says "Let me show you how to battle." I was very confused at this point, and questioned how I'd be able to battle. To my surprise, Professor Oak sent out a Level 89 PIKACHU! My character didn't send out any Pokémon. He just stood there. Then, a health bar appeared next to my character, with the name reading as "JOSHUA"! My HP was at 0, but was full at the same time. I was starting to panic, and didn't know what to do. I tried turning the Game Boy off, but it didn't work. I kept trying, but it still didn't work. I tried to mute the volume, but that didn't work either! I just continued to play the game. It asked what JOSHUA would do. I chose to attack, which showed me 4 moves.



I didn't know what to do, so I chose SCREAM.

- JOSHUA screamed at PIKACHU. PIKACHU's attack rose?! - PIKACHU used MEAN LOOK! JOSHUA cowered in fear! -

I was given the battle commands again, but this time, the attacks were:


I chose PANIC.

- JOSHUA panicked! PIKACHU's speed rose sharply. - PIKACHU used MEAN LOOK! JOSHUA used CRY! -

What?! I didn't choose for JOSHUA to use that move! The battle commands appeared for the final time, with the 4 moves all being the same thing: SUICIDE.

With no other option, I chose SUICIDE. Before I used my attack, Professor Oak appeared next to his PIKACHU and says: "We are the NOBLE. PURPLE. TOWN." At that moment, a text box appeared saying "JOSHUA used SUICIDE!" The screen faded to black very quickly. What I heard next was something that truly scared the hell out of me. The slice noise when you use CUT on a tree. After that, the screen stayed black, and wouldn't progress any further. That was the end.

Where Is IT?

I tried switching off the Game Boy Advanced this time, and it worked! I ripped the game out of my GBA. To my surprise, the bottom of the cartridge had started to melt. I felt it, and yes, it was hot. I didn't know what to think of this game. I didn't know what to do. I wondered if I should've thrown it away, smash it with a hammer, give it to someone else... but then I came to a conclusion. I decided to keep the game, on a shelf, with all of my other Pokémon games, however, I sit this one at the back of the shelf.

I didn't want anyone else to experience what I'd experienced. So, no. I'm not selling this game. I'm not giving it to anyone. I'm not destroying it. I'm keeping it. AFTER ALL, PURPLE IS MY FAVOURITE COLOUR.

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