I remember playing Pokemon when I was younger. I loved Pokemon blue, red, gold, silver, ruby, and sapphire. I played them all the time. But I was getting older and thought Pokemon was childish. Of course deep down I knew it wasn’t and that it was just a phase. So a couple years passed and I didn’t get to play the 4th generation and 5th generation games.

It was a few weeks into 2013 when I heard the announcement of Pokemon X and Pokemon Y.

I checked online and saw the three new starters and the new legendary Pokemon. I was amazed by how much the graphics have changed throughout the eight years I haven’t played Pokemon. The nostalgia hit again and I went out to buy a 3DS online. I didn’t buy the 5th generation games because they were fairly new.

I checked online for some used 4th gen and 5th gen games but they were sold at a price too high for me to buy. I visited my town’s local swap meet hoping to find a game. I searched for a couple of hours hoping to find a copy. I gave up and started to leave because they were starting to close the swap meet.

As I head to the exit, a small video game stand was closing so I rushed to them quickly. It was a mexican lady and a kid about nine or ten years old. I asked them if they had any pokemon games for the ds. The lady seemed scared and started speaking spanish. I didn’t understand her at all. She gave me a copy of Pokemon Platinum and said, “Free, yours.” I was so happy thanking the lady no caring that she was scared and drove home. I got home and put in Pokemon Platinum, I look at the title screen pokemon which I thought looked pretty badass. I started my game and a man named Professor Rowan was telling me about Pokemon, the usual to every game. I put in my name, Jeffery, and my friend’s name Carl. I chose Piplup as my starter saying, “Yes finally, a penguin Pokemon!”

I was enjoying the game. I couldn’t play everyday because I would either be too tired from work or there would be no time. But the small moments I had, I played. I never got around to buy the 5th generation games. Either way, I heard they sucked.

I was playing Pokemon Platinum one particular night. I defeated Team Galactic and went on to the Distortion world. I followed Cynthia where she told me I should battle Giratina. Of course like any other player I was going catch it. I threw countless dusk balls but kept escaping. I finally caught it and named it, “Devil666” I thought it was catchy and laughed but a text box that seem to catch my eye read, “When that night comes, we will come for you.” I didn’t think much of except that fact that it said, “We.”

I played some then I called it a night and went to sleep. The next night after work I was eager to play again so I could beat the Elite Four because I left off at victory road. I soon beat the Elite Four with my overpowered Giratina.

It wasn’t however the next day where things began to change. I checked online to see which legendaries I could catch that weren’t event distributed and went on to catch them. I went to Canalave city to get on the boat to Fullmoon Island and get the lunar wing and catch Cresselia. As I flew to Canalave City, for some reason the locked door behind the pokemon center was opened. Not missing my opportunity, I went inside where I was greeted by a man and put to sleep on a bed where I wake up on an island called New Moon island. I proceeded inside and I saw Darkrai which I thought was event only but I guess I was proved wrong. I battled it and instead of its cry playing, a text box appeared and said, “Our time is here, this ends now!” and battle music started to play. I sent out my Gengar to use hypnosis to put Darkrai to sleep.

I began throwing the dusk balls but I caught it one shot. I began to get tired and saved my game and went to sleep.

This was the night that the nightmares began to start. I dreamt that I was in a room alone with some family members. The room didn’t look familiar at all. My family and I just talked about random things that have happened in our life. That’s when my older brother took a darker turn and started to tell us about how he used to cut himself when he was in high school. Which I knew wasn’t true because he never had scars or cut marks on his arm. As he talked about his cutting, a dark figure started to move in the shadows whispering gibberish and nonsense. The figure jumped out of the shadows and took my brother saying, “Say goodbye for the last time!”


Darkrai in the shadows

I woke up in a shock and to the phone ringing. I answered the phone; it was my mom, crying. She said how my brother was found dead in his apartment with a whole bunch of cut marks not going sideways but down. After my mom told me of his death, I instantly remembered my dream. I drove to my brother’s apartment and told the police how it was someone who killed him. But the police didn’t bother, they just said how it was suicidal and didn’t do anything to find suspects.

For the rest of the week, I didn’t play Pokemon Platinum. I was too much in tears to play. After the week ended, I went to his funeral. My whole family was there sobbing. The whole time at the funeral I felt uneasy, as if something were watching me. The priest was saying his final words and the funeral was ending when I saw the same dark figure in the shadows that I saw in my dreams. I rubbed my eyes and the dark figure was gone. It must have been part of my imagination. I still wasn’t sure what the dark figure was.

I went home after the funeral ended and began to play Pokemon Platinum trying to forget my troubles. I caught all the legendaries and began to train my team to level 100 that consisted of Empoleon, Toxicroak, Giratina, Staraptor, Jolteon, and for some reason Darkrai. I began to like Darkrai, for some strange reason I found it to be special. Probably because it was the one event pokemon that wasn’t an event. I still found that strange but I didn’t really think of it much. I re-battled the Elite Four sending out Darkrai all the time. I thought switching Empoleon when I battled Flint but I got a messaged that said, “No”.

I found it strange and tried to switch out to my Staraptor but received the same message. I switched to Giratina and didn’t receive the message. I tried using Dragon Claw against Flint’s Rapidash but I received the same message as before, “No”.

I just used shadow ball and worked fine. I began to suspect that my game was only letting me use Dark and Ghost type Pokemon/Moves.

After defeating Flint, I just saved and quit the game. It was already late and I tried to go to sleep but 

my brother’s death wouldn’t let me and made me cry. Eventually I got tired and slept. In my dream I was in a house I have never been in before. There were pictures of a family I have never seen before. I went to the house’s bathroom and I looked in the mirror. My face kept changing, not in the way that it was another person’s face every time but that my facial features shifted. My face became distorted and didn’t look human anymore. Suddenly the house lights shut off and the house became dark and I couldn’t see very well. I walked down the stairs seeing a picture shattered on the floor. It was the picture of a woman, my mother. I looked around restlessly looking for the person who did this when the dark figure wasn’t a person this whole time. It was Darkrai. He grabbed me with one hand and picked me up. and told me, “Let’s hope you’re not late.”

He grinned evilly and rushed back into the shadows.

I woke up and drove to my parents house at five in the morning hoping I wasn’t late. I knocked loudly on my parent’s door and my dad opened up yelling at me why I woke him up. I asked him if mom was okay and he said she was upstairs sleeping. I was relieved and began to drive home when a thought struck my mind, “She was upstairs sleeping.” How did she not wake up to the sound of my knocking also to the sound of dad’s yelling? I instantly made a turn back to my parent’s house and knocked again. My dad opened up again but instead of yelling at me, he stood there crying, covered in blood. I ran up the stairs and I saw my mother. She was facing the wall, away from my dad. From the behind she looked fine, but when I faced her, it was horrible. Her face seemed to have been gone. Her whole faced, ripped off. I couldn’t bear to look anymore.

I didn’t stay to comfort my dad but went back home to get my Pokemon Platinum to return it to the lady at the swap meet. I arrived to the lady and yelled at her saying, “What have you done to this!?”

The woman began speaking spanish but I didn’t understand what the hell she was saying. The kid looked at me and translated, “I see you have seen the horror of this game. There was no coding malfunction but only the work of black magic. A satanic cursed this game and whoever played.” I asked why he cursed it, what was the point? The lady walked away in fear. I didn’t want a part of the game anymore and threw it at the lady telling her, “This is your problem now!”



I went back to my father’s house to go be with him. The street was covered with police and CSI. I went to my father and asked if they had found the killer. He said how the police didn’t find any evidence that someone did this to her. The whole day, I was there with my father waiting for the police to find something, anything. But still, no evidence. I went back home and went to sleep.

I was in a dark void. There was nothing just me and endless darkness. Darkrai appeared and said, “This will never end.”

Giratina appeared grabbed me and took me to the distortion world. But it wasn’t the same world from the game. This place looked like the hell the bible had described.

There was fire everywhere and there was people here burning. Their body was I looked around in horror, I then spotted my brother and my mother. I yelled at Giratina asking him what they were doing here but all it let out was a screech.

Darkrai came towards and said, “This is your fate.” I woke up in panic, I was full of sweat. I proceeded towards my door but was unable to open. It wasn’t locked but the door wouldn’t budge. I grabbed my lamp and tried smashing the window open but a force stopped my. A dark hand grabbed my arm, I turned around. It was Darkrai and Giratina, they were here. It wasn’t possible, this can’t exist. Darkrai ripped my throat and with his hands, opened up my stomach and pulled out my intestines. This time it wasn’t a dream, I layed in this world of where everything was messed up. Gravity wasn’t normal and pieces of land floated around. Giratina floated on top of me. Darkrai appeared behind me and said, “Welcome to the rest of your life.”

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