I was never into Christmas that much. Only as a kid was I ever excited but of course it was only because of the presents. But this year I wanted to try and make it different, maybe spend some time with my family for once, they might be able to get me into the spirit. When I got to my parents’ house it was lit up like always. It was a warm welcome coming in of course; the house was festive for the occasion, lights, stockings, lit fireplace, this was pretty much the only thing that I did like about the season, especially the tree, lights, ornaments, everything had that golden shimmer to it.

We all sat for the food and enjoyed a nice conversation, but something happened, something that I had not remembered since I was a kid, we always had a type of drink passed around the table, I hated it but my parents still made me drink it, saying “it is good for me” but it had the worst taste I ever knew. So instead of drinking it, while everyone made a toast with it and drank, I poured it out in a nearby vase. Several minutes later I started to get a headache, I headed to the bathroom to see if we had any painkillers but when I got in I must have passed out for at least an hour.

I woke on the ground, strangely enough no was at the door trying to bust it open or call out for me, I walked around the house trying to locate someone. I went into the living room; everything has a dark presence to it even with the Christmas lights, the ornaments even the ones that had perfect reflections now were dime and rough to the touch, almost a leathery feel, I saw something white in the middle of the tree and slightly curved...

The tree it was made from a spine…

The angel on top is a skull with a light on top, what happened to it all? This isn’t the tree I was used to, one of my realitives came up from the basement. “Finally I can find out what’s going on,” I thought to myself, but all he said was to get a glass of the drink. Whatever is in that it must have some kind of controlled LSD; that’s why as a kid everything looked normal.

All the vents opened and the air got a strange smell to it, everything is getting that gold shimmer that I love.


Credited to decisivefactor