I've always been a big fan of Pokemon, especially the new ones. My favorite was Pokemon Diamond but sadly, the save file was deleted by itself.

The next day, I've went to my cousin's house for his 7th birthday. My cousin showed me the new design of his room. He had a really nice room. His room had carribean blue on his wall, a new bed, and all of his stuff is organized such as toys and games.

When I went to his old drawer, there was a DS game called Pokemon Diamond. It was really dusty that it was never used for years. I told him if I can have it and he said yes. But, he also told me that the game is possessed. I didn't care if the game was possessed because I think that my cousin was joking.

I get back home and start to play Pokemon Diamond. The game was in really good condition. When I press start, it didn't take me to the screen where you choose your new game. Instead, it take me right through the game. I think that this must be a bug or a glitch.

In the game, I was a little girl and I'm at Old Chateau but it wasn't haunted and broken. It was fixed and normal. So, I move my player to the kitchen and I was at a conversation. My player was moving to the chair and is sitting down. The family was talking about their family anniverisary. After 5 minutes, the dad, which his name was Roger, was talking about visiting the Old Chateau.

The girl was shocked and the dad said if she was ok. She didn't respond and the screen changed. Now, she's in the Old Chateau. Now this time, the Old Chateau was from the original Pokemon Diamond. There was also a shadow that looks like the male Pokemon Trainer that you choose at the beginning of the game. The shadow was dark and had red eyes. He was walking away.

I check to see what the little girl's trainer card. Her name was Mika. She had all the badges but had no money. I also check her Pokemon. She only had a Empoleon, which was level 100. After that, I continue to walk upstair of the Old Chateau. I move Mika to the room in front of Mika. The room was messed up but the shadow was at the next room and he was getting out of the room.

I get out of the room and move Mika to the left. After 2 minutes, there was the shadow but he told me to "Go Away". Mika followed the shadow. Until that, a message box popped up that says, "Stop following me, it's not worth it.", "Get out of here, you do not belong here". Mika gets scared even more so, she moved to the right and the shadow was standing there. He said, "That's it, now I will make you suffer" and it went to the battle screen.

The battle theme song was Galactic Boss Cyrus's theme. The shadow's name was Lucas but the message box says that I'm battling Shadow Trainer Lucas. He sends out Gengar, which was level 50. Mika sends out Empoleon but Empoleon's cry was depressed and He was scared. I also found out that the Gengar was black. I check Empoleon's move and Empoleon moves are Surf, Peck, Aqua Jet, And Water Pulse. I selected Aqua Jet but Gengar took a little damage. Which was odd. Then, Gengar used Night Slash and Empoleon took alot of damage. Now, Empoleon only has 1 health left. I check the bag but they were no items but a Master Ball and The End.

The Master ball is useless during trainer battles and The End has no info whatsoever. When I exit the bag menu, Gengar's health was 1 health also. Wait, I thought his health was like 90% health. I check Empoleon's move and this time, it only had the move "Sacrifice". I selected Sacrifice but the screen was blurry that I can barely see a thing. I looked closely to the blurry screen and it looked like Empoleon sliced Gengar and Empoleon sliced himself but there was no blood.

Now, the battle screen has ended. Lucas, the shadow, said that he was sorry of what he had done on himself. Mika said it was ok and it moved to the ending cinematics. The ending cinematics shows Mika and Lucas holding hands and as the cinematics plays, Lucas turning normal. This lasted for 5 minutes.

After that, the screen change to the conversation. Roger ask if Mika was ok. Mika said yes I'm ok and then died. He was so scared and exaggerated when Mika died. Then, it said the end.

I turn off my Nintendo DSI and put it away. I kept thinking about Old Chateau.

The next day, I check my email to see my new mail. The mail was from the user name Fluttershy1998. I clicked on a link and it was a download link. The download link was a ZIP file. I open the zip file and it contains an avi file and a notepad.

The notepad contains infomation about Fluttershy1998. It said that Fluttershy1998 was a really shy and depressed boy that was hated by his parents. He or she has no friends at all and gets one A+, two C's, one D+, and one B.

His or her parents complains about Fluttershy1998 almost all the time. He or she has nothing but a computer. He or she used it to play Pokemon roms with an emulator. He or she also hack Pokemon roms. One time, he or she made a rom that can wipe anyones mind.

Why would Fluttershy1998 make that rom? Well, no one knows. Maybe, for revenge or just to make everyone not remember him.

I clicked on the avi file, which was called Fluttershy1998.avi. The clip was 5 minutes long and the clip was like it was caught on camera. The intro showed that it was made by Fluttershy1998. There was a teenage boy that was really depressed and his dad was mad at him that he fails at everything.

The next scene showed the boy at school. The five teenage boys had bats and books and they gave him an evil look. Then, they were beating him up. This lasted for 3 minutes until he didn't make a sound.

Another scene appeared, this time, the boy had a Fluttershy jacket, blue pants, and was wearing a mask. He was at a garage or basement. He had a knife. There were the same 5 boys from the last scene but they're hands are tied. The boy stabbed all the five boys really hard. It was really gruesome to watch. They were also no sounds of the boys when they were stabbed for the remainer of the video.

I searched up Fluttershy1998 on the web. He was exactly like the one on the clip. He had a Facebook link. I clicked on it and his real name was Lucas Cameron.

I found out that they were 99 notifications on Facebook. They were just regular notifications as always but theres one that was from Lucas Cameron. I clicked on it and he posted this.

"Do you like the Pokemon Rom I made? If you liked it, I have more things that you might like".

I exited Facebook and just forget everything that happened. I just pretend that none of this have happened.

I turn on the tv to see CNN news. It said that one girl fainted for no reasons. No one knows what causes the girl to faint. The girl's name is Mika. Wait, I recognized that girl from the game. So, I made her faint from the game. I didn't know what I have done wrong.

But thats not all, one boy got killed by a 18 year old man. The man was at court that the judge asked questions to him. He asked, why were you doing all of this.

The man said "You have ruined my childhood, thats why I did this; to revive it".

This is why I never play Pokemon Diamond ever again.