Name: Adam Reynolds
Agency: IFD (Independent Family Disappearances)
Rank: Private Detective
Case: Disappearance of Edward "Eddie" Anthony

Victim Information
Age: 15
Height: 5"5
Weight: 145 lbs.
Date of Disappearance: 4/1/13

Adam Reynolds reporting. I was personally contacted via e-mail by the family of newly turned 15 year old Edward Anthony to report his sudden disappearance. I was sent immediately to their suburban house. It was at a nice, sunny location. It had some woody area behind it, which most families would automatically avoid. It was packed with trees without leaves, and I mean no leaves at all. It had thin, grey branches like it was the end of fall and Winter was approaching. In such a green, well-kept neighborhood, it was like that one tree-filled area was not getting an ounce of sunlight.

Very strange at a time like April. Anyways, a woman finally opened the door as soon as I rang the doorbell. She looked awful. Her hair was dry and sticking up in all directions as if she hadn't taken a bath or even combed in, honestly, years. We shook hands and she introduced herself as Amanda Anthony. Clearly the boy's mother. She led me into the living room and had me rest onto a nice, plump couch. She clearly tried not to look so worried. She'd smile often and even giggle at times. However, it wasn't working.

Her eyes were red and very watery, she had obviously just finished crying and had sloppily wiped away the tears. She had offered me some tea, soup, biscuits, etc. I, of course, refused. She brought over two glasses of water, anyways. The house was, overall, very well kept. The painted rooms matched well with the furniture. Even the burgundy glasses she brought over matched with the oval green walls. They had family pictures in every room in nice black frames. There was a boy with frizzy black hair. I automatically assumed that was Edward.

She started to communicate, just talking about normal things: was I married, did I have any children, even favorite movies. She made a strong effort to avoid talking about her son immediately. Well, she did have to obtain my trust before she told me these things. All people do it. After a quick discussion about our lives, we got to it. She told me about her son and what he did at times.

She told me he spent a ton of time on his phone. After some more description, I asked if she could lead me to his room. She told me everything was kept the way it was the night he disappeared. Clearly, I was the first person they confronted about this. I looked around a bit, carefully avoiding stepping on the mess cluttered about the room. He had a nice, blue room. It had the basics: a small bed, a desk beside it, a flat-screen television, an Xbox 360.

Nickelodeon was playing on his television. Spongebob was giggling with his starfish buddy. Nothing strange about it. Plenty of teens watch Nickelodeon, even my 15 year old son. My next finding was quite strange. It was a Samsung Galaxy S III lying on the floor, screen down. The charger was connected to a plug behind the desk and was lying on the desk, finally connecting to the fallen phone. The phone had clearly fallen off the desk it was previously lying on. I picked up the phone by the side, trying not to touch the back or the screen.

It was absolutely destroyed. The screen was fully shattered, I doubt there was even a part of the screen that wasn’t cracked. All the glass pieces were still in, though. Nothing fell out. However, the phone contained the most important detail as to what led to the boy’s disappearance. It was a conversation sent from texts. The last message was sent at ______. It didn’t give me the answer, but it helped me a hell of a lot.

The following is what was what I could decipher through the cracked screen.

1:18 AM

deadbeat007 Hey

eddiesupremist_wtf umm...who’s this?

eddiesupremist_wtf It's me, Dick.

eddiesupremist_wtf You changed your name again?

deadbeat007 Yeah. Anyways, happy birthday

eddiesupremist_wtf Thanks, dude.

deadbeat007 My dad said your name reminded him of this show called Ol’

Edward on the ‘pinwheel network’

eddiesupremist_wtf They had something like that?

deadbeat007 yeah. He said that’s what Nickelodeon was called in

like the 70s

eddiesupremist_wtf Oh yeah. It was like the ‘Pinwheel’ channel or something

deadbeat007 Yeah I think it was that.

eddiesupremist_wtf So what was the show about?

deadbeat007 It was like some Claymation stuff about a teen boy

eddiesupremist_wtf What was the plot?

deadbeat007 I don’t know too much about it. Let me ask my dad.

eddiesupremist_wtf ok


deadbeat007 ill just sit with him. He’s watching nick, oddly enough.

eddiesupremist_wtf Man he must be a huge fan of nick

deadbeat007 At that age? Makes me chuckle.

eddiesupremist_wtf So, got any news?

deadbeat007 He said it’s about a kid named Eddie with frizzy hair

who used to go
to this creepy black school that looked like some kind of
castle. He skipped

through the woods on his way there. They’d be filled with,

like, dead grey trees
and have this white van parked in the middle of the woods.
Always gave dad the chills.

eddiesupremist_wtf Woods? I had a dream a few weeks back. I walked to school,

like usual, but there

were these woods blocking my normal path. I cut through them.

deadbeat007 You’re kidding.

eddiesupremist_wtf Dude, I saw some white car there….it was like a Dodge Caravan

or something.

deadbeat007 You’re lying.

eddiesupremist_wtf Tell me more about the show.

deadbeat007 Well, Dad’s saying that the whole neighborhood was in a

suburban area that was always, like, sunny and stuff, but
that one woody area was the only place that was always so
dark. The trees looked like it was winter and there was
nothing more than just dead twigs and thin branches. No
sunlight reached it, it was like Satan just kept his hand
on that place. Just looked……so damn evil.

eddiesupremist_wtf …..In my dream, the woods were just like that. Dead trees,

all thin and gloomy, no leaves.

deadbeat007 …..This is all in the opening theme. Dad says there were

about seven episodes that ran about 3 months. It was pretty
big back in the day.

eddiesupremist_wtf When did it come on?

deadbeat007 Honestly, Dad has no idea. All he can say is that it was

during the time the Pinwheel network first got on
television, in like 1977 or something.

eddiesupremist_wtf The dream, I wasn't scared at all. It was like I did the

same thing everyday. The same routine, cutting through the
woods and all, passing the van. jumping over a stream.

deadbeat007 Jumping a stream?!

eddiesupremist_wtf Yeah, I-I saw a black castle in the distance. I ran to it

and went inside this room. It was like an auditorium.
There was this puppet show inside.

deadbeat007 You're fucking with me.

eddiesupremist_wtf No, swear to god I'm not lying.

deadbeat007 Dad is saying that the show had these two funny puppets

start off the show. They'd act out some scenario about
everyday problems and then cut to
the claymation show to reenact the skit using Edward
and his friends. They'd come back to the puppets at the end
of the show to show how they resolve their problems.

eddiesupremist_wtf What problems did they have?

deadbeat007 Everyday little kid problems, like name-calling, bullying,

stealing. But there was this one episode. One episode that
people will not remember. If they do, like dad, they don't
want to remember.

eddiesupremist_wtf ....Tell me.

deadbeat007 The puppets were talking, like usual. One puppet tripped the

other one and started laughing at him. Then, the weirdest
thing happened. The TV just became very, very red. It was
kind of waving, like it sometimes does when it's static.
Then, it went back to normal, but the episode restarted.
The tripping and laughing replayed, and then it just
restarted again. This time, there were no red,
wavy images. The whole sequence just looped suddenly. Then
it looped again, and again, and again. The audio went faster
each time. The video got faster, too. Then, after about 5
more loops, everything stopped. Then, another video came up.

eddiesupremist_wtf What was it about?

deadbeat007 There was a baby. These kids held up a baby. Edward was one

of the guys there. The baby laughed, like any child would.
The other boys were just smiling at it, like people do to
babies. The boy holding it was shaking it a little, teasing
it, playing with the child. Then.

eddiesupremist_wtf Tell me.

deadbeat007 Wait...I'm going to call you. There's a ton I have to tell


The phone had no more messages after that. If this boy, Dick, actually did call. Edward, then it should be recorded on his phone. I went over to his last call. It was just a regular phone number. I traced it back to Dick's phone, and had a transcript made of their conversation.

The following is what was transcribed.

Dick Edward, He grabbed a knife. They had a camera angle of

the knife lying on a table and Edward reaching for it. The
boy holding the baby held him up, and Edward......

Edward What?!

Dick Edward swung the knife.

Edward Oh my god.

Dick No one really saw what happened to the baby, because it just

cut back to the puppets. They were looking....very demonic
now. They had red eyes, they had scales, they were
reptilian. Then....they look up at the screen laughing. They
seemed to look right at the viewers' soul. Then, that scene
got cut off and it went back to the scene of Edward with the
knife. There was blood on his face, his shirt was drenched.
He was looking down, breathing heavily. The worst part was
that this....this was not an animation. He looked up at the
screen slowly and....oh my god. Oh my fucking god. No!

Edward What?! Dick, no! What's happening?!

Dick My TV! My TV! No! It's fucking red! It's waving!

Edward No! Run the hell away!

Dick Eddie......You! You're on my fucking tv!

Edward No! How the hell?!?!

Dick You're holding a fucking butchering knife!

Edward Dick. Run. The Hell. Away. Don't think, don't look, just

fucking run!

Dick're laughing!


Dick My dad just disappeared! I-I can't find him!

Edward Run, Dick!


Edward Somebody's knocking on my door. Oh my god, I'm going out

through the back doo-

The phone call had ended at this moment. They were crying through the whole thing. Screaming and maniacal laughing could be heard in the background. I often times had to look behind me, thinking there was really someone behind me, giggling. It was that realistic. I stared at the cell phone with wide eyes the whole time. I put it in a zip-lock bag and slipped it into my inside coat pocket. I shook hands with Mrs. Anthony and walked out of the small house, promising her an update.

I looked behind me on my way out. The woods had looked bigger than when I arrived. Then, I saw something that took my breath away. In the bad way. I watched with fear as I saw a white Dodge Caravan pull up into the middle of the woods. A boy stepped out. He looked about 5"5, looked kind of big, about 150 lbs. He stood there. Watching me. I could see inside the van through the back windows. In the back seat lie two puppets, peering out onto me, staring into my soul. The boy turned around and skipped away, jumping over the stream.

Mrs. Anthony, I found your son, but I don't think I can bring him back.

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