Have you ever wanted to create your very own video game? Well I did when I was young. In fact I DID create a game but it was a shitty five nights at freddy's fangame that I frown upon to this day, but that's a subject for another time. I was about 11 or 12 when I got the system for my birthday. It was a small gray cubic game system called the OUYA. I was confused as to what it was at first but then I read the description on the back. The description was categorized into 3 sections, to save some time I will put it in a nutshell. Basically it states that you can try any game on the store for free, it won't take long to boot up, you can stream videos, music, and emulators, and you can make video games. After reading that last paragraph I was hyped. I believed that I would be the next Nintendo or Sega. The party ended and my elders started to leave and I had the task of finding places for all my new presents while getting showered with kisses from my grandparents. After everyone left I decided the first present I would try out would be the one I thought was the best, The OUYA. My father helped me plug in the cables (surprisingly there were not that many). After he finished hooking it up I turned on the TV and pushed the black button on the controller and voilà it turned on. I remember the sound it made when it booted up, a faint japanese voice saying "Ouya". I remember seeing a red and black menu with 4 options PLAY, DISCOVER, MAKE, AND MANAGE. The first option I chose was Play but disappointment filled me after I realized that I had been given a system with no games installed or bought yet. My family was low on funds as it is and I was almost 100% sure they would deny my request or give me a lecture about how I was greedy and how I just got loads of new things so I didn't bother. Instead I decided to explore the other options. I chose the DISCOVER option and I was met with a marketplace. I looked through the catalogue for some free games but to no avail. Try  games for free my ass I whispered under my breath. I then chose the manage option but once again disappointment ensued. I was met with an options menu containing boxes for personal info. I put in the few things I knew like my name, my race, my birth, and hell even my location. I was quite weirded out and felt uncomfortable answering some of the questions they had listed. I chose to ignore the rest of the questions and moved on to MAKE. This option once again was disappointing and made me lose hope in the system itself. It asked for more questions like what company do you work for? What type of developer are you currently? What degrees do you have? I attempted to skip past the questions but then a message box popped up asking the following "Why did you ignore my questions?" I froze in place. I clicked ok in the message box and tried to ignore the fact that the system just tried to communicate with me. I decided to call it a night and pushed it off as nothing. I proceeded to turn off the system and right before I clicked shut down another message box appeared "You know it's rude to ignore someone who is talking to you" the message stated. I then tried to click ok on the message box but the button wouldn't respond. I unplugged the Ouya boxed it up and forgot about it until I was around 20. That summer I moved from my house to my college dorm and I packed my favorite things from my childhood like my Korn album's, My desktop, My Retron(An emulator sorta system), and My "Box of old things". After I moved in I unpacked everything and got myself acquainted with my roommate Keith and I was ready for my freshman year of college. A couple months past and I started to get more into video games like I did when I was a kid. I bought old Nintendo Cartridges off of ebay and got a brand new PS3. One day while I had nothing to study for I decided I would go visit my old house and see if anybody inhabited it anymore. I drove up the old cracked driveway and to my surprise nobody had lived there in fact it didn't even have a for sale sign anywhere near it.I assumed it must have been abandoned. I didn't rush things and sat in the driveway, letting nostalgia take its toll. After about 10 minutes I headed for the front porch. I found that the front door was obviously locked so I went to my car and pulled out an old hammer I used to fix my car awhile back. I broke the window in the living room and found a old and rotted living room that was once my childhood. I checked out all the rooms and they were what you would expect Old, Rotted, Moldy, and Pest Infested. I ventured up the attic cautiously turned on my phone flashlight. I scanned the room for anything interesting but found nothing other than termite infested wood. I headed down from the attic and as I did something caught my eye. I saw a old stained cardboard box. I snatched it up and tool it outside into the light. I opened the box and found some old toys from my childhood that were rotted in horrific ways. I scavenged through the box until I saw a solid black box with a clear red screen on top with big white letters. I pulled out the box and all the memories came back to me of the Ouya and what had happened. I was surprised it hadn't been affected by the decay of the house but I was overly excited to play on this system ignoring the bad memories I had with it. I rushed to my dorm and plugged up the system hoping it still worked and to my surprise it came on. I was still logged into my old account and I decided to make a new account so I would get a fresh start. I entered my credentials and then things started to go downhill. I downloaded some new games like Amazing Frog and A few simulators. I played for hours and I decided to take a short bathroom break but as I got up the message box appeared "Having fun?". I stopped in my tracks and pressed the ok button but as I grabbed the controller another message appeared "Why did you leave me to rot?" I started to get cold chills. I clicked ok and went to the bathroom for around a minute or two and when I came back the screen was black. I thought it had went into sleep mode but when I interacted with the controller nothing happened. I sat and waited for 5 minutes waiting for something to happen and something did happen a message box appeared and what it said will scar me to this day. It simply said "I see you Andrew". I was full on scared and I asked the system how it new me and I received no reply. I went to the bathroom and poured water on my face to make sure I wasn't hallucinating and when I returned to my room the screen was back to normal and I was filled with relief. The next few days were stressful since I had finals coming up but when I did get a break I played on the ouya whether it was a game on the emulator feature or if it was a indie game I would play happily. The day after I did my finals I loaded up the ouya and instead of the happy intro of the man saying ouya there was nothing not even a start up logo just a black screen. The menu appeared after a few minutes but the menu was corrupted with random dead pixels starting to form something and the menu colors started to slowly contrast. The dead pixels stopped and everytime I clicked on a option the system would shutdown. I tried every option until I got to the manage option and when I clicked on it the browser opened and took me to a picture of a dark figure surrounded by dead pixels. I downloaded the image and the jpeg was named "HIM". I didn't know who he was but after that night sold the thing on ebay hoping it would never return to me.


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