They're Still Messaging.

"Dude, share your screen."

I was playing on DigitalForge, a Minecraft server I'd hang out on when I was bored. "People are still talking," my friend, TheLou, said over Skype. I checked the tab menu. TheLou wasn't logged on.

I told him to share his screen. At first he denied, saying that he swore that people were still there.

I demanded once again. The Skype window flashed as I saw another user's screen. In the Minecraft window, there we past chat logs, even though he was in single-player. I kept looking, thinking it was normal, until another message popped up.

"Give me it."

I watched, stunned, as I saw the message pop up. It was in the exact same fashion as the DigitalForge message layout. Their ranks were marked as "guest," almost as if TheLou allowed them in. TheLou typed back.


It was in the normal layout with less-than and greater-than symbols next to his name. I stared on as I saw the messages continue to pop up. People asking for other items, asking about commands, but then a message that was completely unrelated popped up.

"There are way to many ppl in the server." I found this as ironic. There were no people here. Another message popped up.

"Help." Before I could comment about this, TheLou logged off of the single-player server. He switched to DigitalForge to find that nobody who was messaging in single-player was on. He then went back to single-player, but the messages stopped. Every message ever there was gone. I then told him if he had screenshots. He responded, "No."

I think I've figured it out. The messages he was getting were probably from days ago. The thing is, in DigitalForge, someone typed a message. And his name was the exact same, as a person who was messaging TheLou in single-player.

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