January 23, 2013

Entry written at 11:14 PM

Listen to your mother. This is what I’ve been hearing all my life by many, many people. I’ve gotten sick of it. By now, I am eighteen, and my mother has died about seven years ago, in a car wreck. I haven’t let that get me down, though, I’ve been doing good in my social life, I’ve been getting decent grades, I’m even the popular kid. Graduation was like nothing, it was easy and breeze full. After the graduation, I look up online Pokémon roms, seeing that there was a new one that said No-T Me.

I decided to download it, seeing that when I opened it in Visual Boy Advanced, it was Pokémon Leaf Green, one of my favorites. I played it, and everything seemed normal; Oak’s Speech, Pallet Town, Oak’s Office, the Rivalry Battle, even the Pokémon. I chose Bulbasaur, since I liked it for its type; Grass/Poison. I went to Route One, and then I noticed the change.

 It was a long path; there were many trees that weren’t their usual color, they looked as though they were in a chromosome type color. Then I heard the music, same as Team Rocket’s base, but slower, deeper pitched, and eerie. I saw a man standing in front of a sign. I approached the man and pressed A. He said this: “I’m mourning”. I decided to keep walking. My character stops. Then, it turns. “Maybe I should go back”, a text bubble read, as my character automatically goes back to the man. The man was gone, so, exhausting all my options to talk to, I talk to the sign. It says: “Sandra Behring (Pidgeot) Born 1971, died in 2006.”

I found this a little... odd. This was the date of birth and death of my mom, whose name was also Sandra Behring. And my mom’s favorite Pokémon was Pidgeot. I found this… beyond limits while thinking about this. I went on more, and then it became the regular Route One. I ventured into Viridian City, both the old man and the Parcel Guy were as if I had already passed through. Route Twenty-Three was inaccessible, blocked off by invisible walls, so I was forced to go to Route Two.

Route Two was normal, the small trees in their normal position. I went to Viridian Forest, and then I noticed a house was there in a path of trees. I go into the house, it was my old house. I began to feel creeped out. It was as if this rom hack was like my life. I soon reached Vermilion City, and then I saw most places I’ve been, and then, the thing that made me snap, my home with my grandma.

Girard Behring has disappeared on January 24th, 2013, at the time of 1:22 AM. We have claimed he may or may not be insane. In his entry, he is talking about how a game is twisting him. We have investigated the ROM, and it was untouched. This is why we claim he is, without a doubt, insane. We have looked into his family history, and noticed his mother had died in a car accident, and his father had left them two months before the wreck. He had been born insane.

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