I awoke in the middle of no where with a trash can, lid by my leg. I saw a cave and went in hope of help. As I entered the cave I saw someone. I ran to talk to him but I tripped on something and fell. When I looked up he was gone. I found a stick and decided to use it like a sword.

As I walked outside, I saw a hideous squid monster coming for me. I ran away but something hit me in the back of my head. I fell and it came closer. I stabbed at it with my stick and it went back a bit. I then saw a chance to run so I fled. As I came close to a river this monster came out of the water and ran at me. It grabbed me and threw me in to the wall. I could hear my heart beat. I ran at him with the trash can lid in front of me. I blocked the punch and stabbed in to him.

I ran north until I found a bridge. As I walked on the bridge, a monster shot me down. I was laying there in pain for a while until the pain was too much and exploded with pain.

I next woke up in my room. I must have had a dream or something. As I left my room for water, I heard dripping. I thought the plumbers fixed our pipes last week. I grabbed a glass and filled it up. As I drank it, I heard something scratching at the door. It must have been my cat, Sparky, wanting to come in. As I opened the door, I almost puked. I closed the door and thought to my self, "I should stop watching horror movies so often." I went back to bed and went to sleep.

I got up the next day for school and got ready. As I opened the door it was there again, my cat's dead body on the porch. I ran to my parents room to find them dead. I cried but then stopped a the site of my Zelda game covered with blood. It had been the murder weapon. I called the cops and they said the only finger prints were mine. I plead that I just touched the stuff when I found my parents dead.

He said that I am probably innocent and led me to my back yard where blood, about eight feet high, read 'nonaG fo egnever'

What does that mean? Will someone adopt me? I had no idea.

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