The shadow of Evil is cold and hard
Like the touch of Medusa's hand
It knows no mercy and yields no end
And hides like grains of sand
But there is one greater than any silhouette
Of evil from where you'd not think
He stays only still till the naked eye looks
Waiting silently upon his brink
My evil, My dark is nowhere near safe,
He seeks the freshest of blood
His heartless mind doth know no bounds
Nor is it a righteous flood
My evil, My dark is a person, no man
Should ever have misfortune of knowing
A spirit so cold and hellishly blind
Just like the wind that is blowing
My evil, My dark waits silently ever
And friend, I give you this warning
Place no faith in hiding away
For he wakes up again in the morning.

Written by XxXClockWorkXxX
Content is available under CC-BY-SA

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