On December 1st, I had a dream. Although it was very specific, and strange. It started at 1:00 when I decided I had to go sleep in my bed, a flower sheeted bed filled with dog hair and light beems coming from the window it was placed next to. 

       It was still dark outside, and the pine trees next to my window were covered in white snow. So, then the dream began. It started out where I was playing as Mike Shmidt, the main character of Five Nights At Freddy's, a wildly popular game that has a huge fanbase, and the creator of the disturbing and mildly jumpscarish game, Scott Cawthon.

  I was standing in the area where you check the doors, look in the camera, etc. Then I heard the recorded message from phone guy, but it was the one from night 5, a dark and devilish voice luminating through the phone, and out towards my ears. But I could hear "hell" said in the ending part of the message, spelled out in words, "h-e-l-l". It jumped me and I could feel a shiver down my back, in the real reality, I woke up shortly after. I couldn't sleep so I decided to look at some fnaf videos, usually it would get me drowsy and make me fall asleep fast, and that's exactly what it did.

  So the dream played on as I fell asleep. I was checking the Pirate Cove area, with purple curtains covered in glitter and star stickers, then I checked the "Employees only" room that was filled with extra Bonnie, Chika, and Freddy heads plus endoskeletons jam packed in the tiny area. I knew something was off though, because in a corner of the room I could see a purple man, or something purple standing in the corner, peering out through the camera and looking straight at me. I closed the camera to check the doors and found Golden Freddy standing in the middle of the room, with a faceless expression, just standing there, almost looking lifelike. I checked the doors very quickly, and waited for Golden Freddy to disappear so I could go back to my job. It took 7 minutes for him to disappear, and then I went back to my job, checking the camera as usual.

  Then I found the purple man standing in front of my door, checking the doors I could see him standing right in front of the left door. I shut it in exhaust as I gasped and saw the man. Then I checked the camera once again, but saw the man in front of the left door, but this time he looked like he had a vanilla colored badge, and dark lavender phone. I checked the right door, but he was not there, so I checked the camera again, he was nowhere to be found, and neither were the animatronics. I was getting very frustrated as I closed the camera and checked the doors again. They still weren't there. At this point I started shaking and I felt cold as I was sleeping, then I looked at the clock area of the game, and I saw that it was only 5:00 am, and I was at 3 percent, going down, 3-2-1, and all of the power source shut off.

  I got a normal jumpscare, the Freddy jumpscare, but it was different. Freddy had no eyes, they were white, but around the eye was black, and it looked gooey, and could have been bloody even of how the eyes looked. The second thing that caught my eye was that Freddy was purple, not Brown, like his regular color would be. It jumped me, and so I woke up. I saw that the lights were turned off in my room, and the door was open. My dog that I have, Schotzee, was not in my room either. And I specifically remembered that I had my lights on, because I always do. It keeps me company so I don't get nightmares, and I guess that dream didn't help at all. All I remember was I kept having continues nightmares, that I didn't even know what they were supposed to mean, some of them were even linked to dreams that my brother had as he was a child. I was never the same again. 

  • This story you just read was actual things that happened to me in December 1st, so if you have any dreams like that, please tell me because now I feel like I'm a phycopath and that's the only thing that happened to me or anyone!