Unexplained murders have been occurring all around West Point, Ohio. All victims have their eyes removed and their eye sockets were filled with tar. These events have been occurring since the massacre in West Point College when students Jack Nichols and Jennifer Livers went missing. One woman, Angela Gomez, bravely tells her story about surviving one of the unknown killer’s attacks:

"I had just gotten home from work and noticed everything was oddly quiet. Knowing my family, this was very odd so I decided to investigate. I walked into my daughter's room to see her sitting on her bed but she was not alive. Her eyes were gone only to be replaced with tar. The creepiest part was she had a slight smile on her face, as if happy. On the wall behind her bed was ‘Behold the sight of Chernobog,’ written in my daughters blood.

"My stomach couldn’t take it so I had ran to the bathroom and, well vomited. When done I got the strangest feeling someone was watching me. I looked up and saw a girl standing in the doorway. Her face was covered by a red mask with scratches where her mouth would be that oddly reminded me of a sharpened tooth smile. She wore a bloody, torn, black sweatshirt and jeans that were in the same condition. In her right hand was a spoon and in the left a handful of tar that dripped on the ground. I still remember what she had said, exactly.

"'Oh, you poor thing, you have not seen paradise,' she laughed as she raised the spoon. 'Let me show you paradise. Behold the sight of Chernobog!' She yelled as she lunged at me. I fought back kicking and punching but my efforts seemed useless against her. I managed to escape her grasp and run out the house. I ran to my neighbor’s house where I called the police.

"When the police arrived she was already gone. Leaving only Lily’s dead body and tar stained floors. I hope the bastard will soon gets what she deserves for killing my daughter and the many others who have died," Angela sobbed. If you see anyone who fits the description from above please contact your local police station as sooniebubeububwdbewkjjnfhbbbbbbbby8777777g7g766666666…………………….."

Hello. Now, I'm not sure how he could read this or even if he will but, oh well it’s worth a shot. My name is Jennifer but I am known as Jenny: Murderous Jenny to be specific. I am sending out this message to Eyeless Jack. Jack, I'm sure you probably remember me after all I am the cause for your little, ‘incident’ per say but, in case you don't I shall tell you,.I will start from the day before the incident. So listen good, Jacky.

I was leaving my dorm with my irresponsible roommate, Chelsea, inside. Okay, maybe that was a bit much. She's not irresponsible but she does have a bit of a drinking problem I walked with my backpack full of stuff for the meeting. On that day, the group was preparing  for tomorrow when we summon our great lord, Chernobog. Chernobog's power is so great that he was going to send me and the other members of the group to paradise and away from this hell called Earth.

As I walked I couldn't help but notice how quiet the campus was. The usually loud and noisy college was now a complete ghost town. It was only six pm and curfew wasn’t until midnight The second thing that caught my attention was it was freezing. I shivered and zipped up my black sweatshirt but, that was no protection from the nipping cold. I heard footsteps approaching which made me look up from my black sneakers. It was Jack Nichols, a boy from one of my classes.

I waved and called his name. He looked up and waved as he walked towards me. Jack seemed like a pretty nice guy:  got good grades, respectful, so he was a pretty responsible kid. That was my first thoughts of him, anyways.

"Hi, Jack," I called. He quickened his pace and soon he was standing in front of me smiling nicely.

"Hey, Jenny. Now leaving class?" he asked pointing to my bag. I nodded, going along with it. Of course, the stuff wasn't for school, it was for Chernobog but, Jack didn't need to know that. I glanced at the purple watch on my wrist and saw the time. I noticed I was running late. I giggled nervously.

"Oh… Just a study session. We have finals coming up soon y'know. Best to stay on the ball," I giggle nervously as I tucked a strand of blonde hair behind my ear. I glanced at the thick clump of trees that is the woods.  

“What are you doing out here anyway? It's gonna storm tonight,” I told him eyeing up the sky. He shrugged looking at the sky along with me.

“Just came out for some fresh air is all. Got done with homework in class and stuff. Didn't feel like playing any video games or watching TV. So I came out here,” he answered as I nodded, trying to move the conversation along.

"Hehe, well, you got your air. I gotta go though, I'll see you later!" I laughed anxiously. I ran off and left Jack standing there confused. I ran through the woods on an imaginary path I had memorized. By the time I got there I was panting from exhaustion and wet from the rain that had fallen. Very, very wet.

As I trudged in the cave Sarah stood there, arms crossed and foot tapping. She glared at me as if she wanted to set me on fire.

"You're late," she muttered staring me down. I sighed and placed my bag on a chair. She picked up the black book bag and emptied the contents on the table. Out poured bottles of tar, robes, mask, scalpels, spoons, and other queer tools. It amazed me how I managed to shove it all in. She smiled slightly, something odd for the serious girl.

"At least it's the stuff we need and not comic books. Again," she smirked. I scowled remembering when I accidently brought my comic books instead of the books full of the information we needed. I was in a rush that day because Chelsea had been out partying late the night before and spent the day vomiting. It wasn't fun. Not one bit.

"That was a one time thing," I whined. Everyone laughed and we continued the meeting as planned. We got alot done: reciting the chant for Chernobog,  fitting our robes, and other stuff we'd need for tomorrow. Not only would we be released into paradise by Chernobog, but we'd perform the ritual with many more people than who are in our small group.

By the time the meeting was over it was a bit past ten thirty. I trudged through the grassy yards for what seemed like hours but, was really only minutes, before I came to my dorm. I unlocked the door and saw to my hammered roommate asleep on the couch. I sighed and mustered the strength to pick her up and carry her to her bed. She smiled and hugged the sheets in her sleep.

I rolled my eyes and flopped on my bed. I stared at the ceiling before shutting my emerald green eyes. In my dreams I imagined the beautiful paradise I’d be sent too but, something was very odd about my dream. Everything was red and seemed a bit sadistic.

When I woke up the next morning shrugging off the odd dream, I didn't even bother to change from my jeans and red tee shirt. I shot out of bed and brushed my straight blond hair into a messy bun and brushed my teeth. I slipped on my black sneakers and grabbed my book bag. I read a bit of Green Lantern before slipping on my black sweatshirt, then ran out the door leaving my roommate inside, still sound asleep.

I had some time before classes so I decided to pay Jack a visit. I felt bad for blowing him off yesterday. I had once helped my friend Luna spy on Jack's roommate when she thought he was cheating on her so I knew which one it was. After passing dozens of doors I finally came to Jack's dorm. I stared at the white, splintering, wood door for a moment.

I knocked on the door and a sleepy looking Jack answered. I don't understand why he would be so sleepy, it wasn’t early. I didn't ponder it too much, it wasn't any of my business.

“Oh, hey Jenny,” he said with a hint of confusion in his voice. I smiled and waved.

“Hi Jack, what are you doing inside on a Saturday?” I questioned. He glanced at his desk before looking back at me.

“I'm getting my studying done early so I can enjoy the rest of the day with relaxation," he told me. I nodded my head understandingly and placed my hands on my hips.

"Well, I'm sure you've done enough studying, you should come outside. Everyone's doing something today," I suggested gesturing to people throwing frisbees and sitting around talking to their friends. It was much busier than the day before and it brought me reassurance nothing seriously weird is happening. Jack nodded.

“I’ll come out when I’m done I guess,” he replied. I giggled and nodded once again.

“Okay, see you later,” I giggled before before rushing off again. I sat down on the damp grass and began to read information on Chernobog. I noticed Jack coming out from his room I ran up to him and placed my hand on his shoulder. He seemed a bit startled but then he saw it was just me.

“Oh, hey Jenny,” he stuttered. I smiled as I suddenly got an idea.

"Hehe you're outside of that dark room! Took my advice to come out eh?  You should hang out with me and my friends. We're gonna go for a walk in the woods."  Jack raised an eyebrow questioningly.

“For what?” he asked skeptically. I laughed.

“We're just hanging out at our place. Come on, don't be a wuss,” I tried. He still seemed skeptical but I finally convinced him to come. “Hooray! To the cave!” I giggled as I dragged him along.

“The cave?” he asked confused.

"Our hangout silly! Sarah found it at the beginning of the year, so we decided to make it a hangout area for us."

“Us?” he questioned. Man was he full of questions. He looked over his shoulder as the school slowly faded away.

"Me, Sarah, Bobby, Fred, and Luna. You ask a lot of questions," I told him. He let out a nervous laugh.

“Sorry, I don't mean to. I've been having a rough weekend is all,” he answered. I looked back at him and smiled.

“It’s okay, we all have our days,” I answered. After a few minutes of walking Jack seemed to grow nervous. He opened his mouth to say something but I cut him off. “We’re here!” I sang as I ran ahead of him. Bobby, Luna, Sarah, and Fred came out of the cave greeting me happily. Until they looked over and saw Jack. They forced smiles but were clearly not happy.

“Uh, hey,” Jack replied nervously as he waved slightly. The others said hello but Sarah crossed her arms.

“What's he doing here Jen? I thought it was just going to be you,” Sarah scowled. I sighed and walked over to Jack saying what a cool guy he was. After that everyone seemed to ease up but Sarah would keep on giving Jack dirty looks. After a while lightning roared in the distance. Everyone moaned as we left, well everyone besides Fred and me but after awhile I decided to go home.

I only meant to stay home for a couple minutes but the day took it’s toll and I ended up falling asleep. When I woke up it was around two am. I gasped as I ran out the door. I could see the smoke of the fire drifting over the trees. I quickened my pace and saw Jack watching the ceremony from behind the trees. He turned to run but ran into me.

“J-Jenny! Thank god you're here! Th-there's this cult thing, w-we got to go tell someone!"  he stuttered. I simply smiled.

"Cult? There is no cult, Jack. You're just overreacting,"  I chuckled trying to convince him. He didn’t believe me. He grabbed my shoulders.

"No! Listen to me! We need to get out of-” he was cut off by a rock hitting his temple. He fell to the ground with a thud and blood trickled from where the rock hit. The members heard Jack fall so they walked over and smiled. They lifted up the unconscious boy and carried him to the operating table as I got ready.

I was the sacrificer, I did the deeds that were needed for Chernobog's sacrifices. My black, long robe matched the other's but my mask wasn't blue but, pure red. There were rounded eyeholes, with feminine eyelashes painted on over it, so you can see my green eyes but no mouth. Jack finally woke up and started to panic. He tried to escape, but didn't succeed, as the leader said the oath. I moved up in front of Jack. He looked scared so I removed my mask and smiled at him kindly.

"Isn't this great Jack? The great lord Chernobog has chosen you to be his son! I never knew you'd be the one," I smiled. Jack shook his head crying.

"No! Jenny no! Please, please don't do this!" He begged, watching me stop in front of him. I giggled placing my hand on his forehead.  I picked up a spoon. He started to scream as I sent the spoon under his eye. I circled around and removed his eye from it's socket. He screamed and squirmed which was messing me up.

“Hold still Jack, you’ll make me kill you,” I warned calmly. I scooped out the other eye, ignoring his cries. I picked up a handful of tar and placed it in his empty eye sockets, the substance dripping down his cheeks like tears. He screamed and I started to see spots. My sight darkened and as I was blacking out I saw Jack change before my eyes.

When I woke, I was in pain. A burning, awful pain. My robe was shredded off revealing my lesser ripped clothes. My mask was off and I was covered in blood. Jack stood over now dead Bobby. Jack was no longer human. He had sharp claws and teeth with pitch black skin not to mention his nonexistent eyes. He turned and faced me. I smiled letting warm blood trickle from my mouth onto my shirt, staining it even more than it was before. He scuffed at me.

"Take me to everlasting paradise," I smiled. He growled and told me I didn't deserve paradise. He picked up Bobby's mask and put it on leaving tar stained tears down the side like his cheeks were. He walked away, leaving me screaming. I stood up, ignoring the burning pain and continued to scream for him hoping he'd return.

I heard a scared whimper. I turned around and saw a almost dead Sarah. She looked at me in terror and something in me snapped. I smiled a sinister grin. I picked up the spoon and scooped her eyes out like I did with Jack. Sarah screamed making me laugh maniacally. I picked up some tar and shoved it in Sarah's empty eye sockets.

"Behold! The sight of Chernobog!" I laughed maniacally before Sarah let out her last breath. I started to giggle. I never felt so much happiness before. That’s when I realized it, this is my paradise Chernobog had sent me to. He opened up a whole new perspective of life. A perspective that showed how powerful I really am. A perspective that made me feel free, and happy.

I looked down and saw my mask lying on the ground. There were scratches cut near the mouth so it looked like it was grinning with sharpened teeth. I picked up the mask and placed it on my face. I grabbed my backpack from the cave and shoved my spoon and containers of tar inside.

I heard the sounds of sirens which made me worry. I ran off into the forest without a goal just knowing I had to run. I paused after a while of running. Jack was somewhere probably ignoring the gift Chernobog gave, not praising it as I did. I clenched my fist and went to find Jack. He would soon learn to praise Chernobog for being so grateful.

Now, Jack, I am warning you you will pay for ignoring Chernobog's gift. You will pay, that is a fact. Now Jacky, behold the sight of Chernobog and you better watch out because I'm coming for you.

P.S. It's really sad how the reporter who wrote some of this can behold Chernobog and you can't, Jack.

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