Does anyone remember an old PC game from the early 1990s called Mr. Mix?

It's mainly a typing game, similar to "Mario Teaches Typing", where you have to type words into a box to make a chef (the titular Mr. Mix) put ingredients into a bowl.

Unlike most typing games, however, this game is notorious for having an insane difficulty curve. The game has a "Words per Minute" requirement for each level, being as low as 10 on level one and as high as 85 on the third.

By level five, the requirement reaches over 500, effectively making it impossible to proceed any further.

After hearing this, I decided to download it and try it out. In a video called "Let’s Play: Mr Mix", it had the website address on it where it could be downloaded, (I would rather not say what it was, for reasons you'll see in a second).

I entered the address into my browser, and I came to a site that was completely black, except for a line of yellow text, a download link. I clicked on it, and a file started downloading.

Once the file was downloaded, my computer went crazy. It was the worst virus I had ever seen. System restore didn't work, the entire computer had to be rebooted.

Before doing this though, I copied the file onto another computer. I tried to open it on my now empty computer, and as I suspected, there was a Mr. Mix file on it.

I clicked on the file, and it took me to the contents:

1. README.txt.

2. Mr.Mix.pdb.

3. Mr.Mix.exe.

4. Framework Redistributable 4.0 setup.msi.

5. NET Framework 4.5.

6. HELPME.txt.

I clicked on the first file, and it took me to a page that read:

Welcome to Mr. Mix

Help to Mr. Mix help cook, write down the ingredients and he will prepare it for dinner.


Just write the names of the ingredients with your Keyboard.

Can you reach Level 6?

You need to install "dotNetFx45_Full_setup" and "xnafx40_redist" to play it!

The files are in the folder. Just install it and have fun with the game.

A game by MrMix Productions. With help from our friends from .

Created by Jackjan.

I already knew that, but there was one content that stood out from the others:


I clicked on it, curious, and what I found sent a chill down my spine:

Hey you!

Stop and don't play the game!

-It's haunted! Probably you heard about the story of the hackers who decompiled Mr. Mix and saw level 6. Originally we were 16 people

-And I was one of them.

-Mr. Mix was originally programmed for the console.

-Mistake... It was a mistake!

-Run.. For your life and destroy the game...

-Must find..... Don't take it!.....

-If you have already played it, you're lost... HE is coming for you... He controlled me


After that, I didn’t touch the game or do anything with the game... Was this a joke? A hoax? A few weeks passed and I changed my mind… I was gonna play it and not be such a wimp.

One of the main things that I noticed about this game immediately was the background music.

The music on the first level was an unsettling pattern of growls that got progressively louder as the level went on, slightly causing damage to my computer speakers that were not designed to handle extremely high volumes of sound.

The second level had no music at all and the third had what sounded like an extremely low-quality recording of a hair dryer playing in the background.

The remaining two levels had an extremely loud high-pitched ringing throughout the level that made my ears hurt pretty badly.

Another rather disturbing aspect of the game was the design of Mr. Mix himself. He was a large, round-faced, overweight man with large beady eyes and red spots on his cheeks.

Another weird thing was that NOTHING at all in the game moved, it was just a picture of Mr. Mix holding a bowl.

I got to level six… and what happened was horrible. Mr. Mix’s eyes turned red. His face turned red and scowled at ME! He grunted and said in a distorted, raspy voice:

“I warned you…”

The sound in the background changed to screaming…. and Mr. Mix wasn’t holding a bowl anymore. Instead, he was holding a bloodied butcher knife and a bloodied butcher apron.

Suddenly, 6 download bars popped up on the bottom left corner of the screen. All of them said “DEAD.PNG”. I was about to click on the ‘X’ in the top left corner, but then Mr. Mix said:


I felt the bile rise in my stomach. I didn’t care what Mr. Mix said….. I was going to close this game. I scrolled to the top left corner and pressed but it wouldn’t work. Mr. Mix smiled at me and said in a deafening voice:


He let out a raspy distorted voice and pulled up his knife. Just then, smoke started to come on the screen. It looked like a cloud had just engulfed wherever Mr. Mix was.

The screen violently twitched and twisted, it contorted into weird shapes. Just then there was a weird sound of whispering. The screams and cries went away… all was silent. It could have been me but I think that I started hearing whispers.

The whispers stopped, instead it turned into sobbing. Mr. Mix’s face had a disturbing smile on it. Mr. Mix’s expression didn’t change.

I glared at him, he glared at me. The more I stared the bigger his smile got. It got bigger and bigger until it looked as if his face was going to split in half.

The whispers came back, they were more noticeable. They still sounded like gibberish, though. The whispers started to turn into screams.

The screams turned into laughing. It got more and more louder until it was at the point where I had to mute the sound.

An image flashed on the screen for at least a millisecond. There was no telling what it was, though. More images flashed on the screen, until I heard Mr. Mix say:

“It was you’re fault you downloaded this game. You will be viciously slaughtered and disemboweled. I will leave you dead, gutless, limbless."

"You have done it. By the moon’s rise, you’ll realize that this is not a joke. You don’t know the fate that is coming, but you will never know."

"This is not some cutesy typing game, it’s a nightmare. I, Mr. Mix hide in the darkest corners of your mind. You may close this game, but it will cost you.”

I pushed the ‘X’, and went to my drive. There were six new files in my hard drive, I clicked on each one.

All of them were of dead, tortured people with their eyes torn out.

The sixth one was me.

Credited to SnozBerry.