I stand in the shadows, watching the park from a distance. I protect children, but that's not what everyone thinks. Because of my appearance, people think I stalk children and kill them, but this is not true. Countless articles online state I'm a killer, but I am certainly the opposite. I only want to help, but the way humans see it I just want to murder their poor children.

But that's okay.

Even I have to admit, I'm not the most pleasant sight. I have a blank face, I can extend and retract my limbs as I please, and I have tentacle-like appendages coming from my back. I can understand why people are scared of me. I'd try to explain, but I have no mouth to, therefore I cannot correct their mistakes.

But that's okay.

My job is to protect children, and even if I have to do it from a distance so I do not scare the humans, it's still getting done. If I leave my post from the dark, I will make the poor children scream and cry, and their parents will try to assault me. I am not here to scare people; I am here to help, so because of my appearance, I keep to the shadows.

I feel a small tugging at my coat and I turn around to see a little girl. She doesn't seem at all frightened when she sees that I have no features on my face. In fact, she looks quite concerned "Mister, you have no face! How do you talk or see?" I stare at here, wishing I could answer the little girl's question. Even if my eyes are not visible, I can still see, for my job is to protect, and if I had no sight, how could I? She seems to suddenly realize I cannot answer her "Oh, I'm sorry! I hope I didn't offend you, Mister!"

I shake my head and she smiles. "Why are you standing in the dark, mister? Are you watching over these people?"

I nod my head.

Her smiled brightens, but then it is replaced with a frown.

"Are they scared of you?"

I nod, hanging my head sadly.

She frowns, "But why?"

I point silently to my blank face and then gesture to the appendages protruding from my back.

She frowns, "But I've seen those things, and I'm not scared!"

If I had a mouth I would be smiling. Instead, I do the only thing I can think of, and I pat the young girls head.

She smiles up at me. "Even if you are scary, I like you. You're a nice man, watching over small children like me." My mental smile grows as she hugs me legs.

I bend down to the girls height and she looks at me.

"Are you smiling, mister?" I nod and her smile brightens. "Will you be watching over us, even after we go to sleep?"

I nod again, and she hugs me, being careful about my back. "Thank you. You are a nice man." And for the first time, I feel needed.

Why do people post fake stuff about us....-Slenderman