Here is a blog of one of the weirdest and creepiest things I've ever seen on Minecraft.

July 24th, 2013

It was a normal day on Minecraft. I had built a city with my friend on the Xbox 360 version of Minecraft. We had built a giant science laboratory and I was playing offline for today. I walked into the Science Laboratory and I saw people wearing Scientist skins.

I thought to myself, "That's weird. I thought I'm playing offline."

I checked and no one else was in the game but the scientists. They were operating on something. I turned invisible and walked into the room. They were operating on someone in an entirely red skin with a black X on the front of their head. One of the scientists turned to me. I was surprised because I was invisible in the game. I ran out then saved and exited.

July 25th, 2013

I got back on today. I noticed when I went in the Science Lab that the room the scientists were in had a sign that said Project X has escaped.  That really creeped me out because it was actually in bold. I walked around then I went into my house and there was a sign that said, "I'm coming for you..." 

I got rid of the sign and walked around. I saw my friend got on so I invited her to the party and game. She joined and I told her about the signs. I showed them to her and then we heard someone walking around. We looked around and saw someone attacking a creeper. They were in the regular Steve skin with Diamond Armor, a Diamond Sword and a Bow. All of that stuff was enchanted.

After he killed the creeper he looked at us. My friend ran away and I just sat there looking at him. He walked up past me to a sign that said, "You four will die soon..."

Four? There's only Me, Jasmine, and Steve. Jasminease (my Xbox LIVE friend) came back and said, "Brandon, Herobrine is outside..."

I've told her a million times that I don't believe in Herobrine! I went outside, and I actually saw Herobrine! He ran up to Steve and tried to stab him with a enchanted Iron Sword. Then someone came up behind him and stabbed him with an enchanted RED FREAKING SWORD. I looked at him and he had Notch's skin! Herobrine teleported away with red particles in the air. I saved and then exited because it was like 1:00 AM.

July 26th, 2013

I just got back on and everything was different. I invited Jasminease and when she go on she immediately started saying All hail Project X. I flipped out when I heard her saying that because she sounded like she had no emotions and she is always, and I mean ALWAYS happy. I walked around and everything was on fire. Project X was on a throne and Steve, Herobrine, Notch and Jasminease were bowing down to him. I ran up to him and hit him with the enchanted red sword.

Flashback of how I got the sword---------

Notch: Puts on the screen Take My Sword. You'll need it.

Brandon: Okay.(Takes the sword)

He coughed up blood and ran away. Jasminease and the others stood up and all put on enchanted Black Armor with Black Swords that were enchanted. Jasmine ran up to me (FYI, I had left the party) and tried to stab me. I had no other choice.

I Had to kill her. Since all this weird stuff has happened, I wasn't sure if she would die in real life or not. But I had to try.

I stabbed her in the stomach and her body disappeared. A weird rainbow splash potion appeared in my inventory and when I went to it it said Splash Potion Of Cleansing. I thought for a second then threw it at them. The Black Armor and Swords disappeared and changed into Diamond Armor and Swords that were enchanted.

I already had enchanted diamond armor on. I gave Notch the red sword for the enchanted Diamond Sword. We all ran up to Project X and attacked him. Everyone got knocked back. Notch gave me the red sword then him and Steve died. Herobrine was just knocked out. I ran up to Project X and stabbed him in the chest. I could hear a scream from my TV and Project X disappeared with red particles in the air. Jasminease joined the party and said, "I'm okay. I just got knocked out after you killed my person." Then the game saved randomly and everything was back to normal after it finished saving.


Sorry about the girl dying first, she was in the party when I was writing this and she said Can I die first?! So I said "sure".

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