Has anyone ever played the game Raging Blast 2? It's a fighter similar to Tekken or any street-fighter, but this one is Dragon Ball Z, and instead of street-fighter style, it's 3-D style similar to a Rockstar, but instead the camera angle has one main focus; the opponent. If anyone is familiar with the Anime Dragon Ball Z, then you should know what I'm talking about. I am quite good at this game, and I got it for Xbox at around mid-2012.

When I got the game, it was my first experience with Xbox, so this was the second game I played on Xbox, the first being L.A. Noire. So I ordered this game off Amazon, and I was really excited about it. The first battle I played was Goku vs. Krillin. I beat him easily. As I progressed throughout the game, I got better at it, really fast. It took me the bare minimum of 3 hours to master the game, or so it thought. At this time, it was summer, so I was in North America at the time (I study in Bangkok). So when it was time to leave, I left the Xbox there, but took RB2 with me.

After six months, I got an Xbox that would be more suitable for Bangkok. When I played RB2 again, my skills were quite rusty, but I got used to it after a few hours. After a few months, I finished Galaxy Mode 100% (the main story mode), so I decided to play Battle Zone. Unlike Galaxy Mode, where you travel across planets defeating enemies, Battle Zone is when you fight a list of characters, and fight them one after another.

In Battle Zone, you get a lot of zones, where you fight around 10 fighters per Zone. There are about 10 normal zones. Once you finish these 10, another 10 are unlocked, but they are named, 'Ultimate Zones'. Galaxy Mode is child's play compared to Battle Zone. However, it is like 100 times harder.

Once I got into the first zone, I defeated the characters with ease, since I was really good at the time. Once I got to the 10th and final battle zone, the first Ultimate Zone was unlocked. The Ultimate Zone is definitely for pro's 1000x more skilled than me (the game even warned me before I entered the first Ultimate Zone). 

I had a hard time at first, using Goku, and once I got to the Zone which Android 13 was guarding (which means he was the last person I had to fight in the zone). When I got to that zone, the first person I had to fight was Vegeta. It took me at least five tries to defeat him. The rule is if you are defeated by someone in Battle Zone, you have to start the zone again from the beginning.

Next, the game gave me a choice if I wanted to take route A (Meta-Cooler, Tien, then Android 13) or route B (Mecha-Frieza, Yamcha, then Android 13). Route B was easier than A because Mecha-Frieza and Yamcha are weaker than Meta-Cooler and Tien. But I was feeling extremely confident, so I chose A. 

When I fought Meta-Cooler with Goku, I was a thread from dying. But I managed to finish him off. When I fought with Tien, DBZ logic was that he was weaker than Meta, but the game's CPU used Tien like he was 10 times stronger than Meta. I managed to beat him, with half of my health remaining, but it was really hard to survive.

I then went up against Android 13. He beat me to a pulp in 5 seconds flat. I kept trying to defeat him, countless times, but I kept failing. I tried one more time for good measure. He had one health bar left in this battle. I had one 10th of a health bar left. I tried to finish him with my ultimate attack, but... HE DEFLECTED IT AND USED HIS OWN. He claimed victory for this battle.

After this, I got so angry, I took the disc out of the Xbox and snapped it in half. This was about January. After a few months, I got really bored and decided to order it again to play it again to see if I could get better and start from the top. I reformatted and reset my Xbox's memory and data, so I could start again. I got it in May. When I played through Galaxy Mode again, and 100 percented it, I found a better character to use when going through Battle Zone. His name was Kid Buu.

Kid Buu was one of the most powerful and fastest characters in the game. His speed is so great, I could do a 30-hit combo with ease (and I do actually mean this), but he was a 100% pure evil villain. With Kid Buu, I finished the first 10 battle zones no sweat. When I got to the Ultimates, no sweat as well, for the first part. When I got to the Android 13 Zone, I decided to take the easy route B. This 13 was much easier.

Once I got through that, there were a few more gates to finish. I got to the final gate, Goku was guarding it. I beat him just like I did the rest. Once I did this, I played a few other games for a few months. By the time it was fall, 2013, I decided to give Battle Zone a try again, since i didn't completely 100% it. When I managed to get to the Ultimate Zones, I realized that Android 13's Route A wasn't complete, so I decided to give it a try.

But this time, it was different, a lot different. The Vegeta I fought in January was nothing compared to the Vegeta I am fighting now. He was really hard. He was almost impossible. I tried my best to defeat him, and I finally did. I then picked route A and fought Meta-Cooler. He was a lot easier than he was in January. I beat him, and once I got to Tien, he was around the same as last time. When I got to Android 13, he beat me! I put up a long fight, but he beat me while he was at his last health bar.

I decided to try it again one final time. When I fought Vegeta, he was 50 times harder than I previously fought him. When I got to Meta-Cooler, he was about 30 times harder than he was previously. When I got to Tien, he was like 20 times easier than he was previously.

When I got to Android 13, I equipped the special attack Sleep on me. What it did was if I ever used it, it would regain ¾'s of a bar of health. I began the final battle with a 15 hit combo, then hit him with one of my offensive special attacks. I kept doing this. But then when he got to his last health bar, he was desperate, and so was I. He used his special, the 'S.S. Deadly Bomber'. he knocked me to half a health bar.

I then punched him far away with a heavy punch. He was on the ground, still alive. I decided to use sleep to regain my health. Once he got up, I rushed to him and used one of my supers to finish off the battle ONCE AND FOR ALL. I was so happy when I got that done.

An achievement then popped up on the top, and it read: Achievement get: ____________ (2000 G). This was odd. I don;t remember reading an achievement like this when I got to game booklet. I thought it was a DLC or something, but when I looked into it into more depth, I found the name of the achievement. It was called: Memorable Goal. When I read the description of the achievement, it read: Finish what you wanted! This was not the most freaky part however. The creepiest part that still gets me to this very day is the icon thumbnail that went with it. It was a picture on Android 13 in Hell, covered in blood, with an evil grin of Kid Buu in the background.

This gets me because, I remember erasing all of the achievements and memory of my entire console.

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