Note: Mann Vs. Machines was from Valve and I am only making a fan fiction.

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"YOU must defend the facilities!"

"Okay... Okay man, we got to get ready!"

"2nd wave on the run and don't be a maggot!!"

"Right, pardner! Just get your horse butts kickin' over there!"

"I know! And I don't fear anything!"

All of them started to get ready for wave 2.

"Lets, celebrate with beer later lads! If we won and survived!"

"Yes private! But don't get drunk much."

MvM Photo

Mann Vs. Machines

BLU Soldier said as he reloaded his rocket launcher.

"I am out of bubble gums!"

"Quiet down, private! If you want more, I will kick your ass back to Russia!"

RED Heavy kept his mouth shut and didn't talk for the next 5 minutes.

"Only if RED Sniper and RED Spy is here we could-

"Shh! Quiet down, maggot!"

"I heard that RED Sniper is hanging out with those freaks."

"Yes, pardner and I think he got "guts" if you know what I mean."

"Whoa, you mean they're having se-"

"THATS ENOUGH!! Give respect to them! Or I will give you to those bots, private!"

"Give respect to who? To those little cute horses?"


"Boo! Your not even tough though!"


"Um, guys! Ve had a very big problem!"

BLU Medic grab his Medigun to help while BLU Soldier slap RED Scout's butt with his whip.

"Those two are fighting again, pardner."

Without warning, a vehicle flew to the team, scattering them when the vehicle exploded in impact.


RED Heavy shouted to the others and ran towards the front line, along with RED Scout and BLU Demoman.

"Okay, I got a plan. Maybe we should split up."

"Good idea, mate!"

RED Heavy went on the center while BLU Demoman on the left and RED Scout on the right. RED Heavy continued without fear and grab a mini gun from a destroyed Heavy mech.


BLU Soldier stood up and woke up the other two lying on the snow.

"Come on, privates! We don't have much time!"

All three proceeded to the front line to defend and destroy the robots. Non of them are afraid nor retreating. They just went along to kill all the robots. But something had stop them.

"Come on man!"

"After you... What in the name of God?!"

"Oh no... Fall back!! Two big robots coming!"

The team went back as they cannot take it down. Two giant robots throw debris on the team, again, scattering them.

"We need alliance and help from the others!!"

Shouted BLU Soldier as he landed down on the snow after avoiding the debris.

To be continued

Created by: Doctor Gordon Freeman

Credited to: VALVe

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