Some may remember a Bill Bailey Sketch, where there were subliminal messages in the theme tune of Magic Roundabout. Which is quite similar to Candle Cove and that it was all satanic. Well, since this is just a sketch, I dissed it. However, I went to my local HMV, again, and found a CD saying, Magic Roundabout, Lost Episode: The Awakening.

I decided to buy it, but the clerk said that the customer who returned it was an occultist and may have worked with the BBC, and that he wanted to shock people. I thought he told me to diss money. I brought it. Once I was home, I slammed it into my Xbox 360 DVD Drive and there was a menu, It was odd, as Zebedees Face seemed slightly depressed. I started watching, The theme tune was normal at First, but Bill Bailey's Satanic version actually played. I gasped as Bailey was telling the truth.

Creepypasta Magic Roundabout

Creepypasta Magic Roundabout.

At first everything seemed normal, Dougal and Zebedee were playing in the park, when Zebedee revealed the truth, Zebedee had his legs ripped off by his brother Zeebad. and that Zeebad was a servant of Satan. Suddenly, Dougal was possessed, and said Awaken now, or Suffer. After this, several pictures of mangled children appeared, with their Intestines ripped out and all. A photo of a boy, blood red in the face but wearing the same clothes as Zebedee appeared, he had his legs ripped off, and a spring coil placed where his legs are.


Zebedee from the Magic Roundabout.

It was disgusting, I ripped up the disc, and then rung up my sisters friend's uncle. Who worked on the theme. He said that there was a boy who Zebedee was based on, he had his legs ripped off by his abusive father, and that a spring was attached instead. He also said that one of his friends was an occultist, and sent him a script from the theme tune. He left the other bit out but only used it one episode his friend suggested. Mortified, I decided to keep a story a secret, but you have to keep it too, for now.

Normal Magic Roundabout Theme

Normal Magic Roundabout Theme.