Please, Do enjoy. No Romance involved I assure you. 

MadamCPasta (talk) 07:46, December 10, 2013 (UTC)Madam C. Pasta

I rub my gray blue eyes, still not feeling the effects of my morning coffee kicking in. I cross my legs and turn my head to the clock in the lecture hall. Sighing, I turn my head back to the center. My professor was running late once again. I began to wonder if he had ever heard of an alarm clock. I pull out my laptop and started it up, knowing I would need it for note taking. My attention turns to the door at the back of the lecture hall, which had just been swung open with intense force. I have to admit, it made me jump a little. However, the man who entered the door was anything but scary. My professor for this hour, stumbled into the room with his bags in hand.

"Ha...Sorry I was caught in some nasty traffic." He stated as he walked down to his podium, my eyes following him.

I simply shook my head at his excuse. I really just wanted to get class started. My professor adjusted his distasteful tie and cleared his throat. 

"Now, I presume everyone has read the chapters I assigned last class, so I won't waste our time on going over them."

Of course I read, criminal justice is my major. There's no way I want to get anything lower than an A. Most of my fellow freshman classmates were undecided. But, this is something I've always wanted to do. I have no back up plan if this fails, because it won't fail. 

As my professor lectures us, I quickly type the words he says into my note file. 

"Now, we are half-way into the semester; so I believe we need get started on our individual projects, yes?"

Oh, I had forgotten about that. Well, he did only mention it once before. 

"I'll be passing out your topic," He grabbed a folder full of looks like some sorts of case files. They looked fairly new. 

"I have the exact amount of topics for everyone in here. These topics are on a homicide case which is  recent in our country. Now, I want all of you to follow the instructions on the paper I give you. Keep in mind, most criminal justice classes are working on a project similar." He said as he handed each student a paper one by one.

He reached my seat and pulled out a paper from his folder. I take it delicately into my hand and scan over what the title read. Dective's Notes on Serial Killings. I arch a brow looking down at the topic I was given and the strange instructions. I needed to watch a detective's video notes?

"Ah! Aurora, you have the most recent of the bunch. I wish you luck." And with that, he continued on. What did he mean by that? And that smirk on his face, was he trying to test me to see if I was worthy of my major? Well, fine I'll show him. I can do this, I will do this...if I don't they'll...I don't want to think of it.

He finished passing out the rest of the papers to the other students and turned his attention to the front of the lecture hall. "Please don't wait until the last minute to get these done. This project will count for a significant part of your overall grade. But, this is all the time I have for you all. So, you may leave and do have a great rest of your day."

My classmates hastily put away their note pads and laptops, scuttling out of the hall. Pushing and shoving each other to get to the exit. I could only roll my eyes at them. There were only a select few at my university who actually wanted to major in criminal justice. People are scared of all those stories they hear about manics and freaks. They complain about the crime, but they take no action themselves to stop it. If you are going to complain about something, act. Otherwise, keep that mouth of yours shut. But, they don't matter to me. All that matters is finishing all my classes and finally get that degree. My parents  wanted me to be a criminal justice major, ever since I could remember. I remember, after what happened to my brother, them yelling and lecturing at me about how I had to be one. My older brother dropped out of college, you see, and became addicted to substances. He didn't last long with all those chemicals in his body. That's when my parents really pushed and pushed. I had to fill my brother's empty and tattered shoes. If I didn't, I'd be like my brother to them. 

"Still here, Aurora?" My professor interrupted my thoughts. This caused my heart to skip a beat, but only for a short moment. I turn to him with a smile.

"I'm sorry. I was just packing up." I said collecting my things.

He smiled down at me, "Alright. You know, that topic I gave you is really interesting you see."


"It's fairly recent and has been stretched out over time. This has been published not all that long ago. You are a criminal justice major, correct?"

"Why yes." 

"Very good!" He said enthusiastically. "You have proven a dedicated student. I expect great things from you Aurora. I do hope you don't disappoint. And I know you are doing this for your parents and your brother, but maybe you should light up a bit with your work. You always walk into my class exhausted."

I narrow my eyes and furrow my brow. I shoved the last bit of my things into my bag, whipping it over my shoulder. "Don't concern yourself with that." I turned and left.


I sat in the Learning Resource Center at a desk away from all others. I didn't want to be disturbed while I got to work on this project. I had a couple of hours until my next class, which was a Gen. Ed. anyway. This was more important. I opened up laptop and typed in my password. While waiting for it to log on, I searched my bag for headphones. I didn't want to bother those who wished to study. Plugging them I pull out the paper from class. I lay it down gently and follow the instructions. I typed in the web address and there it was. There was no thumbnail. Just a dark screen with a play icon smacked in the middle of it. I was surprised to see at the corner of the web-page was a count of how many people were waiting to watch. Waiting? Has this not been fully uploaded as of yet? I put my finger tips to the mouse and tried to click the play icon, but nothing. Confusion took over me; I looked at the paper again and saw nothing saying it wasn't fully uploaded. I turn back to the screen. I try again and again. But nothing. I sighed in frustration and put my finger tips to my aching temples.

However, I am again filled with surprise and confusion. The screen twitched slightly and discolored before going completely black. I slowly lowered my hands and place them over my keyboard. I pressed the space bar, but nothing happened. I looked at the power button about to push it, but saw the laptop was still indeed on. I brought my hands back and extended my neck out to look at the screen up close. Then, like the flick of a switch, it turned back on; still on the detective's page. I looked to the corner of the web page and saw the number of people had gone down. Had something happened to their device as well? Perhaps they gave up when it turned black. I shook off the strange occurrence and clicked on the play button.

It worked.

I pulled out a notebook and a pencil and prepared to mark down notes. The video's loading icon spun around until it slowly faded away and I could hear slight typing noises in the muffled background of the video. Finally, a voice spoke and I begin writing. 

"...Detective's note; the ominous manic is still at large and dangerous. Another victim was found in a similar state that of the young girl in the closet..." I grimaced and shuddered but still continued to listen. The video only just started...after all. 

"Despite numerous blood testing and DNA fingerprinting. The identification of the young girl is unknown. Almost as if she never actually existed. This only increases the high body count of this one manic; whom's identity still unknown."

 "The methods are never the same. They range from simple stabs to complete and utter mutilation. The only thing connecting these murders is there is always a message left behind. Whether it is small or large or even what materials were used to create this message. It always reads, 'Go To Sleep.' There have been few witnesses who claim to have seen the manic. All descriptions relatively the same but unfortunately all too vague." 

I quickly flip the page to continue writing, copying everything the detective said.

"The movements of the killer are also sporadic and, quite literally, all over the map. However, the manic has not made it out of the country as of yet. The methods of which this manic travels are like many things, unknown." There was pause and I could hear the detective clearing his voice.

"Returning to subject of the young girl, a man was reported missing approximately three days ago. I suspect this disappearance is related to the other crimes." Another pause, but instead of a clearing of voice, a sigh of labor followed. 

"The case of the young girl and the countless other victims remain...unsolved." 

I felt my face turn into a frown at the depressing news I had just received, but the video still continued on.

"Detective's note number two; the body of the young man was found two days ago. He had been brutally slashed and, like the others, the same message was left behind. However, we might have a possible suspect for these murders. While doing extensive research going through file by file, state by state; my team and I were able to find something."

As I wrote down what the detective said, I waited anxiously to know what they had found.

"A file about a homicide taken place some time ago. It stated that the eldest son of Margeret and Peter went though a psychological trauma during his teenage years, which lead to the him murdering his entire family in the household."

I found my muscles tensing at what the detective had said. His family...gone just like that... I quickly shook it off and continued writing.

"The image provided for the young man is the same as the many descriptions from the witnesses put all together. This leads me to the conclusion, we have found our potential killer. He has bleached white skin which feels like leather. His face has been cut into a permanent smile and his eyes are rimmed in black, which are the remains of his eyelids. The cutting of the face and burning of the eyelids were...self inflicted.

I nearly gagged. Jesus...why would anyone do such a thing to their face? The pain...the blood...oh God! I felt my stomach knot and flip, but I couldn't stop now. I wouldn't stop now.

"With a lead like this, I feel we are so close to catching this murderer after all he has done. Now that we have a name we can-" The smooth voice of the detective was cut away by a loud and piercing screech filled with conflicting frequencies. I gripped my ears tightly and shut my eyes. I stop myself from screaming by biting my lip. The sound, that awful sound! It made my eardrums shake and head ache. But then as quick as it came, it stopped; and there was only silence. 

I slowly lowered my hands down and placed them my on the desk. I waited to hear the detective's voice reappear. It must just have been a sound glitch, right? A voice was heard, but it was not the one I was expecting.

"...Hello everyone...My name is Jeff." Uttered an unsettling voice. "I don't really like how this story is being published...but...oh well. It's not like any of you could actually catch someone like me." 

My heart raced and my silent breathing quickened in it's rhythm. What was going on? Was this some kind of joke? I went to exit out of window but what was said next stopped me.

"The detective is dead now. The journal is over." 

I heard myself gasp and actually felt my heart stop its beating. What...? No this is a joke! Some kind of twisted and sick joke! I felt the sweat start to form on my body. 

"And you know what's hilarious?! In viewing this document, I have logged every single one of your IP addresses and know exactly where you are!" My already naturally pale skin lost all color. My skin must have almost looked transparent, allowing for my veins to show through. He...It...Whatever it lying! Lying! It's not true. How could he know? I've only logged onto this web site once! There's noway-

"I know where you work. I know your friends. Your family. Your loved ones. I know everything. Soon, all of that will be taken from you." The voice said with a chillingly cheerful tone.

"Oh! I notice some of you are deciding to leave a little early!" The voice taunted. 

I looked at the view count and saw it dropping and dropping.


"Let me show you. One of you works at a Cousin's on Drexel boulevard," Another drop.

"One of you lives in Burbank." And another...

"One of you lives on East Avenue." Another...!

"One of you goes to University and has a roommate named Becky!" A drop...

"One of you is going to Iowa." Another one...Gone...!

"One of you goes to is quite the whiz at the piano... The list goes on and on." The numbers kept dropping and dropping and dropping. 

I was in shock. Complete and utter, bone chilling shock. My mouth wide and my eyes as big a full moon. For God's Sake what is going on?! I'm going to have a heart attack...!

"Oh! and upon reading this message from me, you should start hearing odd noises and feel a sense of fear and dysphoria wash over you. You will become anxious and frantic for no logical reason. The banging isn't the building you reside in. It's something else. Something quite sinister. Something that wants your blood."

This was no joke, it couldn't be...but this surely couldn't be real! This...Jeff is he the one the detective was...Oh God!

"Oh you can try and run! But, If I don't get you, I will get those you love and care about...You, the one shivering in your chair and has a girlfriend named Jessica with whom you live with... She's mine." 

I put my shaking hand over my mouth. Just leave! Just leave! Close the window. Why can't I? 


"You aren't safe. Heh..." He started to chuckle darkly, but it lead into a loud insane and grim crying laughter.  A laugh no normal person could do. The laughing slowly died down and faded.


"I think it's time, for you to go to sleep." Those words! The message! This is really him. If I had any shred of doubt, well it didn't matter anymore!

"I'll be there shortly. Sincerely, Jeffery The Killer." He said with mock and taunt dripping from every word and every damned syllable!

Silence overcame the video again. Was he gone? I looked at the view count. All but some were gone. I moved my cursor.

"Oh! And P.S." His voice chimed back in. "You there...with the tied up hair in a long strawberry braid." I froze. No, he wasn't talking about me, was he? My quivering hand reached up to my hair. I don't know why I bothered, I always wore my strawberry blonde hair in a high ponytail that lead down to a long braid. Well, there are surely others with this hair....

"Yes you, with your green fingernail polish." My nails... "And with your terrified grey eyes staring into your laptop screen." Me...!

"Heh heh...You're cute. I'll take my time with you." He chuckled as I slammed down my laptop causing it to close with a loud smack. 

I was breathing heavily and loudly now. I noticed people were starting to look at me with questioning stares. My heart wouldn't calm down, nothing could! My limbs shook and twitched and my head was full of hot and thick air. I tried to calm my breathing, but it only got faster and faster! I tugged on my arms tightly and bite my lip. This caused me to bite into my lip too hard because I was quivering so much. 

I nearly jumped out of my sweat coated skin as a light hand touched my shoulder. 

"Dear...? Are you quite alright?"

I wanted to answer but I couldn't. I wanted to get away. I grabbed my laptop and my bag and sprinted out of the Learning Resource Center. I needed to find my professor! I needed to tell him! I pushed and I shoved my way through the other students and ran from the building; heading towards where his office would be. The wind pushed against my face, cutting it, burning it! The wind tried to push me back, but I wouldn't let it.

I found his office building and ran straight in, ignoring the front desk. I pounded on his door, begging in my mind he would be there. 

The door opened slightly, "Aurora?"

I tried to speak, but my breath wouldn't catch up with my words.

"Come again?"

"The..v-video! He's gonna...oh God!" 

"Calm down, here come in." I gladly took him up on his offer.

I told him everything that had happened when I watched the video. The strage glitch, the interuption, Jeff, everything damn thing! He just looked at me with eyes that questioned my sanity. 

"Aurora, I know the topic I gave you is harsh, but this...I thought you could handle it."

"What? No! It all happened! I swear!"

"I think you should see one of the nurses-"

"No! I'll show you!" I whip out my laptop and open it. It was still on the web-page. I replayed the video and sped it up to when he jumped in. But, nothing happened. The video just ended.

"No... No no no! It happened! Goddammit!" 

My professor looked at me with concern, " Aurora, I think you should go and rest." 

"But I'm not making this up! He described all these people. He described me!" 

My professor guided me out of his office, "Aurora, you're getting too into this project. You should return to your home. How about I drive you back-"

"No!" I couldn't let him be seen with me, or anyone! Jeff, he said...

"I...! I'll be fine driving myself..."I mumbled out. 

"Are you sure?"

"Yes...I'm terribly sorry for bother you. H-Have a good day." I left and the wind again cut and burned my face as I walked. 

I stumbled into the parking lot section where my small royal blue car always was. I walked slowly with my back hunched over. Gripping the strap of my bag as tightly as I could; I thought it might help my still trembling body. Slowly I walked, with each step my legs worsening in balance. Finally I reach my car. I put my hand on the handle, but stopped. What if he was in the car? Hiding in the trunk? I take my hand away from the cold door handle. I press my face up to the fogged windows, straining my eyes to peer inside. Nothing in the front seats...I move my body over to the back seats. There was nothing there. I tremble my way to the back. I pressed the button on my key seat and I hear a slight pop. I extend my arm as far as I could without getting too close. I rush it open. 


A large sigh of relief leaves my lips. 

He's not here. Just get in the car.

I did just that sinking into my leather seat. It almost felt as if it was swallowing me up. I should let it swallow me up. Maybe I would end up somewhere else. Take me to some place far in the distance. Jesus what's wrong with me? I feel freakin' crazy! ....Maybe my professor was right. I'm just getting too into it. Maybe I've been so focused on my studies I...imagined the entire thing? I look from the cornor of my eye to the passenger seat being taken up by my bag. 

I reach over to it and pull out my laptop once again.

I set it in my lap and open it up. It was still on the web page.

I shake my head as I start the video over again. I began the same, the distant typing noise. The detective spoke the same words.

Then the second part of the video notes played, I anxiously waited to see if that jarring sound would reappear.  

But it didn't. The video ended normally. I looked down to the view count, there were still many viewers. I couldn't believe it. I really imagined all that? But...Well, I didn't really sleep all that well last night. Maybe all those energy beverages and coffees were messing with me. 

That had to be it. I had watched the video over twice now, and there was no interruption by him.

I sighed with a small smile putting away my laptop. I just need some rest and some Advil. Then, I can get started on this project. I was safe...right?

On my way my phone rang, it was my parents.

"Hello?" I answered.

"Aurora this is your mother speaking. I just wanted an update on your school status."

"It's going well."

"Well? Just well?"

"No, it's going great. I just my criminal justice project-"

"Have you started on it?" She cut me off.


"Good. You know you have to pass this course. Your father and I want this terribly for you. Don't be a screw up, like your brother." She threatened.

It made me uncomfortable show she referred to him like that.

"Of course. I'll make you both proud."

"Good, because we won't except another failure in this family." She hung up.

I sighed and put the phone down. I had to do this for them. I couldn't fail them. I remembered a time when they didn't put all this pressure on me, a time when I didn't matter. My parents have always hinted I wasn't supposed to well..happen. But they loved me! I'm sure they do...they just don't like to express it like they did with my brother. But after my brother died, I instantly had a purpose. I didn't want to lose that...

Finally I pulled up to my apartment complex. I hopped out of my car, gently pressing the lock button on my keys. I Quickly made my way up the winding staircases to my small and cheap apartment. I was welcomed by the emptiness and lingering silence which swelled in my apartment. I close the door behind me and leaned against, but only for an instant. I placed my bag on my small wooden table, but that could wait. I just needed some rest right now. Rest...yes. Then I won't have to worry about imagining anything. 


I was awoken by a large booming sound against my door. I shot straight up as my still braided hair flew past the right side of my face. I looked at the digital clock next to me. I don't think I've ever taken such a long nap in my life. I got up and approached the door. A string of anxiety pulled at the back of my mind. A small string, but it made my hand hesitate before opening the door.

"Hey!" My friend, Sherrie, greeted with her wide smile. 

"Hello Sherrie. What brings you here?" I asked as I let her in. 

"I didn't see you our normal lunch meeting and my friend, Mike said he saw you run out of the LRC. I would have come sooner, but I had later classes today."

"Oh, that. Well..." I paused, "I was working on a project for my criminal justice class and I was so tired I imagined somethings that kinda freaked me out."

"Imagined things? What things?" Sherrie said her face drenched in confusion. 

"It doesn't matter. It wasn't real, so why bother talking about it."

Sherrie put her hands on her hips, "Fine. But let's have some dinner, yeah? We can make something here."

"Alright, but it has to be something quick. Now that I've rested I need to begin on my project."

Sherrie groaned, "Fine fine, something quick."

Being a college student I really only had frozen dinners and a few pizzas. So we decided a pizza would be our dinner for tonight.

I sat at the table after dinner typing up page after page, while Sherrie sat on the couch and watched TV. Well, she didn't really watch anything for too long. She seemed to continue flipping through the channels one after the other. I let out a sound of irritation.

"Just pick something Sherrie!"

"Alright alright!" Sherrie stopped at the channel she had just flipped two. It was some media or news station considering the information being given. The calm voice of the news-castor was suddenly cut and a more slightly panicked voice jumped in.

"We are sorry to interrupt the following news program, but breaking news has just been discovered." I peep my head up slightly.

"Two bodies were found with distance between each other."

"Jesus.." I heard Sherrie murmur. I just continued my paper, I've heard this all before.

"The first victim was a detective working on-" 

My typing froze. A detective?

"The second victim was found on Drexel boulevard-" I shoot my head around to the television.

"Both victims were first presumed unrelated, but the familiar message left at both crime scenes lead investigators to believe they are indeed connected."

My eyes refused to rip away from the screen even though I screamed for them to. But they wouldn't, they couldn't. Then those words appeared, Go. To. Sleep. My breathing stopped all together and my body twitched forward and my back hunched. 

"The detective was recording the acts of this killer."

Oh my God. I wasn't imagining it was I? How could I have fooled myself?

"The killer can only be identified as Jeffery The Killer." 

I fell out of my chair with a loud thud. Sherrie turned to me and, upon seeing me, her tanned face drained white.

"Oh my God! Aurora!" She hopped over the couch and ran to me.

I was shaking, trembling, seizing!

She put her hands on me, "Aurora! Jesus Christ...!"

Why did I think I was safe? It was a lie! Everything I had told myself..He was out there! He got the detective and the one from Drexel boulevard, wherever that really was...And he's going to kill me.

"I'm calling an ambulance!" Sherrie told me.

That snapped me into reality, "N-No!"

Sherrie stopped.

I couldn't go the hospital. They'd keep me there for God knows how long. He'd find me, he'd definitely find me! 


"I..I'm fine." I said as I get up.

"Aurora you were just seizing on the ground-"

"I'm fine!" I yell. "I just...please I just need to get some more sleep."

"But you-"

"Please...! Sherrie just go." 

She grew quiet and softly left. 

I stood there trying to keep myself from breaking down and crying. I've never felt so trapped and cornered. I sunk down to my knees and cried and cried...and cried.

I opened my eyes, which were slightly stuck together due to my crusted makeup. 

I lifted my head up from my knees and looked around. I was still in the same place from last night. I got up and noticed the televising was still on, but thankfully, nothing alarming. 

I put my hands over my face and slid them down.

"Two more bodies were found-" I spin towards the television.

"-the time of death for all the recent victims are unknown. The two latest victims were from Burbank and East Avenue. Both victims were left with the same message as before-" I turned off the television, letting the remote slip from my grasp. 

Who knows when he killed all those people. He could be close to me. He could be watching me right now! I needed to get out of here and fast! I couldn't call the police. They wouldn't believe me without any evidence! They'd lock me up! If they did that I wouldn't be able to return to school if Jeff didn't find me. My parent's would...Wait they wouldn't find out, theyre out of the country and they aren't coming back for awhile. They wouldn't find out. They'd still be proud of me. But what about my friends? I need to distant myself from them. He would go after them if he didn't find me. But, maybe if I act like I don't care then he won't harm them? Whatever the case, I needed to get out of my apartment. If he knows where I am I need to leave. But where could I go? of my friend's relative's doesn't live too far and she said they'd be gone for a year. I could just sneak in there...I mean I won't break or steal anything. I just need to get away. 

I looked over to my laptop. I need to get rid of that, he could trace me through that... 

I sat down at the table once again and looked at my project I had slaved over last night. It was nearly complete. All this work and for nothing! I'll just email my professor what I have and I'll tell him, no I can't put him in danger too. I'll just email him the paper and I'll just have to....not go back to school. Goddammit! I have to give everything up because of this psycho. No....I just have to wait it out. He'll give up if he doesn't find me, right? Then I can go back, I woulldn't be going against my parents really... I'd just be leaving for a bit then come back! Yeah, it could work...

So far he's been going in order of who he listed and I was last. If he can't find me...he'll move on! I'll head there right away! I just have to pack up a few things.

It took me longer than I expected to pack up what little I needed, but I had finally finished. I only had two bags filled, but it was enough. Now only one thing remained.

I picked up my laptop and brought it into the bedroom. I placed it in between the mattress and bed frame.  I reach into my pocket and pull out my cell phone. It's best to leave this behind as well. I exit the bedroom closing the door behind me. I picked up my two badges and opened my front door.

"Oh!" Sherrie yelped.

I looked at her with wide eyes but quickly returned to me normal gaze. "Sherrie? Why are you here?"

"I wanted to make sure you were OK after last night. Why are you packed up?"

"It's none of your business." I said harshly pushing past her.

"Where are you going?" Sherrie pressed. "What is going on?"

I had to do this. I spun around, "Back off Sherrie. It doesn't concern you! I'm taking off."

"What? Why? What about school?" she asked frantically.

"It doesn't matter!" I throw my bags into my trunk. 

"This is about last night isn't it? Let me help you, Aurora!" Sherrie pleaded.

I roughly rip open my car door, "It doesn't concern you! I'm done with this school. I've decided to change my life!" It was a lie, everything I had just said. 

"What? Aurora this is crazy! You can't just leave!"

"I can just leave watch me!" I slammed my car door and sped off, gripping the steering wheel tightly and forcing the tears to return into my eyes. It was for her own good.

I had been driving for about an hour until I was sure I had found the house. It was small and relatively hidden. I drove my car into the foliage trying to hide it. I grabbed my bags and walked the rest of the way to house. Reaching the door I knew where to look for the spare key. I snatched it from inside the flowerpot, dirt sinking into my fingernails. I opened the door, there didn't seem to be signs of anyone living here. I shut the door and locked keeping the key with me. I placed my bags down and searched the house for other entrances. There were only two doors leading to the outside which both locked. There weren't many windows and each came with curtains. Good. I could easily hide here for awhile. I just shouldn't use turn on any lights. I looked for any sort of knifes, but strangely I couldn't find anything useful, just an old pair of scissors. I brought my bags into the small master bedroom placing them on the green colored carpeting. I sit on the bed and wrap my arms around my legs. Silence, that's all there was. No creaking of the old floor no sounds of cars whisking by. Nothing. Even with the silence it still felt loud. It was almost like the silence was screaming at me. I couldn't take the screaming silence. I got up and chose it would be best to take a swift shower.


Weeks, months passed? I don't know I haven't been keeping track of the time. I mostly stayed in the master bedroom religiously  watching the news stations. There hadn't been any news on any new victims just information about him. Though, none of it was really useful. I just needed there to be another victim. Where ever is next victim was, they must be hard to find. Perhaps they were hiding like me?

 Even though I'm hiding, I can't shake that awful feeling of paranoia and anxiety. I swear I hear the floor boards creek and taps on the windows. But there's never anything there. I think I'm just imagining things. I must be. He couldn't find me here.

Switch, switch switch. Click, click, click. I went through countless news programs again. I kept hearing the creeks and taps. I'm sure it's nothing, but I wanted to be careful. I boarded up the windows and the doors from the inside. I didn'i want anyone, not that there are any neighbors around, to see the wood covering everything up. I was safe in here. It was a sanctuary. But now I can barely tell what time of day it is. Dammit it doesn't matter, I just need to wait and try to ignore the sounds my head uses to play tricks on me. 

Still nothing on the news about new victims. I grew frustrated. Perhaps the news casts were hiding details? Those fools, I needed to know! I need there to be another victim. 

...Jesus Christ what's wrong with me? I'm wishing for an innocent person's death. I'm losing my mind over this and my body is collapsing within itself. Eating away everything. Everyday day I feel my stomach eating itself out of pure anxiety. My mind was rotting into something I gravely feared. This is getting nuts? I left my home, my friends, my life! But I had to right? I couldn't let them  get hurt because of me and I myself didn't want to die! 

The next day the news headline was there were more bodies found. I felt so disgusted with myself and even felt guilty. As if I caused them to die.

To my surprise there was another report on victims the next day. "Two new victims were found today. It is confirmed they are related to the other victims found. The first victim was a male who had been severely beaten and gutted. The second was of his girlfriend, Jessica. She had been assaulted and mutilated-" I turned off the television. I didn't want to hear anymore.I remember him warning he would get that girl, but in the way he did...I turned away from the television.

I knew I was next. He would be coming for me now. It was my turn.

I reapplied wood to the doors and windows smashing the nails into the wood. With each swing I swung harder and harder. I wouldn't let him get me. Not after all this time.

I was tired, but I couldn't sleep. I continued to watch the television trying to keep my mind at bay as all I could do..was wait.

"Breaking news-" The news picked up. I focused my eyes on the television.

"There has been a sighting of the infamous murderer in this area." A map popped up in the corner of the TV screen. It was near where I resided.

I picked my head up from my knees with eyes widening.

"It is advised everyone stay indoors keep the lights off in your households."

I slowly got up from the bed and inched my way over to the television, almost in a hypnotic state.

"This is a serious matter. Jeff The Killer has been sighted. Authorities-" I drop the remote causing it break open letting the two batteries spill out. Why was he in this area? He's too far from where my apartment is. He's closer to where I now stay. N-Now don't panic! He couldn't possibly know where I was! M-Maybe he's expanding his search? 

I quickly turned off the television manually and threw a blanket over it. I checked ever single inch of the house. Everything seemed fine. Then it happened. A noise. A faint and almost inaudible noise. I came from the kitchen. Panic engulfed my body and my mind. I couldn't control my body anymore. I found myself stepping quietly to the kitchen, I had picked up the scissors that I kept with me. The silence returned, but it didn't feel like silence at all. It yelled and wailed like mad and only got louder until I had reached the kitchen. 

I moved my gaze around, there was nothing to be seen, Everything was still in its place. Just those stupid mind games again. 

I started to return to the bedroom when a crash was heard. The breaking of a vase. The vase that was in the bedroom. I froze, that was no mind trick. That noise was real. I dared not move forward I ran back to kitchen and snatched the phone from off the wall quickly dialing the police.

But all I heard was a dead line and a manically chuckle behind me.

I dropped the phone and turned. There he was, more horrible than I could ever imagine. His skin as colorless and white as the moon. That long and thin black hair looked like it had been drenched in ink. Hair that looked string like, clung to his face and only made his skin stand out more. His smile, never closing, showing his sinister grin. His lips stained a dark shade of red, no red I had ever laid eyes upon. And then those eyes...those horrific and terrible eyes rimmed in black and never closing. They burned into my skin as he looked directly at me. His grin only widened as he cocked his head to side.

"Well, hello there...Aurora." He said with a bone chilling laugh. My instincts told me to scream, but all that was made heard was a small whimper.

This only caused him to laugh more, "You thought you were so smart trying run away from me. Oh, but you can't hide from me. No one can!" 

My lips quivered trying to speak but nothing was spoken but small breathes and gasps.

"You want to know how I found you? Hah Hah...I was able to hack into your email conversations with you little friends, and one mentioned a place like this. I just knew you would try to run away from me so I came here heh heh...And here you are! You see, there's an attic in this place! That's how I got in! It leads right down that hallway." He said slowly motioning his head to the hallway.

H-How had I not known that...? There were no signs of an attic. I...I... 

"What's the matter, Aurora?'re looking at my face, right? Heh heh...Isn't it beautiful."


It was horrific, mangled, sickening, atrocious! It was the damned opposite of beautiful. My thoughts must transferred to my face.

"What? You don't like it? Hah...No one ever seems to!" He erupted in laughter. I gripped the scissors tightly in my hand and took a step forward readying to attack him. 

He quickly lifted his head up from laughing, causing me to freeze. 

"Hah...Heh...Y-You know, you have that same name as that girl from that story. What was it called again?" He asked still chuckling dementedly.

"Oh Yeah...Sleeping Beauty. Ever heard of it? I'll tell it to you! You can be beauty and this," He lifted up his pale and bony hand relieving a large knife. I dropped the scissors at of shear sight of the blade. It looked old and still had remnants of his past victims.

"This can the spindle that puts you to sleep. But maybe we should skip a few parts? I think we should skip to the part where you. Go. To. Sleep!" He lunged at me, madness in his dark eyes. I snapped back into action and quickly dodged away, tripping over my own feet and landing on my side. I lifted my head up quickly and saw he had stabbed part of the wall and was forcefully trying to pry it out.

I got up, stumbling on the tile floor and tried to run. He grabbed hold of my long braided hair and pulled, sending me to the ground. I screamed in pain as the back of my head collided with the floor. My vision went black, but only for second and then I saw him over me. He put a hand down on my neck. I trashed and kicked, but he wouldn't let out. I tried removing his hand, but his grip was stone. Then I saw it, out of the corner of my eye, the scissors. I extended my arm reaching for them my finger tips barely touching them. I managed to grab then and I swung them into his arm. 

He let out a small scream and let go of my neck. I rolled away from him and got up running down the hall way. I saw the opening of the attic where he had come from. I tried jumping up to it, but I couldn't reach. I heard him coming after me. I didn't waste anymore time. I ran to the bedroom and slammed the door locking it. I couldn't get out through the back door, I had barricaded it up. Now I was trapped in the bedroom, with boarded up windows. The boards I originally planned on being my savior, now they were my doom. I had no way out. I heard him stop at the door causing me to back away from it. 

He banged on the door one loud boom after the other. My body trembled, my lip quivered, and  my eyes drained of color. He pulled and pulled at the door handle. 

"Open up, Aurora. This wasn't part of the story." He growled through the door. I brought my hands up to my chest, clutching them into tight fists. He smashed and crashed into door repeatedly. Each time the door jarred forward bit my bit. 

And then, silence. That all familiar silence. All i could hear was my shaking breaths leaving my parted lips and my quicken heartbeat. 





The door swung in, barely missing my face. I yelped at it opened. There he was, standing in the door frame with his wicked smile and sinister eyes that never once locked. He still had the scissors lodged in his arm. 

I backed away until I hit the edge of bed causing me to fall onto it. He slowly entered the room, tauntingly and ripped out the scissors in his arm throwing to the wall causing them to break in half.. I continued to push myself to front of the bed, until my head hit the large brown headboard. He crawled on top of my bed with spider like movements. I moved my legs up to my chest. He raised the knife up at me. I put my hands up in a pathetic attempt to block him. However, he grabbed my wrists and pinned them to the headboard with my hands in front of each other. I looked at him but quickly closed my eyes and screamed out as he plunged the knife through my hands and headboard. My fingers twitched and the blooded seeped out from my hands down my pale arms. I threw my head back into the bed as much as I could and bit my lip to stop myself from screaming. Jeff only laughed.

"Now you can't run away from me anymore, Aurora!" He reached into the back pocket of his pants pulling out a smaller but still threatening knife.

"I told you I would take my time with you. I intend on keeping my promise. He angled the knife down into my shoulder. I screamed out in agony as he twisted it around making terrible noise emanating from my body. He slowly and tortuously pulled it out from me only to plunge it into my other shoulder repeating what he had previously done.

The tears spilled from eyes and my screams made my throat dry. He pulled the knife out once more and I hung to my side, but he thrashed it upward harshly with his hand. 

"I'm not finished yet!" He laughed as he slashed me with the knife across my sides while staring deep into my eyes as I screamed in pain. He did it again and again all over my body. Slash, slash, slash!  The knife making contact with my skin each time he moved him arm around my body. The blood splattering against the walls, the sheets, everything in this room!

I cried and wailed each time the knife pierced my once untouched skin. He laughed as he did it, never once stopping. He looked into my eyes and each time I tried to turn my head away he forcefully pushed it back. One more time she cut me, but then it stopped. He had had his fun and let my head fall to the side with my eyes closed.

This was the end. I tried to escape, but I just wasn't smart enough. I wasn't witty enough. The tears didn't stop the blood didn't stop. They both just fled from my body. 

I waited for the knife to pierce me once more, ending my life. But I heard something else instead. It sounded quiet and muffled. I couldn't make out what it was. It was a sort of rustling sound. Then I felt a strange breeze rush over my lower torso. I opened my eyes slightly but closed them, my vision was blurred but it looked like he was slightly pulling something down, something dark. Why would he pull those...? 


Pain shot through my lower torso, but it wasn't like the pain from before. I was much more invading and strange. 

I felt like being split in two. My body wanting to break apart from the ripping I felt.  My lower torso burned and screamed. I started to softly scream as the pain only grew worse.

I opened my eyes and realized what he was doing. My slightly closed eyes opened wide at the sight of that...inside my body. All the while he smiled and stared into my eyes. Horror filled my face. It hurt. It hurt so much.

Panic. Shattered panic thoughts flowed through my mind.

No! I want it back!

Why was he doing this to me!

He was devouring me whole!

He only grunted and laughed slightly as he continued on. I tried closing my eyes but he always forced them open. 

I whimpered and yelped as it was forced into my body again and again. I wanted to scream, but only cracked whimpers and sounds made their way from my throat. 

I thrashed my legs violently, ignoring the pain from the cuts that he had placed there. He gripped the knife that was still in his hand harder and stabbed me in my thighs and legs over and over. 

My vocal cords nearly cut apart when I screamed. He kept stabbing me until my legs refused to move anymore. They were in too much pain. 

He leaned his face to mine and his pace only quickened. I shut my eyes tight at the new burning sensation, but he forced them open with his fingers.

"You're much more fun than that other girl from a few days ago." He remarked with tease dripping from his words. He dragged his sand paper like tongue across my neck. I wanted to die.

"She had obviously gotten around more. But you, heh, you haven't. You haven't gotten around at all, in fact!" He laughed insanely.

How dare he mock me like this! Why couldn't he just kill me! Why did he have to taint me with his mark!? 

"I'm honored you saved yourself for me!" He mocked then laughing loud and proud. 

No! This-I can't-WHY!! My mind screamed that question over and over.

He laughed and laughed and laughed. 

I didn't know how long he had been doing this to me. It felt so long...

Then, his laughing stopped only to be replaced by a very loud grunt which was followed by a small sigh.

My mouth stretched open and my eyes widened like no time before. I felt it. I felt it all rush through me sending shivers up my entire body. 


My eyes nearly closed and my vision strained. 

I felt empty once again.

"Heh...I told you I'd take my time with you because you were cute...However, I have an idea that will make you beautiful. Just. Like. Me."

He grabbed my throat and forced my face upwards.

That's when I heard it, the spitting of my skin in my face being torn and stretch open from both sides. I couldn't scream anymore. I couldn't cry anymore. I couldn't do anything.

He let go of me, "There perfect! But you look awfully tired. Maybe I ended the story of Sleeping Beauty?" He tore the larger knife from my hands.

"You know the part. Now, just. Go. To." He swung the knife down, "Sleep!" 

Darkness was all that there was.






A sound. A rhymed sound that was quick and electronic. That's what I heard, but I still saw nothing. The darkness was still there.  Was this were you go when you die? A place of no light only a small silver of a sound that continued at the same beat. Devoid of any feeling? Was there no God? No Devil? Just eternal darkness? Eternal nothingness...Eternal Nihilism.

Then muffled voices started to appear. They were distorted and quick. What were they saying? Were these others trapped in darkness?

She's awaking.

Vitals are stable.

Heart rate relatively in sync.


I was ripped away from the darkness as the bright lights rushed into my vision. 

"Aurora? Aurora? Can you hear me?" 

I blink quickly and nod my head. My vision focused and there stood a man in white. A doctor?

I tried to speak but couldn't something was covering my mouth.

"Try not to speak just yet. I'll remove the bandages in just a moment." 

I nodded in return. I had survived? Why?

The door opened and Sherrie ran in, shoving her way past the doctor who had opened up the door.


I looked at her with questioning eyes. I managed to murmur out, "W-hhhyy?" 

"They came back, the relatives. Something happened and they were forced to return home. They found you..."  

"You need to leave now, I'll be taking off her bandages now." The doctor guided Sherrie out.

"Now, you're face was badly cut. We did the best we could but, there will be severe scarring."

They fell off my face. I moved my finger tips to my face.

What I felt was cold and smooth. The doctor reluctantly handed me a mirror, which I gladly took. 

My face. His smile was now...mine. The edges of my lips were crudely cut and were placed back together with rows of metal staples.

My eyes narrowed in anger. WHY!

My face, my once perfect face! Now ruined...why did I live! Why did they have to come back! Why couldn't I have died! I must live with this smile on my face, every time I see it, I'll see him. I'll never be able to forget him. Never..



I was driven home. I didn't speak to Sherrie, to anyone. My parents were now back at our home after receiving the news.

I walked into my house and there stood my parents with grotesque written on there faces.

"You..." My father spoke.

"Don't worry! I'll be able to get back to school in a couple of weeks! I-I can-"

"Go back? With that scar on your face? You almost look as terrible as you brother when he was found!"

"B-But...I can wear a scar over my mouth!" I said pulling a scar off the rack by the door.

"And how are you supposed to get a job looking like that even with the scar!" My mother protested. 

"What? How could you say that...Don't you know what happened to me!" I yelled trying not to burst my staples.  

They both sigh, "You should have taken those training classes early like your brother. You might have had a chance then." Then they walked upstairs away from me.

Why was I hearing this? Why? The memories rushed back remembering what they said.

This world is disgusting! Do you know why?

The world needs perfection!

You need perfection!

You need to listen to our words!

Why can't you just get it right?

Why can't you be as successful as your bother!

Why Aurora! Why?!


I began to cry. The tears running over my metal staples.

I don't know if they were tears of sadness because I was laughing. My emotions conflicted and slowly the sadness that was kept inside me burst into flames of pure bliss.

It started off soft, but grew into a dark and eerie. This was no ordinary laugh, it was unearthly,  uncanny. I screeched and guffawed at my revelation.

I was free! Free from my parent's wishes! I could do what I want now! I didn't have to listen to there infuriating and vexatious demands. I knew the truth now! They never care about me, only about what they wanted to become! That's why my brother left, it was them! They were jealous of him! Of how smart he was! Of how he could actually be successful! They never got to there degrees in college! They put everything on my brother and then onto me! They wanted us to be them, where they had failed! They always told us the world was full of detritus and we needed to fix it up! They're right! It is full of detritus! But why try and fix it?! No one is perfect, so the world cannot be as well! Everything is flawed and broken, that's how it's meant to be! Why couldn't I see this before! Oh yes, them! They told me the world must be perfect! But can't they see? It must be broken! I was so happy I could see it now! I could see what they world's true purpose was! I was happy, so very happy!

And I have to thank you, Jeff. You made me see it, with all your help! 

I no longer have to worry about anything any longer. I can finally be at peace.

Perhaps I'll see you again one day. Perhaps not. But if I do, I'll be sure to give you my thanks.

But now, I think I'll rest and dream about how beautifully imperfect the world is and always will be.

And I wouldn't want to change it, nor will I do anything for it to continue.

I'll just watch and smile.


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