Lavender Town (Original Japanese Version)

Lavender Town (Original Japanese Version)

The Lavender Town music


Lavender Town

Hello! I'll tell you a story about Pokémon. We know that Pokémon is a good anime. At first glance, you'd think there couldn't be anything scary about it. Well, you'd be wrong. There are some scary truths behind Pokémon. Have you heard of Lavender Town Syndrome? Well, if not, I'll tell you the story.

Lavender Town Truth

On September 30, 1998, Nintendo released Pokémon Blue and Red. Many kids enjoyed playing it. There were many people who bought the game. The game earned almost $4,000 upon release. Now, what's wrong with the game?

A boy was playing his GBA and was staying in Lavender Town. He was using his Game Boy all day playing Pokémon Blue. After that day, the boy was found dead! He hanged himself and his GBA was lying on the ground. The investigators checked into the GBA. Nothing seems to relate with the crime scene. But, after this, many other kids have been reported to be dead, hang themeselves, jump off a building, or have minor symptoms such as headaches. Nobody found out the reason or their intentions.

A team researched into it. They inspected all the elements of the game. Including the hue and color, sound, video, gameplay, projections and much more. Soon, they found out that Lavender Town is suspect. Not because of the town shape or the color, but because of the sound. Researchers found that the tone is a lonely, high pitched tone. Researches found that only kids 18 and below have the capacity to hear very high pitched noises that may cause dizziness.

After this had been proven, game technicians lowered the pitch of the tone. The high frequency tone was removed. And the cases of dizziness eventually subsided. Nintendo released another beta version of the game.