By: Creepley

I bought Skyrim a couple years back, and played it for around 200 hours

I installed too many mods and it broke the game....

I recently fixed it, and now have played over 900 hours of it

(Although I leave it running at night & when I leave the house... I have a life yah know)

But I would have never expected what would end up being my reality.....

Right after I fixed it, I booted up the game, Started a new Character (My usual, reddish Argonian named Kogan)

And started playing the game. I started playing a Rags To Ritches kinda story, but then I got swept up in questing.

Everything was normal... That was until I found my first Dragon Priest Mask...

My first was Krosis, who's name was now "Sorry".

This confused me, but I assumed it was just a leftover from a mod I had installed. (I didn't uninstall them right)

Even stranger, the enchantment title was blank, but it was as if it was there.

Then I joined the college of Winterhold.

I played the college quests up until Morokei, as I wanted to collect all the masks, as the first one peaked my interest.

When I defeated Morokei, he let out a very strange moan, along with saying "Why, Dovahkiin, Why?".

This was strange because I had not even spoken to the Jarl of Whiterun yet, let alone done any main quests.

Then I looted his body, but this time the name changed even more....

This time the eyes were open instead of squinted like they are normally.

I assumed this was a glitch so I saved and then loaded, but it stayed that way.

Even stranger, now Morokei's name was "Dinok", I searched the web for a Dovah Translator, and found out that it means Death.

Next I got Otar, but there were no Draugr in his tomb, only burned bodies. This freaked me out.

I asked on the forums of the TES Wikia if anyone knew, no one had the same issue.

When I finally kill Otar, he wailed as if he was in great pain.

I checked out his mask.

The eyes on it seemed to blink

I freaked out, to say the least.

But then I realized that it was just a game and calmed myself down.

The enchantment eerily said "Konahrik" repeatedly to the point where the text was so small I could hardly see it.

At this point I am close to quitting.

Next on my list was Rahgot, so I headed to Forelhost.

As soon as I entered, I noticed them. The Heads.

Everywhere were burnt, Decapitated heads with coins in their mouths. Bookshelves lined the walls, covered in burnt books.

And a cabinet filled with poison. in one area was a skeleton holding a head up to its chest.

I entered the next room and it is nothing like the vanilla game. a river of crimson liquid flows from a waterfall.

Out from behind the waterfall comes a Draugr, but missing its head and charred.

Strangely, it's not hostile. It walks up to me and falls into a pile of ash, as if it was a reanimated dead.

I loot its body and find a note. It reads: "Daar People Drey Ni Dir Ko Vain"

Again I use the translator and learn it says "these people did not die in vain"

I needed a break from all the craziness, so I take a 20 minute break.

I come back ready to kick some Rahgot Butt when I see another thing come out from behind the waterfall

I book it before I could find out what it was.

In the next room there is a Necromancer. I make short work of him with my Crossbow.

As soon as the bolt hit him, he collapsed into a burnt corpse on the floor.

I loot his body, he has a note on him, it reads: "If you are reading this, GET ME OUT OF THIS PLACE!"

I guess I did him a favor.

Next room is the boss chamber, but something was off.

When Rahgot popped out, he was a Dremora.

Then he suddenly cast a spell and turned into a Dragon Priest.

"Ah, buggy Skyrim at its finest." I thought to myself

But then, he casts soul trap on me.

I'm rather confused, as enemies can't normally soul trap you.

Then he gets close to killing me!

But I use my amazing aim (Totally) to kill him. I inspect his mask

But it is almost normal compared to the others.

It is tinged red, and has a knife symbol carved into the head.

I started doing the main quest, and get to Skuldafn, the second-to-final location in the main quest.

When I run into Nahkriin, he soul traps me just like Rahgot did.

He moaned and shrieked in pain every time I hit him.

I end up killing Nahkriin, and then I loot his corpse.

His corpse didn't disintegrate like most of them do, instead it turned into a burning corpse, and when I took off his mask,

His head came with it.

I looked at the mask in my inventory and on the bottom it was seeping with blood.

I took another 20 minute break.

Next on my list was Vokun, so I headed to High Gate Ruins.

When I got there, the girl who gives you the quest to get that scroll was just a burnt corpse with no head.

As a traveled through the dungeon, everywhere there was bottles of poison.

Bookshelves lined the walls with burnt books and ruined books, just like with Otar's dungeon.

In one room there was a random well. Filled to the brim with chopped off, burnt & rotting heads.

They all had daggers shoved in them.

At one point I turned a corner, and there was a Draugr there,

It scared me half to death.

This was no ordinary Draugr, this was a headless Draugr.

It was wearing steel plate armor, probably the headless horseman's armor.

But it looked like it got chopped off, like the Kill-Cam you can get, not like the horseman who just has a hole for a neck.

I killed it. I looted it's corpse and found a note. It read: "Konahrik save me"

I ended up finding Vokun. Again, he cast soul trap on me.

It was a long battle, but I ended up winning.

This time, instead of dying and turning into ash,

The fearsome Dragon Priest ended up pulling out a dagger and slitting his own throat.

But that didn't kill him, he cut and cut until his whole head came off.

He walked up to me, and gave me his mask.

I had no choice, my character couldn't move anyway. Might as well take the mask.

I realize that this could all just be the remnants of a horror mod, so I just started to roll with it.

I get Vokun's mask, but it isn't called Vokun. It's called "Vulom". I used that translator,

It says it means "Darkness".

Next I headed to Volskygge.

When I entered, all there was in there was an empty room, along with about 100 or 150 skeletons.

Along with a pressure plate. Out of curiosity I stepped on it, and the entire room went up in flames.

I ran into the next room.

All that was in there was dead, burnt bandits.

On the ceiling was an ancient Nordic chandelier, with impaled, burnt bodies on it, all missing heads.

In the next room was a puzzle door, which needed a claw to solve.

I checked around, but I was stumped.

All that was around was dead bodies.

Then I saw it

Stuck in one of the bandits on the chandelier was a claw.

I busted out my bound bow and shot it down, grabbed it and solved the puzzle.

The claw was strangely called "The Fire Claw".

It was a strange yellow-reddish-orangish color.

It sparkled when moved around in my inventory.

Now I'm at the final room,

Volsung soul traps me, but at this point I expected it. I kill him and get his mask.

This ones name is blank.

So is the enchantment line. Also blank.

I leave and head off to Valthume for the final mask, Hevnoraak.

I enter the dungeon, and I'm already in the boss room

Charred heads everywhere.

Hevnoraak pops out his coffin and attacks

He casts soul trap on me (no big surprise)

And then he kills me.

The screen goes black, and suddenly I'm back in the carriage off to Helgen.

I rage quit for a couple of hours.

I come back to the game, realizing I could just reload my save,

And it sends me back to before I fought Hevnoraak, he casts soul trap on me again,

And then kills me again.

Screen goes black,

And now I'm in the temple you get the final mask in, and I have Hevnoraak now,

So I place all the masks on the pedestals,

And then...

Konahrik appears

A dragon priest, with blood dripping from his boar-like horns,

His eyes open, revealing empty, glowing red and yellow eyes. Almost like fire.

The room suddenly floods with charred bodies and heads,

My game then goes to a loading screen, which reads

"I caused the suicides in Forelhost, I caused the bodies to be burnt, I caused the destruction"

Along with a picture of Konahrik's mask.

I ended up outside the temple, seemingly wearing the wooden mask.

Then I saw my character was wearing Konahrik's mask.

Then suddenly, without me doing anything a book started reading to my character, voiced and all

"Konahrik is the Warlord of the Dragon Priests. He will protect you. He will keep you safe. He would never harm you. Konahrik Konahrik Konahrik Konahrik Konahrik Konahrik Konahrik"

Then my game crashed

I haven't played since......


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