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This story is meant to do a public test of my story. What you are about to read is simply a preview of a (much) larger story. The story is already 44 pages long in Word and I’m only on Act 3 of 5. The following story is based on the Jeff the Killer and Jane the Killer creepypastas. It is just based on those. This is not part of the official cannon for these characters and I am only using them as characters. I will give a brief history/timeline on what has happened before the story took place. I have changed the background information and the characters themselves. If this annoys you, you may not want to read this story. Tell me what you thought about this story as I want criticism. I want to make this as good as I can. I hope you enjoy reading this.


April 28th 2005 – Jeff Everett moves to Iowa

May 1st 2005 – Jeff’s first day at his new school, he is attacked by a boy named Randy and his gang of friends. Jeff fights them off. In a house across the street from where Jeff fought them off, Jane Arkensaw watched this through the window.

May 2nd 2005 – Jeff’s brother Liu is blamed for the attack on Randy and his gang and is sent to juvenile hall. Jane sees this as well.

May 5th 2005 – Jeff Everett is attacked by Randy and his gang at a birthday party and is horribly disfigured by them. Jane attempts to save Jeff but passes out upon seeing him on fire. She wakes up that day and her and her family are invited to dinner by the Everett family.

May 6th 2005 – Liu is released from juvenile hall.

May 7th 2005 – Liu thanks Jane for trying to save his brother’s life.

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May 9th 2005 – Jeff is taken home from the hospital. He is horribly disfigured. Jane stares at him through the window. Jeff looks at her with a satanic smile. Jane passes out. She wakes up 4 hours later with her house empty of people. Jeff has killed his family and Jane’s family and her best friends. Jane goes over to Jeff’s house with a kitchen knife and is captured by Jeff. Jeff pours bleach and gasoline on Jane and sets her on fire. She is rescued by a mysterious man. She is sent to the hospital.

May 21st 2005 – Jane wakes up from a coma induced by her injuries. The Man could not be found after he rescued her. To her and the doctors surprise, after taking the bandages off, her skin has become an extremely bright white, her hair has become pitch black, and her eyes have become pitch black. Along with this her lips have become a very dark purple.

May 22nd 2005 – Jane receives a letter from Jeff along with a package. Inside the package are a dress and the knife she brought with her to Jeff’s house. She hides the package from hospital staff.

May 23rd 2005 – Jane runs away from the hospital in the middle of the night and visits her parents’ graves. She stays there and cries until about dawn. She then leaves and vows revenge against Jeff. She proceeds to hunt Jeff down and prevent him from harming anyone else.

May 23rd 2005 – November 10th 2008 – Jeff the Killer has become a legend throughout the Midwest area. He has killed thousands of people over the 3 years Jeff has been on the loose. Jane has stopped him from killing a few; however her effect has been negligible.

November 11th 2008 – Jane “Everlasting” is captured by a group in association with the police named Binary Hull; a group created by some of the remaining family members of those whose families have been killed by Jeff.


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All credit goes to moto0523 from deviantart

There she was, tied up in a chair. The legendary Jane the Killer caught in the middle of another failed attempt to stop Jeff the Killer. She had failed so many times before that she grew accustomed to it. Some days she wondered why she continued to search for him. Some days it seemed useless to her. But that was what Jeff wanted. He wanted her to break. She was the only person that was even the smallest obstacle in his way. She was the only person who was devoted to hunting him and the only person who would never stop. Even for as someone as deranged and crafty as Jeff would still want her dead. Then she remembered where she was. The last thing she needed was a pep-talk to herself about not giving up.

“A dark room with a chair, the perfect place to be. At least no one’s going to set me on fire. At least I hope nobody does.” She thought. Suddenly a door she hadn’t seen opened. Two men came out. One was tall and muscular. The other was skinny and pale.

One of the men spoke up. “Guess this is Jane the Killer?” Jane didn’t like the name given to her by the populace.

“I never killed anyone. It’s just Jane.” She growled. The muscular man proceeded to light a cigarette. She could now make out his face, he had rather blue eyes.

“My name is Jack. His name is David.” Jack (the muscular man) said.

“Jack? That some kind of pretend name?” Jane said. She tried to keep any outstanding feelings to herself. “What exactly do you want from me? Kill me? Put me in prison? What is it?” Jane asked.

“We need your help.” David spoke up. Jack used his lighter and lit a candle on the table. Jane had not noticed it until it was lit.

She focused on what they were wearing. Jack seemed to be wearing a white t-shirt, jeans with a belt, and she couldn’t see what kind of shoes he was wearing. David was wearing a trench coat and jeans. She couldn’t make his shoes out either.

“We know that your attempts to kill Jeff have all failed. We want the same thing as you, so we want you to work with us.” Jack explained. He let out a puff of smoke. Jane didn’t know what to say. She laughed; she had nothing really to say.

“I’ve searched for him for three years. Look at what he’s done to me. He’s turned me into a monster and yet you believe that just because you have me that you can stop him? If I can’t do it, nobody can.” Jane explained. Jack let out a puff of smoke.

“Maybe you’re right. Why should we expect you to change our chances of stopping him? But Jane, even still you said that you would find him and stop him. And we may be the best hope you have of doing that.” Jack explained. He pulled a chair over to the table and sat down. Jane thought about it some more. Then Jack spoke up again.

“Jeff’s crazy, but there’s more to him than that. We suspect he may have . . . powers.” Jack said.

“Powers?” Jane responded.

“Well you see, some witnesses say Jeff seems to be able to teleport and other such supernatural features. It’s possible that more happened to Jeff on that day than we thought.” David interrupted.

“That day. The day all this began.” Jane said calmly. She remembered everything. She remembered seeing Randy and his asshole friends hop the fence. She remembered seeing Jeff get the shit kicked out of him while the other two just stood there and watched with guns in their hands. She remembered running for her father’s phone and hearing the gunshots. She remembered seeing the fire. She remembered running out with the fire extinguisher. She remembered . . . she snapped. She began to cry in her seat. She remembered the time now lost. The time when she had parents. The time when she had friends. The time when she wasn’t chasing Jeff in a vain search for revenge. She remembered the good times.

Now she was here. She was here forever. She could never go back. She was Jane Everlasting. She was Jane the Killer. Jane Arkensaw died that day with her parents. And from that, Jane Everlasting was born.

Jane looked up. She wanted to cry some more, but she had no more tears to shed anymore. Both David and Jack looked sympathetic.

“If Jeff has these powers, and you are correct. I will do anything in my power to help you. Jeff cannot live any longer.” Jane said, her voice shimmering with a quiet anger.

“Alright then.” Jack said as he rose from his chair. He walked over and cut her out of her bondages. She rubbed her wrists. Jack whispered something to David and he proceeded to leave the room. “Jane, just be warned. We may never know what Jeff is truly capable of.” Jack said as his final word.

He left. Jane sat there unknowing of what to do. She couldn’t believe that Jeff could have such abilities. She couldn’t believe that all this time she was chasing him that she didn’t notice it. His inherent ability to escape, to know where she was, to know that she was coming. She never thought that.

“What the hell is wrong with you Jeff?” Jane muttered. She had only known Jeff for such a short time. Yet this felt wrong. She stood there for a little bit. Contemplating on what exactly was with Jeff. Then the question rang in her mind.

“How exactly did Jeff survive that fire?” Jane said before leaving the room.

Chapter One

Jane and the other members of the group gathered around the old projector. David was trying to get it to work. The projector seemed to not be accepting the film David had put in. It seemed like if they used the thing for over a minute it would explode into a million pieces.

Jane took a look around. All the men were whispering and talking amongst themselves. Jane felt a mixture of normality and being a complete fish out of water. It had been years since she was actually around human beings. She knew everybody was talking about her. She was sitting right next to the projector when David took a moment to look around the room to see everybody talking quietly. He looked down at her.

“I’m sorry about all this. They’ve heard a lot of rumors about you and all that.” David said as he was setting up the projector. Jane looked up at him.

“It’s been a while since I’ve actually been around people. Yet alone talk to them.” Jane said. David seemed a little taken back that she responded. “Why are you here, you don’t seem like the kind of guy who would be a part of a group like this?”

“Um, after I lost my sister to him. Well, you see I was looking after my sister and it was her birthday and I forgot to get her a present. It was about midnight and I…I had a friend who was willing to keep his store past closing hours for me. I drove there thinking that it would only take five minutes. When I came back . . . let’s not talk about it.” David said it with a struggle. Jane looked down.

“It’s okay David. He’ll pay for what he’s done, to all of us.” Jane said sympathetically. She didn’t have anything else to say really. She had been so disconnected from humanity for so long.

“Thank you Jane.” David said still working on the projector. After about a minute Jack walked in. He sat down next to Jane. He didn’t say anything. He had a cigarette and took a draft. Jane saw this and didn’t know what to think about it.

“Isn’t smoking bad for you?” She asked Jack. Jack looked over and laughed. He smirked.

“I didn’t know you were so health conscious.” Jack responded. Jane then did something she hadn’t done in a long time.

“Anything with fire just causes my anxiety to sky-rocket.” Jane said with a smirk herself. Jack nearly choked on his cigarette with laughter.

“Well maybe you aren’t as gloomy as I thought.” Jack said with a smile on his face. Jane had a smile too. She felt as though, for only a moment, everything that had happened to her, all the things that she had been through had momentarily washed away and she felt normal for once. However, the second that feeling past, a wave of memories flooded her mind. She began to cry once again. Not out loud but quietly to herself. Jack noticed however.

“So I guess somewhere deep inside that ‘monster’, is a scared little girl.” Jack said with a somewhat sympathetic tone. Jane looked over at him, unable to speak. Before she was able to think too much into that comment David got the projector up and running. She wiped away the tears she didn’t realize were brimming over and everybody snapped their attention to the projector.

David began his presentation. “Alright everybody, as I’m sure many of you have noticed we’ve acquired one of the most important assets in our whole war against Jeff, The Legendary Jane Everlasting.” The whole room erupted with clapping and cheering. Jane just sat there.

“Alright, alright. Let’s get down to business. We’ve been able to centralize where Jeff has taken up hiding during the day. While we can’t pinpoint where he is we do have a rough area. It’s about a quarter-mile radius surrounding four buildings: an old warehouse, an old refinery, and two abandoned houses. We’ve scratched out one of the houses as it has completely collapsed in on itself.” David explained.

“If our estimations are correct, then we’ll only have one shot at this. If we mess up or go to the wrong place, then he may know we’ve found him and run for it.” Jack added.

“That’s the problem, we can’t send three teams as that would be a death wish, and we can’t send just one as there’s too much room for choosing the wrong place.” David remarked.

“We can’t wait to decide either. He’s smart and is probably making sure to keep that three building radius up. What we can do however, is use the daylight to our advantage. We can trail him in the morning after his next murder. I’ll try and injure him enough to make the trail more obvious and weaken him for when we strike.” Jane added.

“Good! We believe he may be heading to the Mictens’ house, we’ll give you the address later along with any gear you may need to stop him.” David replied.

“No gear, we can’t left Jeff believe that I’m working with you all. If he notices I may have a few extra tools than usual, he may be more careful.” Jane retorted.

“We can’t let Jeff believe that anything out of the normal is going on.” Jack said.

“Alright, we’ll give you the address and send you on your way.” David said. He fiddled around with the projector some more. Eventually another set of slides popped up.

“Now, we have to talk about something very serious. We have some, rather strong evidence that Jeff may have supernatural abilities.” David explained as the room erupted with conversation. People were in disbelief that this was real. No one wanted to believe it, but when they truly thought about it, it made sense.

“Many witness reports say that Jeff has been able to dodge bullets and see people coming from behind. Some even report him being in one room and then being in another. While none of this is confirmed, it is likely. Be careful of his abilities. Be careful.” David explained. The moment David stopped whispers arose, filling the room.

Jane sat up and Jack shortly after. The lights went on and Jane began to stretch her arms. Jack’s cigarette was nearly gone at this point. He put it out and it was clear he thought about pulling out another one, he hesitated over his pack. He looked over at Jane.

“I’ll show you how to get out of here and give you your things.” Jack said. Jane followed Jack to the room just before the door that led to the outside world. He handed her the kitchen knife, the same one she had brought over to protect herself with all those years ago. He also handed over the other things she had on her at the time, a few bucks, some old cell phone she converted to a police monitor and a few odds and ends. She examined each one carefully. Jack looked at her while she was doing this.

“We didn’t bug your stuff. It’s fine.” Jack said. For some reason in her gut, she knew she could trust him. She stopped and was ready to leave.

“Alright I’m ready I guess. Where are we exactly?” Jane asked. Jack whispered it into her ear. “24 Alex Road”. She nodded her head in agreement. Jack opened the door and let her out. She walked out into the night sky.

She stood there and took it all in, the cool night breeze against her body. She just took it all in. It was one of those moments where the world just seemed to wash away. She wore a dark hoodie that was open, a t-shirt underneath, jeans, and standard sneakers. An outfit she would’ve worn before the incident. Suddenly she was snapped to reality when a voice from behind came up.

“Jane? Jane is that you?” The Unfamiliar Man said. Jane turned around. She saw him. He was old and half his face was scarred. Except those scars were scars caused by burns. Jane went into a fighting stance. She had picked up a few things on hand-to-hand combat since the incident.

“Who the hell are you?” Jane asked accusingly. The man looked down. It was apparent he was very sad. He looked up again and held something in his hand.

“My name is . . . John. I need you to trust me for a moment. I’m here to tell you that Jeff knows that you’re going to follow him. He has set up traps to stop you. Here’s the map he’s made.” John said and he held out the map.

Jane grabbed it cautiously and looked over it. It appeared as though what he said is seemed correct. It did have Jeff’s handwriting.

“Why should I trust you?” Jane asked. John looked down. He thought over it for a bit.

John sighed and said, “You shouldn’t trust me. Go to the Mictens’ house. But whatever you do afterwards, do not follow Jeff on the path laid out. I’ve laid out my own path, follow that one. Also Jane, Jeff is working with forces with powers and abilities beyond your belief.” He took a pause and said under his breath, “Jeff isn’t the only one with supernatural powers.”

John looked around and then left. Jane tried to follow him but soon he just seemed to disappear out of thin air.

“Wait! Who the hell are you?!” Jane shouted running after him. She eventually realized he was gone. With nothing left she decided to take his advice. Although something about him seemed oddly familiar, like she had seen him before. She left the area before anything weirder happened.

She had traveled to the Mictens’ House. She was scouting it waiting for Jeff to strike. She was using the converted cell phone to scout if anyone was making any calls from inside the house. Nothing had happened yet. She began to wonder if Jeff had decided not to show up. She began to grow tired of waiting. Suddenly the converted cell phone went black. She tried turning it on but it wouldn’t, she checked the battery and it seemed to be full. For safety she replaced them. Still no result. Now she became more vigilant of the house. Then what she saw made her turn cold, more cold than she already was.

She saw a tall creature. It was extremely thin. She squinted to try and see it better. It had no face. It barely had a nose. Then the final blow that really made her fill with fear was when she saw its back, which tentacles were protruding out of. Then his voice, his grinding terrible voice rang through the police monitor.

“Hey there friend! It’s me, your old friend Jeff. How you’ve been Jane? Good? Well that’s about to be ruined. See that thing down there? His name is the Slenderman. He’s my best friend! Well friend may not apply here. Anyway, I can’t have you around messing up my plans. Slenderman’s going to make sure you don’t get in the god damn way. Goodbye Jane! Oh and Jane, go to sleep for once.” Jeff rattled on through the radio menacingly. Right after he was done Slenderman turned towards Jane and started to walk towards her.

Jane had to think fast. She had no idea what that thing was or how it operates. She grabbed her knife and began to run away. She hid behind a tree. However she began to hear loud piercing static. It continuingly got worse as Slenderman approached her. When it appeared to be unbearable she jumped out from behind the tree. She fell to the ground as the piercing static tore at her mind. She couldn’t take it anymore. Then suddenly she was swooped off the ground.

The painful static was at its peak. Then she saw it. She saw the Slenderman; she was gripped by its cold tentacles.

Then the Slenderman spoke to her. “Jeff wishes you dead. Yet he causes pain without cause. Yet I obey The Truth. The Truth obeys Jeff. Could the Truth lie? I will find out after.” He didn’t actually say it; he said it in her mind. She struggled to escape his grasp. Suddenly without any warning the Slenderman tapped into her mind. Suddenly it flooded her mind full of all the painful moments in her life. All the pain she felt through her life rushed into her in one stream. It was agonizing for Jane.

Suddenly, bullets whipped through the air hitting the Slenderman. It let go of her causing her to fall to the ground. She had trouble recovering after what she went through. The Slenderman retreated. She was thrown aback, but regained her footing.

There she saw Jack reloading a rifle. “What the hell was that thing? Are you okay?” He put his hand on her shoulder. Jane brushed him off; she took a moment to catch her breath. She grabbed her knife off the ground and stood up.

“Thank you Jack, thank you for saving me. Jeff got away, but I know where he’s at.” Jane said. Jane gathered her things and was preparing to move out.

“Wait just a second, I think you should rest for a bit. Whatever that thing did to you, it couldn’t have been good. Just take a bit, rest. I’ll watch your back.” Jack interrupted checking the area. Jane didn’t wish to wait any further. She was use to nights without sleep.

She turned to Jack. “If Jeff knows I’m here he may leave in the morning, and I am not going to let him get away again.” Jack seemed displeased with her decision. After much mental debate he decided to go along with her.

His frown deepened. “Alright, go. I’ll follow from behind and keep an eye out. You get into any trouble just scream.” Jane nodded. They followed the map to the old warehouse where Jeff was.

Jane followed the path that John had left for her on the map. It was very dark but at least she wasn’t going to get snagged up on one of Jeff’s traps. She couldn’t hear Jack behind her and was hoping he was still there. She didn’t want to call out to him in case of an ambush.

After about an hour of following the trail finally it paid off. There it was, the warehouse Jeff was supposedly held up in. She scouted the area. There was no sign of anyone around.

Jack came up beside her. “Alright, how you want to do this?” Jane had no idea how she was going to approach this. She thought about it for the bit. She looked at the map for a second. She was hoping that maybe it might have a layout of the warehouse itself. Unfortunately there was nothing except for a mark indicating a back entrance.

She had made up her mind. “Alright, there’s a back entrance. You take that. I’ll use the front entrance. If you see Jeff, find a good spot to keep watch of him. I’ll try to find Jeff myself and prevent him from escaping. If you see the Slenderman, don’t hesitate to shoot.”

“Don’t hesitate to not die.” Jack joked darkly. Jane gave him a displeased look and Jack chuckled.

“You’re funny, now let’s get this going.” Jane said with her displeased tone. Jack chuckled again and headed off. Jane waited there for a bit until Jack was out of her sight. Jane then head towards the opening in the warehouse. It was large, larger than a warehouse should be. She knew Jeff had chosen this place for a reason. He was planning something and inside this warehouse was whatever that was.

She walked over to where there was once a door. The door was missing, being torn away or intentionally removed. She entered the warehouse. It was surprisingly lit. The warehouse was full of boxes however most were incredibly old. Jane walked around a bit, trying to be as quiet as possible. She had to be especially careful as there were a lot of bits of glass and other destroyed objects that could blow her cover.

Eventually she found something she thought she would never find. It was some kind of machine. It was large and expansive. At the center was a chair and headpiece. It was hooked up to a giant hull above with thousands of wire. Jane had no idea what to make of it. She couldn’t imagine what it could’ve been. She looked around some more. Then something caught her attention. Jack was on the rafters. They locked eyes and he waved to her. She nodded her head in confirmation of his position.

She walked around some more, until she heard three voices ring through pseudo-hallways created by the boxes. She threw herself behind some of the boxes based on where the voices seemed to be coming from.

“So this mess of machinery is it? This is what we’ve spent seven years trying to build?” The leader remarked.

“Yes, its glorious isn’t it? A machine with the power to amplify my psychic powers and turn them into the weapons we can use to turn this world into utter chaos. You see it, right False?” One of the other men spoke.

The man who spoke next was most likely the False since he spoke right after the other man did. “Brother, there are too many possible outcomes for the future. Until we get closer to the date when it will happen. . .” The False was cut off before he could continue. Suddenly it entered. The Slenderman entered the room. It spoke up surprisingly.

“Truth, I have found there to be difficulties in this operation.” The Slenderman’s voice was impossible to forget. It was a very raspy voice; however he always seemed to talk in a hush tone. It was also in a rather high pitch. After what he did to her, she’d never forget what it sounded like.

Jane imagined that this was the Truth, since it was the brother of the False and he spoke up after the Slenderman had finished. “Slendy, we need you to stay focused. Now we need to get ready to go out again. Jeff needs to take out a thorn in our side.”

“Jeff is a killer. He kills with no cause. How can you follow such a man?” The Slenderman asked.

“Enough!” The leader spoke up. “Jeff is with us. He’s on our side. Don’t get that confused Slendy. Jeff is one of our biggest assets. A distraction for use to acquire the tools we need to build the Loki. Now, Jeff needs your help. Understand?” The leader said with a tone of anger. It was obvious he wasn’t having any of the Slenderman’s objections.

“Yes I will go assist Jeff.” Slenderman spoke with an undertone of displeasure. Jane was unable to see anything. However she could tell that the three left, all except Slenderman. She couldn’t see what he was doing or what Jack was doing. Her anxiety was through the roof.

Suddenly a voice called out to her. “Jane Arkensaw? Second floor, office two.” Then the Slenderman proceeded to leave. Jane was terrified and confused at the same time. She knew that either way she would have to check that office. It was all she had to go on. She looked at Jack; both nodded their head at each other. She saw the stairway that led to the next floor above her.

She walked over to the stairs. They were old and rickety. She walked up them slowly trying to make as little sound as possible. When she reached the top there were five offices. She walked down the railway to the office that said ‘office 2’.

She walked in; it looked like a normal office. This office however, was covered in dust and dirt. She looked through all the books and such trying to mess things up as little as possible. She found nothing. Jane was getting irritated at this point. She saw nothing to indicate that this office was special.

Then she saw it. She looked at a binder. It was full of papers along with the rest of them. However this one had a black line down the bottom of the pages. She never noticed this before. She grabbed it and opened it up. Inside were blueprints for the machine outside the room, along with notes and such on the machine itself.

She didn’t have the knowledge, time, or patience to read through all the information on the machine, named the ‘Loki’. However what she did see was that in the back there were profiles for each one of the men involved with the machine.

The Crow was the leader of this group. He’s been planning something like this for years, and now his magnum opus had finally been accomplished. The next was the Truth. The Truth was a psychic who has been alive since 1903. He gained his abilities in 1935, when he was 32 years old. He hasn’t truly aged since that day. In 1971 he split into two beings. That’s where the False’s history began. The Truth originally had the abilities of both himself now and the False. Now both possess different psychic abilities.

Before she could finish reading a large bang was heard outside. Jane ran out to see what it was. It was him. Jeff held two bottles of alcohol in his hands. It was clear he was drunk as he stumbled through the decayed warehouse.

“Truth?! False?! Where the hell are you two? You finish this stupid machine already? I’m getting tired of playing bait for you fools.” He took a swig from one of his bottles. “Ha! Man I love these nights. Get back from a fresh murder, got the home all to myself, and I got some sweet sweet whiskey. Tonight’s a night for me!” Jane watched this. She grew more and more angry at the bastard.

She thought that this was her chance. This was the moment she would acquire her revenge. She looked at Jack. He knew exactly what she wanted. He nodded and took aim. He focused his sights, aimed, and then, in one quick moment, the shot of a bullet whizzed through the air.

Then Jane was filled with horror. The bullet reached about a foot away from him, and changed direction away from him. The bullet flew straight up and hit the ceiling. Jeff stood there for just a moment. Both Jane and Jack were speechless, each with an expression of horror on their faces.

“Well Jane, I guess Slendy wasn’t able enough to take you out.” Jeff said, filling Jack and Jane with even more horror. He turned around and looked directly into Jane’s eyes, the same look he gave her the day he murdered her family.

Jane jumped from the railway to one of the boxes below and then to the floor. She held her knife close to her chest in her fighting stance. She had left the binder on the desk in the office.

“So you found your way into my little home-away-from-home. Welcome Jane, it’s been a while since the last time I saw you. You still look just as beautiful as day I set you on fire.” Jeff said as a satanic grin stretched on his face.

“See you’re still the murderous piece of shit I’ve hunted for three years.”

“Three years? It seemed as though it was only yesterday when I shoved my blade through each and every one of your friends and family. Oh those were good times.” Jeff was still grinning.

“You bastard.” Jane said filled with even more anger than before.

“Ah, this seems like a pretty anticlimactic place for our final battle. But I guess it’ll do. Hang on; I need to put my whiskey down so it doesn’t get ruined.” Jeff said still smiling. He placed his two bottles of whiskey on a tall heavy box. He was certainly taller than Jane. She could never reach that box.

Jeff pulled out his knife. A different knife than the one he used to kill her family. He licked it with his devilish grin, and proceeded to laugh afterwards.

“I like to compare the taste of a bland knife and one covered in blood.” Jeff joked, then laughed again.

“I’ll be sure to shove that blade down your throat once I’m finished with you.” Jane said, now at the peak of her anger.

“Aw, such a joker. Now dance with me.” Jeff commanded.

The two then proceed to dash at each other. Jeff tried for the first stab. Jane was able to deflect it. Both proceed in a series of trying to slash or stab the other, each being able to dodge or deflect any of them. Jane constantly kept coming at Jeff, her anger leading her into a rage. Jack kept monitoring the situation, making sure Jeff didn’t kill Jane, while not giving away his position. It continued like this, Jane and Jeff’s constant slashes and dodges rang through the air.

It lasted like this for minutes, until Jane finally broke the stalemate. Jane charged at Jeff, causing him to dodge backwards. He tripped due to him being drunk and not seeing something on the ground. In his attempt to stand up, Jane was able to stab Jeff in his shoulder. Jeff yelped in pain.

“Aw you bitch!” Jeff screamed trying to pull the knife out of his shoulder. Jane ran up to Jeff and pulled her knife out. Just as she was about to continue her attacks Jeff head-butted her. She staggered back. However in that moment where the battle ceased, even for just a few seconds she felt something.

As she stood there, with her head aching, she felt a sudden warmth throughout her body. She felt as though, that an essence of life had returned to her body. When she recovered Jeff was standing there, holding his shoulder in pain.

“Well Jane it took you three years but you actually managed to hurt me. I’ll prepare your trophy once we’re done here.” Jeff laughed flatly, his face showing no pain at all.

“I think the blood on my knife is trophy enough.” Jane growled.

“Ha! That’s funny. But I don’t have the time to sit here and play with you, or your friend.” Jeff said smiling; he proceeded to look at Jack on the rafters.

Jeff then dropped something to the floor. Jane didn’t know what it was until it went off. It was a flashbang, one she had seen the police use. It stunned her and caused her to stagger back. Her head hurt even worse than when Jeff hit it. Suddenly before she knew it Jeff had hit her on the head something bad. She remained conscious for a few seconds, before she fell unconscious.

Jack had seen all this but was unable to do anything about it, he was dazed as well. He saw Jeff grab his whiskey and run out of the warehouse though. He decided not to chase after him, but to instead grab the binder and Jane and take them to the safe-house. He ran from the rafters and jumped onto the railway with the offices on it. He went into office two and grabbed the binder. He jumped down onto the same box Jane jumped down to, and then jumped to the floor just like her.

He ran over to her and checked her vitals. She seemed to be alive; in fact what was weird was that she had more of a pulse now than she did when he first checked when they captured her. He picked her up and ran outside the building and escaped.

When Jane woke up from her sleep, she was in a room. The room was a normal bedroom. A bed, a nightstand, a dresser, all the normal things you’d expect to be in a room. She stood up. There were two doors; one on her left, and one in front of her. She went to the one on the left. It was a bathroom. It was a very plain bathroom, nothing truly special or notable about it. It had been a while since she had seen an actual bathroom. The last one she had seen was in her old home when she visited it about half a year ago.

She looked into the mirror inside to find something rather off about herself. She was no long a pure white. She had a slight tint of flesh color to her now. Her incredibly black hair now had a tint of brown in it. It was still black most of the time. However under the right light you could see a little bit of brown in there as well. Not only that, but her dark purple lips now more slightly red, as lips should be; however her eyes were still completely black like an abyss.

David came into the room. He looked glad to see she was awake.

Jane walked out of the bathroom and greeted him. “Hey David.”

“Hey Jane. I see you’re doing well for someone who just got knocked upside the head.” David said with a slight smile which only turned up on his right cheek.

“Yeah, my head still hurts a little. I’m guessing we didn’t get Jeff.” Jane said with a smile. David sat down on the bed.

“No. I really thought we would get him with this one. I mean I’m glad that we got that binder but . . . I just wanted . . . never mind.” David said glummly. Jane sat next to him on the bed.

“Yeah, I thought that we’d get him too.” Jane said.

“Jane I just . . .” David tried to say something but he just couldn’t do it. Jane could tell something was bothering him.

“David, it’s okay. We’ll get him.” She said, determinedly but with the intent to comfort David.

“It’s not that.” David sat up from the bed. “It’s that . . . today is the day my sister died and . . .” David try to explain further but was unable to.

“David . . .” Jane tried to say something but David interrupted before she could say anything.

“Look I’ve got to go, I’m sorry for all this. We’re leaving for the safe house in a few hours. Take the time you need to get ready. There are some different cloths for you in the dresser. Feel free to take what you like.” David said as he left the room. Jane didn’t know what to say.

She went over to the mirror again and inspected herself. Eventually she changed her cloths and headed down stairs. There was Jack at a table reading over the binder they had acquired from the warehouse. She sat down next to him.

“What did you find in the binder?” Jane asked.

“This is worse than Jeff. That machine in the warehouse is able to amplify a psychic’s powers. They plan to use it to destroy the entire infrastructure of America, and then use it to cause mass riots and general chaos.” Jack explained.

“Just the kind of world Jeff would like; a world that perfectly represents him.” Jain responded.

“We can’t let this happen, but we are nowhere near capable of taking them down. We don’t have enough weapons or supplies for something like that.” Jack said in a rather calm manner.

“Then it looks like we’re going to have to take it. We can rob local gun stores for ammo and guns. Then we stage a all-out assault on the warehouse.” Jane explained.

“Sounds suicidal, but if that’s what it takes to stop those madmen, then I’m game.” Jack responded.

“We’ll need to run this plan over with the group. It’s a death-wish, but it may be the only way to stop this thing completely.” Jane replied.

“Alright, we’ll move out in a bit.” Jack said. He got up from his chair and left. Jane was left there, alone. She looked at the binder. She didn’t know what to think.

“If Jeff has the ability to completely bring the world to its knees, then I can no longer accept failure. I can’t let anyone get in my way.” Jane thought to herself. She remember what Jeff did, the look in his eyes, how much he enjoyed everything.

She wondered how all this happened. How did Jeff get these abilities? How did Jeff even get in contact with these people? Then, suddenly, a more important question sprang to her mind. Who the hell was John, and why did he know all that about the warehouse? Then the most haunting question came to her mind.

“Why did he have those burn scars on the side of his face?”

Next Act *Coming Soon*